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April 18, 2017

Democratic World Federalists and THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE 

SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2017 - Democratic World Federalists need your help.  The goal is to persuade the United Nations General Assembly to take a critical look at the aging and fundamentally flawed UN Charter in order to "upgrade the global operating system" to "UN 2.0" as one young world federalist describes it.


A Charter review was promised at the original signing in San Francisco at the request of nations who were unhappy with the veto power granted the UN Security Council.  They knew the system was undemocratic and rigged against the less powerful nations.  But the review was never carried out.


This is the origin of THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE, the campaign recently launched by DWF to persuade the UN General Assembly to conduct the review process that was promised, and legally required in the original Charter itself. 


Badly designed UN Charter a key part of war system

For world federalists a Charter review potentially opens the door to establish a world federal constitution designed to correct the fatal faults in the present Charter which prevent the UN from doing its job.


The truth is that the UN Charter itself is so badly designed that it is in reality the main part of a geopolitical war system. A global peace system will require replacing the UN Charter with a genuine world federal union constitution such as the Earth Constitution.


In reality, from the very beginning the Charter has been unable to maintain world peace. While signing the Charter the US simultaneously made a mockery of the UN as it dropped the horrendous atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.       


A "new UN" under the Earth Constitution, for example, would establish a UN able to successfully address critical world problems such as militarism, perpetual war, and the threat of nuclear catastrophe. 


A change to a global peace system would free up billions and billions of dollars that can be redirected away from death and destruction, and instead can be applied constructively for infrastructure needs, to clean up slums, and to meet the needs of local communities worldwide.  Universal health care, free education, and adequate disability and retirement guarantees become possible.      


A World Parliament with real law and order

The vision for a new UN includes adding an UN Parliamentary Assembly and/or forming a democratically elected World Parliament -- the world community has a democratic right to a real voice in global affairs -- by birthright, we are all world citizens.  


The Earth Constitution calls for a World Parliament, and includes a well-designed and fair world judiciary system with enforceable world law.  The present UN lacks a capacity for independent legal enforcement -- a main reason why the UN has been unable to prevent illegal wars and other world crimes committed by the leaders of bully nations.  


Without a new UN, leaders of powerful nations who are responsible for world crimes remain above the law.    


Public needs awareness about world federalism to end militarism

The public is largely unaware that forming a world federal union government is a real solution to world problems rather than relying on militarism.  World federalists know that militarism to achieve world peace is literally a dead end.  


Top thinkers such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawkin agree with world federalists that the only viable answer to global crises is to form a democratic world federation – a world government with enforceable world law.    


The public is also unaware that the United Nations cannot enforce international law.  It lacks a proper world judiciary system. Leaders of the most powerful nations commit world crimes with impunity.


Since the 9/11 attacks the failure of the US to follow a legal path of justice “has so far destroyed half a dozen countries and killed about 2 million people” reports Nicolas Davies in “Through the ‘War on Terror’ Looking Glass” (, April 17, 2017).  No one has gone to jail.


Bully nations refuse to give up nuclear weapons 

The Charter is undemocratically rigged in favor of only five nations -- the Permanent 5 (P-5) veto nations which comprise the UN Security Council (U.S., Russia, China, France, & the United Kingdom).


The P-5 are the only nations at the UN with a vote that really counts.  Ironically, while the Security Council is supposedly there to insure peace, in shameful fact these five favored nations are the world’s largest weapons’ dealers, and wars and threats of war are routine.  


The war system is so deeply embedded that the P-5 nations are now defying the will of the majority of nations at the UN who are seeking to legally prohibit and ban nuclear weapons.


The UN General Assembly’s Conference to ban nukes is scheduled from June 15 – July 7, 2017, but the United States and other nuclear nations are boycotting the proceedings!


It is indeed time for new answers to global crises and world crimes.


Become a proud member of DWF

Recognizing that DWF must grow larger and stronger to match the size and importance of its mission to fulfill THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE, DWF has added a membership option to increase popular participation to support the needed review of the UN Charter.      


Become a proud member of Democratic World Federalists. Help fulfill THE SAN FRANCISCO PROMISE.  Go to  or email   Phone 415-227-4880

-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D. *

(*President of DWF, and Editor, Earth Federation News & Views)

Nuclear Weapons Under Fire at the UN
Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
President, Democratic World Federalists, San Francisco

from DWF NEWS, March 7, 2017
The world community should keep a close eye on the United Nations General Assembly as it prepares for a Conference starting in late March, 2017 to negotiate a "legally binding instrument" to prohibit nuclear weapons. 
According to an NGO report by Reaching Critical Will, over 100 nations attended the initial meetings to organize the upcoming UN Conference to ban nuclear weapons.
The report titled "States discuss rules for nuclear ban negotiations" (2/16/17) makes for interesting and informative reading -- it is our lead article (at  It will help us discover which countries truly seek a peaceful and safe world, and which nations prefer to continue to endanger our world by possessing nuclear weaponry.  
The Conference will be an opportunity for world federalists to link up with delegates from nations who support peace over risking nuclear annihilation. A legal ban on nuclear weapons could bring up the problem of war.  If war is not outlawed it will be highly tempting for nations to want to keep their weapons of mass destruction.  
Are nations "brave" to want to legally ban nuclear weapons?
Curiously, Ireland welcomed the "broad and brave participation" of the countries attending the organizing sessions for the ban.  But why did Ireland use the word "brave"?  Will there be retaliation against those nations who support a legal ban on nukes?
India quite sensibly worries about "the absence of international verification measures."  Psychologist know that openness builds trust, and secrecy breeds paranoia. Yes, of course, there must be inspections -- anywhere at any time.  This requirement is unlikely to happen without transforming the UN into a democratic world federal union -- a step which will require a new Charter.
Delegates from many countries expressed their approval and strong support for the involvement and help given by civil society and NGO's.  Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Austria, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa and many others voiced their support for continued participation by civil society.  Popular support for the ban from NGO's and civil society could give these countries extra strength to prevail. 
UN Charter lacks legal enforcement tools
The UN must somehow be persuaded to give a hard look at its fatally flawed Charter.  It allows almost unlimited sovereignty even to aggressive, militarized nations who routinely violate international law, and whose leaders suffer no consequences for their crimes -- they are above the law
For world federalists, an attempt by UN member states to ban nuclear weapons is an important gesture and a sign of progress.  However, the history of treaties is discouraging.  Treaties are too readily broken when a nation decides the treaty is not adequately in their self-interest.
UN Charter review the next step
Treaties and international agreements are not a solid basis for stability because the UN Charter is undemocratic and lacks enforceable world law.  That's why Democratic World Federalists ( is lobbying for a review of the UN Charter to open the door for a resource like the Constitution for the Federation of Earth ( which would give the UN a democratically elected World Parliament, and enforceable world law. 
All aspects of nuclear weaponry would become against the law, and those leaders of nations responsible for the development, manufacturing, or possession of nuclear weaponry could be held legally accountable, and like ordinary citizens, if found guilty, would be subject to imprisonment. 

- R. Kotila, Ph.D.

March 3, 2017

Dr. Roger Kotila            

Is America a “bad guy” masquerading as a “good guy”?  

President Trump himself has a reputation for lying.  Yet he was elected President of the United States. One joke going around asks “What two words tell you that President Trump is lying?”  When he says “Believe me!”

Mainstream media repeatedly portrays America as the world’s leader for freedom and democracy.  But sadly, this view of America appears to be factually false.  Aside from having undemocratic allies like Saudi Arabia, a country notorious for human rights violations, Douglas Valentine’s “The CIA As Organized Crime” (2017) is Exhibit A.  It portrays a different picture of who America is, a perspective that even President Donald Trump appears to agree with when he remarked, “You think our country’s so innocent?”  

The exceptionalism myth fools Americans into trusting that their country is doing good, when in reality, America has routinely violated civilized standards of conduct, and could even be described as a rogue power.  The US for example, refuses to belong to the International Criminal Court, thus protecting its officials, military personnel and covert operatives from judicial prosecution when they commit crimes. 

But does the right wing’s delusional fantasy of American “exceptionalism” give the US the right to violate international law and customs, to target nations for regime change (Syria, Libya, Iran, Russia), to invade countries (Afghanistan, Iraq), or to kill anyone whom the US designates as a “terrorist” (drone strikes, covert operations)?  

While torture is considered a crime under international law and customs, the current President of the US proudly declares he supports torture.  He will not go to jail for this.  After all, he is running the country. 


When President Trump implies in an interview that America’s moral standards were no better than those of Russia, Establishment media howled with shocked disbelief.   

Trump “waved off a description of Mr. Putin as ‘a killer’ by suggesting that the US was similarly immoral.” “We got a lot of killers,” Trump said, “You think our country’s so innocent?” (The Wall Street Journal reporting on a Bill O’Reilly Fox TV interview with President Trump, 2-6-17.)

But Trump makes a valid point. Mr. Valentine’s painstaking research on the Central Intelligence Agency  documents a litany of criminal actions conducted around the world:  Assassinations, torture, overthrowing governments (regime change), supporting terrorists, and terrorism (false flag operations such as 9/11), drug smuggling and money laundering. 

CIA methods include lying (Psy Op’s/propaganda -- infiltration of media, fake news), cheating (bribing or blackmailing politicians), stealing (other country’s resources), and killing (assassinations, supporting terrorists, military invasions).    


Mr. Valentine’s investigative research leads to a shocking conclusion about the CIA and America:
“If we were allowed to understand the CIA, we’d realize it’s a criminal organization that is corrupting governments and societies around the world.  It’s murdering civilians who haven’t done anything wrong.  The (US) military does the same thing in a more violent way (p. 39).” 

It is not just the CIA involved in what one might term as world crimes.  Pentagon generals allow the potential use of weapons of mass mutilation such as cluster bombs, depleted uranium munitions (e.g., in Fallujah), landmines, and of course, weapons of mass destruction (nuclear weaponry). 

America’s bad guy role is carried into the United Nations, where the US shows a lack of respect for less powerful nations, and the UN itself. The US opposes a UN General Assembly proposal to ban nuclear weapons.  As a result, other countries possessing nuclear weaponry (like Russia) also refuse to accept the proposed ban. 


From its birth the vast majority of nations at the UN have been frustrated by a rigged geopolitical system favoring the US, Russia, China, Great Britain, and France – the Permanent 5 veto powers on the Security Council.
Less powerful nations in the UN are second class citizens.  When they stray from the desires of the Permanent 5 veto powers, there can be reprisals.  The UN itself can be subject to threats.

US Senator Lindsey Graham, angry that nations voted their conscience regarding the illegal settlements by Israel on Palestinian lands, vows to “pull US funding” unless the UN Security Council repeals Resolution 2334 (, 12-25-16). 

Similarly, former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton insists that “there must be consequences” against the 14 countries that supported Resolution 2334.  Neocon Bolton, who shows little concern regarding the needs of the world community, proclaims that the US should defund its “assessed contributions” to the UN, presumably as a warning to the UN to submit to the demands of Israel (Wall Street Journal, 12/27/16).  

Finally, the Trump Administration is considering withdrawing from the UN Human Rights Council for being “biased” against Israel (, 2/25/17), yet the US has accepted Saudi Arabia’s presence on the Council.   


The UN is powerless to prevent international crimes directed by leaders of powerful, bully nations.   International law is routinely violated by favored nations who excuse themselves from the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, a court that can try individuals but with no independent enforcement capability. 

The ICC has mostly been applied to a few corrupt dictators of African nations, but never to the leaders and corrupt officials from the most powerful nations.                                                                                                                                                                                      

The UN stands by helplessly even when nations are taken over by corrupt dictators who steal the peoples’ money. These kleptocracies, as documented by Sarah Chayes (“Thieves of State,” 2015), go unpunished, protected by the UN Charter’s principle of national sovereignty (Chapter 1, Article 2).

In the UN geopolitical system of sovereignty for each nation, nations police themselves.  As a result, deeply corrupted nations rarely prosecute their own world criminals since the leaders of those countries are often the very ones who are responsible for the criminal behavior in the first place. 

An unlucky citizen who lives in a deeply corrupted country has no recourse for justice especially when the corruption starts at the top and runs through to the police and the courts. 

The UN is generally not allowed to interfere with the domestic affairs of a nation, thus is unable to prevent the theft of the people’s money and unable to stop human rights violations.  This is why Saudi Arabia is allowed to oppress women, abuse immigrant workers, and maintain a “royal” kleptocracy.  It supports terrorist groups like Al Qaeda linked to Wahhabi extremists, uses beheadings, and continues its barbaric invasion of neighboring Yemen.   


The World Constitution & Parliament Association has the solution to the gaps in the Charter which have allowed unrestricted lawlessness among the nations.  WCPA’s Constitution for the Federation of Earth (aka “Earth Constitution”) corrects these problems, and efforts are underway to reach the UN General Assembly.

Americans lost their country when the US Supreme Court gave the nation away to the billionaires by allowing unlimited amounts of Big Money to enter the election process.  Essentially, the Court cancelled democracy and turned America into an oligarchy.

While peace, environmental, and human rights activists work fervently to try to save America from an out of control oligarchy and a Deep State shadow government, world citizen activists are looking at the Big Picture -- the need for a popular global movement to help end the nightmare of world crimes within and between the nations. 

Recent academic research confirms that a Charter Review is legally required and was promised, but has never been conducted.  In response, Democratic World Federalists based in San Francisco has launched a campaign for UN Charter Review.  DWF is calling it “The San Francisco Promise.” 

A Charter review by the UN General Assembly could open the door for a comparison of the current Charter to the Earth Constitution – the latter an invaluable resource for the UN to understand the type of world judiciary system that will be needed to end global lawlessness.

The Earth Constitution also calls for a democratically elected World Parliament, giving “we, the people” once and for all, a real voice in global affairs.

Dr. Roger Kotila
Earth Federation News & Views


January 13, 2017

Same UN, Defunded UN, or New UN?

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 12, 2017 -- Democratic World Federalists are launching a campaign for a review of the United Nations Charter.  A recent speech by outgoing United Nations Secretary- General Ban Ki-moon criticizing UN voting is welcome news since it supports DWF's contention that there is a need for Charter review. Global democracy and enforceable world law at the UN are seriously lacking. 

At a talk at New York University, outgoing UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called out the UN for its unfair and undemocratic voting system.  According to Inter Press Service reporter Thalif Deen ("Outgoing UN Chief Yearns for Majority Rule in World Body," IPS, 12-22-16), Ban Ki-moon criticized both the unfair veto power of the Permanent-5, and the use of "consensus" voting. 

A speech full of platitudes

It remains to be seen if the new Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, will take up Ban Ki-moon's challenge, or if the UN will remain the same.  We refer to the UN acceptance speech by Mr. Guterres ("Taking oath of office, Antonio Guterres pledges to work for peace, development, and a reformed United Nations," UN News Centre, 12-12-16). Frankly it does not raise our hopes.  He makes no mention of the need to change the undemocratic system of voting at the UN, or the need for a new Charter.  His speech to the UN General Assembly is mostly full of platitudes: 

"In the end it comes down to values...values enshrined in the UN Charter: peace, justice, respect, human rights, tolerance, and solidarity," "Our duty to the peoples we serve is to work together to move from fear of each other, to trust in each other."  

Blackmail? Threats to defund the UN

Mr. Guterres may also face potential “blackmail” from some members of the U.S. Congress.  Senators Cruz and Graham, angry that nations voted their conscience on Resolution 2334 which supports Palestinian rights over Israel's illegal land thefts, threaten to defund the UN if 2334 is not repealed – a threat that could be interpreted as a form of  blackmail on behalf of Israel.

The UN deserves better.  It deserves a fair and authentic democracy that represents and serves all the peoples and nations, not just the Permanent 5 and other wealthy or militarily powerful nations.    

Leadership and a “new UN

Secretary-General Guterres could show real leadership by supporting DWF's campaign for a review of the UN Charter.  Such a review could open the door to a public discussion of the type of world charter/constitution actually needed to make the world community safe and prosperous.  

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth (“Earth Constitution”) has been proposed as a model for a new charter/constitution with its democratic structure and a well- designed world judiciary system with enforceable world law.  Yes, a "new UN" is possible.  Become a member of DWF and help us build a “new UN.”  

By Roger Kotila, Ph.D.*

Written for January, 2017 DWF News

(*Dr. Kotila is editor of DWF News and Earth Federation News & Views.)                                                                                                                                                                               


January 1, 2017

We citizens of planet Earth, many coming from great distances, have met together these three days at the World Peace Center of MIT Pune from December 29th to 31st, 2016.


We have met in a spirit of love, compassion, sisterhood, and brotherhood to envision and actualize a peaceful, just, and sustainable future for our world under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.


We have also met together with feelings of consternation, shock, and outrage at the horrific condition of fragmentation, conflict, and war into which the militarized nation-states of the world have forced humanity. We see clearly that the 1.7 trillion US dollars wasted by the nation-states of the world every year on militarized madness could be used to provide basic necessities to the 50% of humanity who now live in the hell of poverty.


 We have also met together in dismay and despair to see the precious ecological wholeness of our planet ripped to shreds by uncontrolled globalized capitalism, greed, and thoughtlessness, often promoted by these same militarized nation-states. We have seen clearly the ways in which global private banking and transnational corporations are raping our planet in the interests of private greed and power, stealing the future of the world’s two billion children and its countless suffering living beings.


Our meeting has been organized and sponsored by the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), sponsored by Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, and generously hosted by the World Peace Center of Maaer’s MIT Pune and Chancellor Dr. Vishwanath Karad. It has been participated in by many highly qualified and thoughtful people whose lives have been devoted to serving humanity and a better future for the world in a wide variety of ways.


Our papers and discussions have encompassed a wide variety of topics within the framework of how humankind can move to build the World Parliament that will bring dialogue and discussion to the world with the authority to democratically legislate laws enforceable over all individuals, replacing the current militarized collective punishment of entire nations or groups.


The World Parliament under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth will bring our planet forward to coherence, harmony, and order, replacing uncontrolled militarism and greed with a public authority representing all the people and living beings of the Earth, not merely the 1% who now control nearly 50% of the world’s wealth. Establishment of a World Parliament appears as humanity’s most urgent and compelling need at this precarious point in history in which a lack of intelligent and effective action could well lead humanity to omnicide and/or planetary environmental destruction.


We have reviewed the provisions in the Earth Constitution that set up a World Parliament of three houses representing all people and nations as well as the House of Counsellors representing our planet as a whole.  We have understood that the Earth Constitution embodies all fundamental human values, rights and responsibilities within the encompassing framework of the principle of unity in diversity.  We have reviewed the criteria for ratification of the Constitution by the people and nations of Earth and the responsibility laid upon us all to begin provisional world government here and now while at the same time intensifying the campaign for final ratification of the Constitution by people everywhere.


We have prioritized the actions that must be taken.


1.      First and foremost, we must get the Earth Constitution before the people of Earth, both the leaders and the grassroots, through all forms of communication, including journalism, educational institutions, and every other possible way: so that the people of Earth know that there is a way out of the current insane chaos in which we now find ourselves.


2.      Secondly, we must raise the funding and resources to make this happen on a planetary scale.


3.      Third, we must set up country based committees to actualize all of these goals.


4.      Fourth, this funding and resources can be used to establish offices in locations around the world dedicated to disseminating the Earth Constitution in many more languages as well as the information and understanding necessary to comprehend its significance for the future of the Earth.


5.      Fifth, we must train youth and older people alike as leaders, as “agents of transformation,” to provide the articulate and compassionate leadership necessary to get the Earth Constitution before the people of our planet and to make the process of democratic ratification of the Constitution an effective reality.


6.      Sixth, under Article 19 of the Constitution we must continue to develop Provisional World Government, already begun through the Provisional World Parliament and the Collegium of World Judges.


From among the members of our conference we have received the following commitments:


1.      Dr. Vishwanath Karad has generously granted WCPA 3-4 acres of land near Pune for the project of building a World Parliament Center and educating the people of Earth concerning its significance.


2.      We have created a committee to establish a national WCPA non-profit organization in India .  This historic conference has decided in principle that India should take the leadership and establish the Indian Center of this organization as World Headquarters for WCPA.

The following have agreed to be founding members of this committee:

Swami Agnivesh                                        Mr. Narasimha Murthy

Dr. Vishwanath Karad                               Dr. Vijaya Murthy

Guruji Arun Kumar                                    Mr. Amit Paul

Mr. E.P. Menon                                         Mr. Deepak Vyas


3.      Swami Agnivesh has pledged to take leadership on item #5 on the above prioritized actions: to

train agents of transformation on behalf of the Earth Constitution.


4.      Dr. Ved Pratap Vaidic has consented to become a Distinguish Advisor of WCPA and help us make contact with the world leaders that he knows personally.


5.      Mr. Birendra Soni has offered to set up a World Parliament Communications Center in Delhi that will establish a virtual World Parliament and create voting systems for Earth Federation elections.


6.   Mr. Augustine Veliath has committed to creating a people's movement, a people's communication  center, and a cyber museum of WCPA activities.  He has offered to create simplified versions of key documents for popular consumption.


7.   Dr. Hemlata Telesra has established a new educational organization to promote the Earth Constitution and develop curricula corresponding to various educational levels.


8.  Sri Varadan Chandar stated that the Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust is committed to extend to WCPA and its Indian Center all support and cooperation and to act as a key facilitator for the success of all future ventures.


9.   Dr. Ushoshi Guha committed to render support to solve issues related to IRP security.


10. Mrs. Ashok Bala offered to work with the developing education committee as WCPA peace education coordinator for Asia.


11.  Dr. Subhash Chandra offered to work with WCPA promoting the Constitution throughout India.


12.  Dr. Klaus Schlichtmann has pledged to work with others to:

            a.  explore the possibilities for certain Indian High Courts to take up the additional task of     functioning as District World Courts.

            b.  explore the possibilities for developing a City of Peace in the Tangiers area as a World District    to become a seat for the World Government.


            This conference has been a preparatory conference for a larger more international conference at the end of December 2017. Both conferences will be, and are, concerned with action.  We must dialogue together not only for mutual understanding of the crises facing planet Earth but about how to initiate and sustain concrete action for dissemination and ratification of the Earth Constitution worldwide, putting this option before the people of Earth through electronic media, print media, public presentations, and in every way possible.


            This conference, and WCPA, affirm the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the universal human rights identified in Articles 12 and 13 of the Earth Constitution, which supplement the UN Declaration with the rights to peace and to environmental sustainability.  We support the integration of the many worthwhile UN agencies into the emerging Earth Federation while recognizing that the UN Charter must be replaced by the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.


            We realize that this present historical moment is precarious in the extreme and that our precious planet could go either way—into perdition and destruction or into an ascent to peace, justice and sustainability under the Earth Constitution.  We hereby pledge our minds, our efforts, and our resources in our common and concerted effort to transform our planet and its institutions into an intelligent, coherent, and compassionate world system under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.

Passed by unanimous acclamation this day of 31 December 2016 at 17:00.

November 19, 2016


Dear friends and colleagues,

 I have started a web page for the upcoming conference “Building the World Parliament,” which will be at MIT-Pune December 29, 30, and 31.

The link is at

The page itself contains a link to my brief essay, “What is a World Parliament?” that will, perhaps, help people understand the significance of our work.

You are all, of course, invited as honored guests to the Conference,

In peace and hope,


Dr. Glen T. Martin

President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA)

World Constitution and Parliament Association  
 “Building the World Parliament” Conference



MIT Pune, India,

December 29, 30, and 31st

What is the World Parliament?: An Overview
This Conference call is online at:  
November 3, 2016

Call for Papers       
  • This conference is a preparatory conference for a larger, international conference on the same time that we expect to hold in India at the end of December 2017.
  • This conference focuses on the Earth Constitution and on the World Parliament as defined by the Earth Constitution. As such most presentations will be given by WCPA officers and activists.  We expect all sessions to be plenary and participatory.
  • There is limited space for additional papers, which should be 20 to 30 minutes, leaving at least 15 minutes for discussion and leaving 15 minutes before the next session. If you wish to submit a paper: (1) it should be on one of the topics or plans below, (2) it should show understanding of the Earth Constitution and the work of WCPA.
  • Please send a draft of the paper or a detailed proposal to Dr. Eugenia Almand, WCPA Secretary General, at  Deadline for proposals is November 13, 2016. Notification will be very soon after proposal submission.
  1. Understand the absolute need for the world to unite spiritually, conceptually, and politically.
  2. Understand the role of the Earth Constitution in uniting the world in these ways.
  3. Understand basic structure and functioning of the Earth Constitution.
  4. Understand why the world parliament requires the framework of the Constitution.
  5. Understand the structure, functioning, and make-up of the World Parliament.
  1. Presentation on the work of WCPA in several cities within India: modeling transformative action.
  2. How can the government of India take world leadership in the movement for world peace under the Earth Constitution?
  3. How can we merge the work of the Provisional World Parliament into the emerging actual World Parliament?
3.1 Presentation of the history and past legislation of the PWP.
3.2 Presenting the plan for merging with the UN: found in the Book Our Common Future.
  1. How can we initiate the World Parliament using digital technology?
  2. How can we move forward with actual design and construction of a permanent home for the Parliament?
  3. What concrete next steps can we take in all these areas?  Specific plans for these next steps.
Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune, has offered local hospitality and complimentary guest rooms for up to 30 guests. Guests cover their own travel arrangements. 

  Detailed Program forthcoming.
Reserve your spot by email.  Contact Dr. Glen T. Martin, WCPA President:


    Image result for mit-puneProgram (forthcoming)

What is the World Parliament?: An Overview

Conference call by the:

World Constitution and Parliament Association  

Organizer for Sessions of the Provisional World Parliament      Cooperating with the Institute On World Problems

North America Offices:  313 Seventh Avenue, Radford, VA 24141 USA          fax: 1 (540) 639-4320

1484 Lively Ridge Road, NE, Atlanta, GA 30329 USA  1(404) 639-7636 



"Building the World Parliament"


Exciting News:

We have the go ahead to hold our conference on "Building the World Parliament" at Maharashtra Institute of Technology, in Pune, India, (MIT, Pune) on December 29, 30, and 31, 2016.   If things develop as expected, we will send out further registration details very soon.


         We are bringing people together to study the structure of the World Parliament as this is described in the Earth Constitution and to brainstorm about how momentum for this Parliament can be developed. 

         We also want to discuss how we can we get the UN and other groups on board for developing real global democracy and activating a real World Parliament for the Earth.

     In connection with this, we will be distributing to all full conference participants in Pune (free of charge) the book Our Common Future that includes both the Earth Constitution and the legislation passed by the 14th session of the Provisional World Parliament for merging the UN under the Earth Constitution.

         We want to envision whether an actual permanent home for the Parliament might be constructed from which we could promote the development of the actual Parliament representing all the people on Earth.


Room and board for participants will be covered by MIT, Pune.  The University provides exclusively high quality vegetarian food.  Participants must cover their transportation costs to the conference.


We need to present a list of likely participants to MIT University as soon as possible.  Please let me know if you intend to join us at this conference by sending us your name, address, and contact information.   Sent this to  Further details about registration will arrive soon.


Yours in solidarity and hope,


Dr. Glen T. Martin



October 4, 2016

There is increasing concern regarding the United States and Russia, fear that current conflicts in Syria and Ukraine, along with U.S./NATO's move onto the borders of Russia could escalate to a war and a possible nuclear confrontation.  This is not a fantasy.  

The U.S. appears to be looking for a fight. Investigative journalist Robert Parry in "The Existential Madness of Putin-Bashing" (Consortium News, 9-14-16) describes what is going on against Russia as a "breathtakingly dangerous strategy." 

Parry writes: "By targeting Putin and Russia, the neocons have upped the ante when it comes to their 'regime change' agenda. No longer satisfied with inflicting 'regime change' in countries deemed hostile to Israel – Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, etc. – the neocons have raised their sights on Russia."

According to Parry, Russia is being destabilized by "weakening its economy, isolating it from Europe, pushing NATO up to its borders, demonizing its leadership, and sponsoring anti-government political activists inside Russia to promote regime change."

In an urgent Special Report (Consortium News, 10-3-16) Parry asks "Do We Really Want Nuclear War with Russia?" He is convinced the Anerican people are being prepared for war.  "The U.S. propaganda war against Russia is spinning out of control, rolling ever faster downhill with a dangerous momentum that threatens to drive the world into a nuclear showdown."

A leading Russian peace activist explains why Russia cannot trust the U.S. and NATO, but also offers a strategy for peaceful cooperation rather than war.  Dr. Leo Semashko, a State Councilor of St. Petersburg, Russia, shares Parry's alarm and has reached out to American peace activists. 

A sociologist and philosopher, Semashko is founder of Global Harmony Association and the Chief Editor of Global Peace Science.  GPS is the title of a new book by "peace experts."  It features articles on world peace by 174 authors from 34 countries, and for Semashko contains resources which need to be activated to avert war and bring peace. 

Dr. Semashko tells us that NATO's expansion to Russia's borders is an ominous sign, bringing up memories for Russians of the Nazi invasion of World War II -- Operation Barbarossa.    
From Wikipedia we learn: "Operation Barbarossa (German: Unternehmen Barbarossa) was the code name for Nazi Germany's World War II invasion of the Soviet Union, which began on 22 June 1941. The operation was driven by Adolf Hitler's ideological desire to destroy the Soviet Union, as outlined in his 1925 manifesto Mein Kampf."

Semashko elaborates in an open letter (sic) to members of Global Peace Science (8/30/16):

"The whole world is alarmed today with the United States and Russia extreme level of nuclear confrontation, more dangerous than the Cuban Missile Crisis 1962. It is caused by three most menacing facts:

The first. Deployment of NATO nuclear weapons and the accompanying infrastructure on Russia's western border that reminds to the Russians the Hitler’s concentration of the Nazi troops within an aggressive plan Barbarossa in 1941. Now it is in 2016 - 75 years later.

The second. Intention of the US administration to spend an additional $ 1 trillion for modernization of nuclear weapons in the next decade. For what is it? It is not for peace, it is for nuclear war.

The third. Traditional, since Hiroshima/Nagasaki 1945, US policy, which allows the first use of nuclear weapons.

Sensing catastrophe, Semashko (8/30/16) exhorts  "...we, peacemakers, cannot be the indifferent and helpless sheep to be slaughtered on the altar of a nuclear war, which would be a disaster for humanity and the planet."

Working with colleagues from the Global Harmony Association, Dr. Semashko publishes an Appeal for a "Copernican revolution" in Russian-American relations.  But how?

Semashko proposes forming a joint Institute of Global Peace Science with offices in Russia and the United States.  Such a Russia-USA Global Peace Institute could open doors for peace science not found in our present military-fixated culture where funding goes almost exclusively to military science rather than peace science. 

Semashko also sees the need for a "Scientific rearrangement of the global power (including the UN) architecture and building a multipolar world order, ensuring global peace since the end of the 21st century." 

For rearranging the global power architecture Semashko looks to a world constitution designed as a democratic world federal union with enforceable world law:   "Scientific basis of the Earth Constitution as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law."

We must hope that Semashko's interest in the Earth Constitution is also seen positively by the leaders in Russia. In "NATO To Nuclear War, Yet Russia Not Our Enemy" (Reader Supported News,  7/14/16) I argued that Russia wants peaceful cooperation, not war. It seems pretty obvious that working together is the best strategy to keep the U.S. and Russia safe from ending up in an open war against each other. 

Journalist John Pilger reports that the leader of the British Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, would definitely talk to the Russians.  In an election debate Corbyn was asked: “How would you act on a violation by Vladimir Putin of a fellow NATO state?”

Corbyn replied: “You would want to avoid that happening in the first place. You would build up a good dialogue with Russia … We would try to introduce a de-militarisation of the borders between Russia, the Ukraine and the other countries on the border between Russia and Eastern Europe. What we cannot allow is a series of calamitous build-ups of troops on both sides which can only lead to great danger."  (Pilger, "Provoking Nuclear War by Media," Global Research, 8/23/16).

Pilger explains the frenzied opposition to Trump's plan to talk to Putin:

"The CIA has demanded Trump is not elected.  Pentagon generals have demanded he is not elected. The pro-war New York Times — taking a breather from its relentless low-rent Putin smears —  demands that he is not elected. Something is up. These tribunes of “perpetual war” are terrified that the multi-billion-dollar business of war by which the United States maintains its dominance will be undermined if Trump does a deal with Putin, then with China’s Xi Jinping."

A new type of Summit is needed  in order to avoid the typical type of diplomatic (summit) meetings which have proved ineffective as evidenced by our world floundering in crisis.  Key world leaders must honestly face the need for both a geopolitical and spiritual revolution.  Such a Summit should plan on 30 continuous days together, and include examining the need for the obsolete UN Charter to be phased out and replaced with a Global Peace Constitution -- the Earth Constitution.

Would Putin (Russa), Obama (USA), Jinping (China), and/or Modi (India) agree to host such a emergency Global Peace Summit, co-directed by a special NGO/GPS team to help guide these key world leaders out of the danger zone of a WWIII and nuclear war?

by Roger Kotila, Ph.D.  Psychologist
     Editor, Earth Federation News & Views 
September 23, 2016

The Earth Federation
Introductory commentary to World Beyond War's section 52 [The Earth Federation] -- a white paper for"A Global Security System: An Alternative to War." 

The Earth Federation rests upon the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, also known as the "Earth Constitution."  Drafted by the World Constitution and Parliament Association, this constitution addresses the fact that the nation-states are stuck in a geopolitical war system which now endangers the entire world.   

A key issue is the United Nations Charter with fatal flaws that prevent the UN from ending war.  Besides being undemocratic, the Charter lacks enforceable world law. Leaders of Bully nations responsible for world crimes are never punished.  Because of sovereignty, they are above the law.  

Earth Federation activists seek to popularize the Earth Constitution while calling for UN Charter review.  Adoption of the Earth Constitution would set the stage for a world federal union and a "new UN," or Earth Federation equipped with a well-designed World Judiciary system which includes a World Ombudsmus office to help insure Good Government.  All weapons of mass destruction would be eliminated.  War is outlawed. 

-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D., editor, Earth Federation News & Views

Read World Beyond War's The Earth Federation HERE.

September 4, 2016

Russia -- USA:  Global Peace Cooperation & Global Peace Summit


Russian peace activist Dr. Leo Semashko sent out the following email to American peace activist Dr. Roger Kotila who has offered the opinion that Russia is not our enemy, does not want war, and seeks peaceful cooperation.     


Dr. Semashko is a Russian sociologist and philosopher who founded Global Harmony Association and Global Peace Science.  Dr. Kotila is an American psychologist who is editor of Earth Federation News & Views.


Dr. Semashko (September 2, 2016, St. Petersburg, Russia) writes:

In the face of 100% prepared NATO’s nuclear aggression/war on the western border of Russia, we invite you to support as its alternative our project "Russia – USA: Global Peace Cooperation, Dialog and Partnership instead Nuclear War Deadly for Humanity" that is summarized by the USA-Russia Summit Agenda at 10 points, below:

Russia – USA:
Global Peace Cooperation, Dialog and Partnership instead Nuclear War
Deadly for Humanity
Global Peace Summit of two states.
"Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind." John F. Kennedy
Agenda. (Draft)

1. Social cosmos of global peace. Its objective pillars: Spheres, Laws and Actors of World Harmony.
2. Global Peace Science (GPS): Researches of its objective pillars, scientific peace geopolitics and pacifization of international relations.
3. The right of humanity and every person to life, to peace and to freedom from war, especially from nuclear annihilation and from its threats from any state.
4. Joint Institute of GPS with offices in Russia and the United States to explore the objective pillars of global peace and substantiation of humanity right to life.
5. International Scientific Contest for the best variant of GPS under the UN and both states aegis.
6. Scientific technologies of pacifization and peace geopolitics in the social, economic, environmental, cultural and organizational spheres/fields.
7. Scientific basis for nuclear disarmament up to global "nuclear zero" during 10 years.
8. Scientific basis of the Earth Constitution as a Global Peace Constitution: the highest instrument of international law.
9. Global disarmament for 50 years based on GPS.
10. Scientific rearrangement the global power (including the UN) architecture and building a multipolar world order, ensuring global peace since the 21st century end.
     CONCLUSION. Similar Global Peace Summit Agenda sums up the Program of peace cooperation between Russia and the United States.
     CALL. We invite the critics to offer the alternative Program/Agenda of Russia and the US cooperation for scientific comparison and discussion. Read more:

You could edit this Agenda, which will be presented to the Governments of two states, as well as the UN, UNESCO and other peace organizations. Could we hope for your support as a famous peacemaker?

The Agenda of peacemaking cooperation between the two nuclear superpowers, in whose hands are the life and death of humanity, including you, your children and your grandchildren, me, my children and grandchildren, and every person on Earth is a key nonviolent tool to overcome their nuclear standoff. Could you offer another alternative? If yes, please, let us know it. But if no and you silently ignore our alternative, how we should to understand your silence? ... HOW???

Please, let us know it. Thank you for your response.


Dr. Leo Semashko

Global Peace Science, &
Honorary President, Global Harmony Association


*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****



Dr. Kotila's response (September 3, 2016, San Francisco, USA):

I want our collaboration to continue as I believe that you and your associates understand deeply the current dangers faced by the world community, and recognize clearly that militarism is a dead end. 

(1) Yes, I would like to continue to participate in "Russia -- USA" Global Peace Cooperation


(2)  I was very encouraged and inspired by the enthusiasm for a GLOBAL PEACE SUMMIT.


Ultimately we will need the leaders of nations to embrace peace.  But how?  I like the idea of a series of "Appeals" from Global Peace Science and Global Harmony Association. These are SPHERONS in action.


It would be inspiring if Vladimir Putin and/or Sergey Lavrov would agree to host a Global Peace Summit.  It would give the world community positive hope that something can be done.


[Such a Summit should be designed by GPS experts in collaboration with the governments that choose to participate. The initial Summit gathering should probably be for 10 days to two weeks in length to allow for person to person relationships to develop between leaders of nations and with peace activists.] 


(3)  Does GPS and GHA have a method to turn leaders of nations, and their military generals, into SPHERONS?


(4)  I'm not interested in forming another "Institute" ("Russian-American Institute of GPS") as I already belong to 3 different think tanks.  I am interested in trying to attract some leading American peace activists to join our cause -- like World Beyond War.  Similarly, I'm not interested in an "International Scientific Contest" as I feel that school is over.   If someone has a smart strategy, let us know right away.  It's time for action.


I would also like us to find some peace activists from the European Union to help us. There may be members of the European Parliament sympathetic to our cause, who want peaceful cooperation with Russia, and who fear US/NATO (& Israel) intentions after the violations of international law regarding Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran, Gaza, and the coup in Ukraine.    


If nuclear war breaks out in eastern Europe or the Ukraine, European nations will become radiation victims. They will regret ever knowing NATO, but it will be too late.  Meanwhile, the US, which controls NATO, will watch in relative safety from 4000 miles away.


(5)  It would be good if someone from the United Nations got involved with us.  Members of the UN General Assembly currently with the Open Ended Working Group on Nuclear Disarmament might like what we are doing, and might support a Global Peace Summit.  So far both the US and Russia are resisting nuclear disarmament.


There are nations in the UN Working Group who are frustrated and desperate for answers for real disarmament.  But they are mistakenly trying to solve the problem by working within the framework of the UN Charter --which unfortunately can best be characterized as a geopolitical war system. [Count the wars since 1945 to the present.]    


The nations at the UN have yet to realize that they must start to think "outside the box."  This means an honest evaluation of why the UN Charter, which although it has done much good, has failed the world community when it matters the most -- and now we fear World War III.    


(6)  It is no secret that I believe that the Earth Constitution is what will be needed to end war and to eliminate all weapons of mass destruction.  It's designed to replace the UN Charter. The UN Charter failed to create world union.  It failed to become a world federal union government. This failure has been disastrous for the world community.


The Earth Constitution is both a political and spiritual document.  A religious friend described it as "divinely inspired."  Its moral standards are very high indeed, with high ideals:  Health care a right, not a privilege.  Basic needs for living a decent life for everyone considered a basic right, not a privilege.  War becomes a world crime.


The world federalists saw the Charter's flaws even back in 1945, and predicted failure.  They were right -- the UN Charter actually prevents the UN from doing its primary job, ending the scourge of war.


(7)  But the replacement of the UN Charter to create a "new UN" must be done wisely.  For example, Russia would be unwise to immediately give up the special veto power it has in the UN Security Council.  Also, the good and able agencies of the UN must be maintained and expanded. 


(9)  If Putin were willing to endorse the Earth Constitution it would be a signal that Russia is all about peace, cooperation, prosperity, human rights, and enforceable world law and order.  


[Putin would not have to help activate the Earth Constitution until the US agrees to do the same.  But if Russia, India, and China endorsed the ideals of the Earth Constitution while the US/NATO/Israel refused, it would expose who really wants peace, and who stands for death and destruction.]  


(10)  The US and Israel will most likely initially reject the Earth Constitution since they want global domination (exceptionalism), not equal world community, peace, and justice.  This obstacle can be eventually overcome with leadership from American and Russian peace activists.  Russia's leadership must play a leading role in guiding the world out of darkness.  [Besides Putin, I am highly impressed with Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov – an impressive statesman.]


Perhaps your people can reach Putin or Lavrov and persuade them to host a Global Peace Summit working with peace activists from Russia and the USA.  This would be very good publicity for world disarmament and peace.  


Some leading American peace activists would likely attend such a Summit and perhaps some members of the US Congress, but it is unlikely that Obama, Trump, or Hillary Clinton would agree to attend. However, Trump once said he is willing to meet with Putin to "make a deal."  Although Western mainstream media has criticized this idea, I would argue that talking to each other is a very positive step.


(11)  A Global Peace Summit would be a very big deal.  As you, Leo, have pointed out repeatedly, the focus in government funding has always been on the military and war, not on peace.  Global Peace Science might be able to attract funding from your government or private parties wanting world peace.  


(12)  Goals like "Nuclear Zero;" nukes off hair trigger alert; planetary security;  no first use of nukes;  global disarmament;  all of these sound very good to me.  Let's also outlaw war itself!


Best regards,


Roger Kotila, PhD

Vice President, World Constitution & Parliament Association

Vice President, Democratic World Federalists (San Francisco)

Senior Fellow, Institute On World Problems

Editor, Earth Federation News & Views  at

DWF with NGO reps in Crimea

CCI representatives meeting with local government and NGO representatives in Simferopol, Crimea.

by Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

DWF Vice President

National governments and the United Nations stumble along, generally unable to make the world a safer and better place to live.  The Middle East, for example, has become a cauldron of war and chaos causing a refugee crisis in Europe, and bringing with it ever more terrorism. 

US/NATO appears to be provoking Russia at its European border raising concerns that a military conflict might erupt, perhaps even nuclear war.  Crimea and Ukraine are also geopolitical hotspots.  The Western press appears to be adding fuel to the fire by demonizing Russia and its President, Vladimir Putin. 

Private citizens have taken notice with a sense of alarm.  One group of American citizens, Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI) takes action to reduce tensions with Russia by directly meeting with ordinary citizens in Russia.  Democratic World Federalists (DWF) goes to Brussels, capitol of the European Union, to discuss with European federalists a plan to instigate UN Charter review in order to fix the UN so it can do its job. 

The San Francisco Promise now underway

With a vision for a peaceful, just and sustainable world, DWF based in San Francisco has launched a campaign to demand a review of the UN Charter and make good the promise that was made to the nations that signed the Charter in 1945, but was never honored.   

The UN, although it does many good things, is unable to do one of its primary jobs–ending war and eliminating nuclear weapons.  One reason for its failure is the Charter itself, written over 70 years ago but with fatal flaws, such as being profoundly undemocratic and lacking enforceable world law.    

A contingent of world federalists from Canada and the US went to Brussels with a mission to develop support for a review of the UN Charter–dubbed “The San Francisco Promise.”  

A number of meetings were arranged to discuss UN Charter Review with European federalists who work closely with the EU and the European Parliament.  

Opening the door to a safe and secure world

Because the UN is not a democratic world federation and lacks a proper constitution, the UN could not prevent the regime change invasions that caused the wars in the first place.  Europe and the US are now victims of their own making– vulnerable to the blowback from the military invasions in the Middle East which have resulted in the refugee crisis in Europe, and increased acts of terrorism in the West. 

UN Charter review could be a key means to open the door to a safe and secure world for all.  For example, because it lacks a proper governing structure, the UN has been unable to prevent the wars for regime change launched by US/NATO which have devastated Iraq, Syria, and Libya, and made Ukraine and Crimea targets of contention.   

DWF with Loan Bucuras in Brussels

Our contingent meets with Mr. Ioan Bucuras, Secretary General of Young European Federalists. Left to right: Roger Kotila, Vivian Davidson, Bob Hanson, Ioan Bucuras, Shahr-Yar Sharei.

Citizen diplomats to Crimea and Russia

Nation to nation friendship exchanges between private citizen diplomats can be an important vehicle both to reduce tensions, and for fact-finding. CCI leads the way in this type of peace activism. 

Twenty American citizen diplomats under the auspices of the Center for Citizen Initiatives traveled to Russia to meet with ordinary Russians in 5 different cities.  The purpose?  A friendship exchange to reduce tensions, and for fact-finding because Western mainstream media appears to paint a false picture of Russia, Crimea, and Russian leaders.  

Rather than take establishment press at its word that Russia is bad and the “aggressor” in places like Crimea, CCI went to Crimea, a center of contention between the United States and Russia. Time and time again western media claims that Russia “took over” Crimea against its will–a Russian “land grab.”  

Is Western media falsely making Russia an enemy?

But CCI President Sharon Tennison felt that the media’s negative portrait of Russia was wrong.  Tennison is uniquely qualified when it comes to Russia, having made “hundreds of trips” to Russia over the last 33 years.  

She is alarmed that Western media falsely labels Russia and President Vladimir Putin as “enemies” of America.   Demonization leads to military build-ups, and could result in nuclear war.

As Tennison suspected, CCI’s findings in Crimea differed markedly from the negative picture presented by media.  The majority of Crimeans themselves do not see Russia as the villain;  they prefer Russia and want to stay out of the grasp of Ukraine.    

For the world community nuclear war is not acceptable, and citizens are not waiting for the politicians to make the changes that will be required if the world is to be safe.

CCI’s website includes two insightful articles by retired U.S. Army Colonel Ann Wright who warns us about slanted media reporting, and who also describes how Russians compare themselves to Americans.    

A new level of citizen diplomacy aims for a “new UN”

Democratic World Federalists are taking private citizen diplomacy to an entirely new level with a campaign whose goal it is to create a popular and political demand for fundamental changes to the UN itself. 

While CCI’s citizen diplomacy works on a nation to nation level, DWF looks to impact all 193 nations by working towards global system change — a “new UN” which can benefit all nations and peoples.  

History of “The San Francisco Promise”

It is well known by world federalists that the failed UN Charter has been holding back the UN from doing its primary job — ending war.

It is not well known that a number of nations objected to the undemocratic design of the Charter at the original time of its signing in 1945 in San Francisco, or that it was promised that a review would be held in ten years, a review that has never happened. 

The door to the possibility of a “new UN” has opened by the findings of a former DWF Board member Shahr-Yar Sharei whose doctoral research in international law uncovered the fact that a Charter review is legally required by the UN.

Making good on “The San Francisco Promise”

Through The San Francisco Promise, concerned citizens from the Bay Area and nationwide are invited to become members of DWF. 

The citizen demand for Charter review may spark an uprising in the UN General Assembly which has long played second fiddle at the UN — treated as second class citizens without a meaningful vote in global affairs. 

Citizen diplomats are calling for a World Parliament.  Earth Federation activists are lobbying for the outdated and fatally flawed UN Charter to be replaced by the Earth Constitution (aka, Constitution for the Federation of Earth).

It is time for the UN General Assembly to step up, the undemocratic UN Security Council to step down, and for a “new UN” to emerge, one that is capable of meeting the needs for which the UN was originally established.

by Roger Kotila  -- Editor, Earth Federation News & Views


July 14, 2016
NATO To Nuclear War, Yet Russia Not Our Enemy Say Citizen Diplomats
by Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Militaristic expansion to Russia’s borders by US/North Atlantic Treaty Organization is a dangerous brew of geopolitical maneuvering which increases the likelihood that by accident, by reckless provocation, or by secret design through CIA false flag operations--war could unexpectedly break out. 


A string of lies and sophisticated propaganda has been strung regarding Ukraine, Crimea, and Syria to make Russia appear to be the “bad guy.”  These areas of contention are all potential flash points for further conflict and war.


The present dangers are aggravated by the recent Warsaw NATO Summit which announced plans to situate US/NATO troops in Poland and three Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania, & Latvia) bordering Russia.  There are additional plans to deploy a ballistic missile system (Wall Street Journal, 7-9-16). 



The United Nations, shackled by its obsolete Charter, stands by helplessly unable to intervene as US/NATO moves full speed ahead with a campaign of disinformation demonizing Russian President Vladimir Putin and Russia itself as an aggressive “enemy.”


The quandary for the world community is that the UN cannot do what is necessary to keep the peace or to prevent nuclear war.  Moreover, when it comes to war mongering, the UN lacks the tools needed to prosecute those who use propaganda to manipulate public opinion to justify military build-ups.       



Russia sees NATO’s military moves at its borders as potentially hostile acts and grows ever more suspicious of US motives, alert to the fact that Russia may be targeted for regime change.  The US has already used covert and/or overt operations for regime change in Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Libya and elsewhere.    


In response the Russians are increasing their own troop levels and putting into place their own advanced nuclear weaponry.


Former US diplomat J. Michael Springmann, author of "Visas for Al Qaeda -- CIA Handouts that Rocked the World" (2014) concluded that the U.S. State Department works with the CIA to "destabilize governments that the U.S. opposed."  This was clearly the case in the Ukraine. 


Springmann, now a lawyer in Washington, D.C., estimates that "the average percentage of intelligence officers (CIA, NSA) to real diplomats at a given Foreign Service post is about one in three." (Springmann, 2014, pp. 4 & 9).


In the Foreign Service sewer described by Springmann, one could see how Russia is falsely made out as a villain, when in reality it becomes a victim—a target for falsehoods and "regime change.” 



Is Russia really an enemy, or is it a victim of a propaganda campaign? Is Russian President Vladimir Putin being falsely demonized by the establishment press? 


There is ample evidence that supports condemnation of both the government and the establishment press.  The public is gradually learning about the lies that led to the Viet Nam war, the ongoing 9/11 cover-up, and the disinformation used to justify the brutal and illegal invasion of Iraq.


In “NATO Reaffirms Its Bogus Russia Narrative” (, 7-11-16) veteran investigative journalist Robert Parry shows clearly how deception is being brazenly used by US/NATO in order to falsely make it appear that Russia is an aggressive enemy. Parry writes:


[“It’s unnerving to realize that the NATO alliance – bristling with an unprecedented array of weapons including a vast nuclear arsenal – has lost its collective mind. Perhaps it’s more reassuring to think that NATO simply feels compelled to publicly embrace its deceptive ‘strategic communications’ so gullible Western citizens will be kept believing its lies are truth.”


“But here were the leaders of major Western “democracies” lining up to endorse a Warsaw Summit Communiqué condemning “Russia’s aggressive actions” while knowing that these claims were unsupported by their own intelligence agencies.” – Robert Parry 7/11/16]


Facing the possibility of an unthinkable nuclear war, it is of no small consequence that the public is being deceived, and that the NATO governments cannot be trusted to do the right thing.



With the UN unable to defuse the NATO vs. Russia confrontation, citizen diplomats have sprung into action having just returned from Russia.


Meet Sharon Tennison, president of the Center for Citizen Initiatives (CCI) whose open letter on CCI’s website (, July 2016) tells a very different story about Russian intentions than what we are told by Western media.    


Ms. Tennison is a uniquely qualified expert on Russia.  She has visited Russia in "hundreds of the past 33 years."  CCI was started in 1983 during the Gorbachev and Reagan era with the bold idea that ordinary Americans “could insert themselves into the nuclear arms race and bring about a constructive relationship with the Soviet Union.” 


Nowadays Tennison is sharply critical of the American press.  “Our mainstream media doesn't give us the accurate information we need," she reports, disturbed by how Western news sources paint the Russians as the aggressor and therefore an “enemy” – contrary to her direct personal knowledge of Russia and its people.


CCI’s Track Two diplomacy proved to be hugely successful. “But unfortunately,” writes Tennison, “over the last two years relations between the two nuclear Superpowers have deteriorated badly.”


“As 2016 opens we find ourselves again facing the possibility of an unthinkable nuclear conflict. Once again it’s time for citizen diplomats from both countries to step in and help guide us back from the precipice at which we’ve arrived (Tennison, open letter, July 2016,”



Retired U.S. Army Colonel Ann Wright is part of the 20 person delegation that went to Russia. Wright, who once served in the State Department, questions US/NATO's militarism and its characterization of Russia as an “enemy.”  She comes away convinced that the Russians want peaceful relations, not war, and provides a persuasive analysis in "Russians Ask Why Do You Demonize Us When We Are So Much Like You?" (OpEdNew, 7-4-16; also in


Take Crimea, for example. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial (7-11-16) is misleading. It describes Russia’s annexation of Crimea as part of a Russian “land grab,” ignoring the fact that Crimeans freely voted to be part of the Russian federation rather than stay with Ukraine.  


This fact is confirmed by CCI citizen diplomats who met in person with numerous Crimeans.  The great majority of people they talked to indicated that they did not want to be part of Ukraine and preferred to stay with Russia.


Ukraine is another case where the public is misled. As the result of an intercepted phone conversation we now know that Ukraine’s democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych was overthrown in a violent coup engineered through the covert efforts of the likes of the State Department's Victoria Nuland. Mr. Yanukovych was the victim of an American plot for regime change.



Citizen diplomats have reached out to ordinary citizens in others nations for mutual understanding and friendship.  They have even influenced superpower leaders to reduce the chances of a nuclear war. 


But citizen diplomats have yet to open the doors that will cause the UN General Assembly to rise up, the UN Security Council to step down, and the UN Charter to be replaced. 


The flaws in the UN Charter which prevent the UN from doing its primary job—preventing wars and eliminating nuclear weapons, must be addressed.  The member-states of the United Nations have not done this, and as a result the UN is sidelined when it really matters, such as the crisis between NATO and Russia. 


Neither the UN General Assembly nor the UN Security Council has so far dealt with the urgent need for a “new UN.”  Peace activists are addressing this obstacle by demanding Charter review and showing that a review is legally required.


Earth Federation activists are lauding the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (i.e., the Earth Constitution) as the ideal replacement for the Charter. 


Yes, it is time for a “new UN,” one that can do away with the current geopolitical war system and replace it with a global peace system.  The Earth Constitution is ready to go.


Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Earth Federation News & Views

July 14, 2016                          

June 6, 2016

World Federalists Seek Leadership from European Union for a New UN

By Roger Kotila, Ph.D.


BRUSSELS, Belgium, June 6, 2016 – The cobblestone streets have the feel of old Europe here at the home of the European Union, a collection of 28 nations that is considerably larger than the United States in both population and overall economic activity.


I am here in the EU’s capital city with fellow world federalists from the US and Canada. Under the umbrella of Democratic World Federalists based in San Francisco, we are talking to European Federalists about the necessity of creating a “new UN” by means of a review process found in the United Nations Charter – what we are calling "The San Francisco Promise." 


The “Promise,” given at the original signing of the Charter in San Francisco, requires a review after ten years.  The five permanent members of the Security Council (P-5) promised that such a review would be conducted, yet it has not happened.  As a result the veto power given to the five nations (US, Russia, China, France, Great Britain) remains in force -- keeping the UN shamefully undemocratic.



The UN is not a world federation.  This is why it has not lived up to its original task to end war.  Old Europe, after suffering two devastating world wars which were the product of a now thoroughly discredited sovereign nation state system, changed to a partial federal union governing system which became the European Union – this is the new Europe.


The EU’s importance to world federalists is that there are many federalists in the European Parliament. As federalists, they understand why the UN has not been able to end “the scourge of war.” There have been over 250 wars since the signing of the UN Charter.  


The UN’s governing structure is too much like old Europe which suffered war after war.


Although the EU is currently in mild crisis mode, the 12 golden stars one sees on EU flags show up seemingly everywhere.  “Brexit” refers to a British referendum vote coming up soon to decide if the UK will remain, or leave, the EU.  The potential loss of an EU member state has worried some European federalists, although it is unclear if Britain is more trouble than it is worth to the EU.  


A far bigger problem is the multitude of refugees fleeing to Europe as a result of the wars in the Middle East – a crisis primarily caused by Europe’s chief ally, the US (and NATO) which started the violent conflicts in the first place with its own version of terrorism – the Pentagon’s “shock and awe” military invasion of Iraq, and other US/NATO covert or overt military operations in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Ukraine. 


It is my contention that the EU’s crisis with refugees was brought about in large part because of the fatal flaws in the UN Charter which prevents it from doing its primary job – preventing wars before they happen.



Ironically, Europe has put its hope for “security” with the US through its involvement with NATO – a military alliance which could lead to the very war that the EU is trying to avoid.  NATO’s headquarters is here in Brussels.  NATO has increasingly put itself at the borders of Russia making Moscow understandably suspicious of US/NATO’s intentions and causing a military arms build-up.


If NATO is a dangerous choice for the peaceful security of the EU, what is the alternative?  World federalists such as Einstein concluded that only a world federal government – world union with enforceable world law, is what is required.  There is no shortcut.


The logical conclusion is that we need a new UN Charter if the goal is to end wars and to bring safety and security to the world as a whole, and to Europe in particular.



A world federalist colleague, Shahr-Yar Sharei, studied law at the University of Kent. Based upon his doctoral research into international law (or lack thereof) and the UN Charter, he has concluded that the UN is legally required to conduct a Charter review.  As a consequence of his findings, he is in the process of setting up a new think tank – the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research (CUNCR), to be located here in Brussels.   


The vision of a new UN is long overdue.  The present geopolitical system must be changed, or it will drag the world community (and the EU) down with it.



Will the EU, with a Parliament full of federalists, be willing to take the lead and use its resources and experience in federalism to help design a modern world constitution/charter so that military threats such as with NATO become a thing of the past?    


World federalists know what the governing structure should look like.  They know what is needed.  The World Constitution and Parliament Association for example, anticipated that this day would come, and has waiting in the wings a model world federal constitution – the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, also known as the "Earth Constitution."     


So will the EU join the campaign to fulfill “The San Francisco Promise?”  Will they see the desperate need for a new United Nations and decide to act?

by R. Kotila, Ph.D.
Editor, Earth Federation News & Views

May 23, 2016

A New UN to Prevent the Sacrifice of Europe to the Nuclear Gods

 By Roger Kotila, Ph.D.


Would the US/NATO military establishment risk sacrificing Europe to the nuclear gods if a conventional armed conflict broke out with Russia and local North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) commanders believed that tactical nuclear weapons would be required to win?   


Europe faces the possibility of such a regional conflict.  Tensions have risen.  Russia is getting suspicious of US/NATO’s intentions, feeling encircled as NATO expands militarily into Eastern Europe and the Ukraine.


It seems unthinkable, but if a tactical nuclear war erupts, the European nations would be the ones sacrificed, not America, -- the United States lies thousands of ocean miles away. 


The world community watches in frustration as the United Nations, supposedly in existence to prevent wars, is unable to do its job.  Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, and Palestine are all subject to violent military aggression with the vast majority of victims being civilians and families.  Could Europe be added to the list, a victim of its own involvement with NATO?


The EU already struggles with the multitudes of refugees fleeing the fighting in the Middle East, wars that the US/NATO or allies started in the first place, and which the UN was unable to prevent. 


The UN is stymied by its fatally flawed Charter.  Despite the fact that the original purpose of the UN is to end “the scourge of war,” it has failed time and time again.  While the UN has done much good, the world has seen over 250 wars since the Charter was signed.



Despite reassurances by President Obama, nuclear disarmament is nowhere in sight.  For US military contractors, present and future funding for nuclear weapons systems is “full speed ahead.”


“Despite committing the US to ‘seek the peace and security of a world without nuclear weapons,’ Obama’s record on nuclear disarmament is dismal, having supported spending $1 trillion over the next 3 decades to modernize the US nuclear arsenal.” (Cabasso, United for Peace & Justice, 5/22/16)


A recent survey of the American public (Wall Street Journal, 5/21/16) asks “Would We Drop the Bomb Again?”  “Yes,” according to the professors who did the study:  “When provoked, we don’t seem to consider the use of nuclear weapons a taboo, and our commitment to the immunity of civilians from deliberate attack in wartime, even with vast casualties, is shallow.”


The US Congress refuses to admit the obvious fact that militarism and nuclear weaponry are a dead end. Moreover, they treat the UN as if it was of secondary importance, even though without a UN (or a new world organization) with the power to outlaw nukes and war, we will never be safe.  



Frustrated by the American government’s obstructionism and its worship of all things military, a small contingent of NGO world federalists from the US and Canada is traveling to Brussels in early June, 2016 to meet with select members of the European Parliament.

Led by the NGO nonpartisan Democratic World Federalists based in San Francisco, an international campaign is being launched to demand a review of the UN Charter.  It’s called “The San Francisco Promise” and describes the fact that at the original signing of the Charter a review was promised, even written into the Charter itself, but never carried out.    


Currently the UN General Assembly (UNGA) is being foiled by the nuclear powers who are saying “no” to nuclear disarmament.  But UNGA’s “Open Ended Working Group (OEWG) on nuclear disarmament” is not taking “no” for an answer, and appears determined to find a way to ban nuclear weapons.


In Europe OEWG has information revealing that NATO has nukes in Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Turkey.  According to documentation by the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), these countries host from 160 – 200 nuclear weapons (OEWG Report, Vol. 2, No. 9, 4 May 2016).


OEWG’s efforts are vitally important but they remain stuck within the parameters of the outdated UN Charter. The UN General Assembly must find a way to break free of the Charter’s restrictions that prevent the UN from ending the nuclear nightmare.  



World federalists like Einstein and many other top thinkers have concluded that the only way to end the danger of nuclear annihilation is to form a democratic world federal union government with enforceable world law.  These critical features are missing in the present UN Charter. 


That is why the Earth Constitution drafted by the World Constitution and Parliament Association takes on such importance.  It is ready to go, designed to shut down the nuclear gods once and for all.  The nations and the world community must make the decision they want world peace more than they want a world in perpetual war.   


There is an urgent need to reverse the downward course of militarism that is destroying the Middle East and endangering the European Union.  The European Parliament could play a crucial role by supporting Charter Review.  The Parliament could also challenge NATO’s ever expanding military posture, a policy that is stirring up fears in both Russia and China and causing an arms build-up.


UN Charter Review opens the door to compare the present Charter to the Earth Constitution.  The Earth Constitution brings an inspired yet practical democratic governing structure that includes a democratically elected World Parliament, a well-designed judiciary system, and the opportunity for world union. 


Will the upcoming meetings in Brussels between world federalists and members of the European Parliament mark a turning point which ends the death spiral caused by misplaced faith in the nuclear gods?


Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Editor, Earth Federation News & Views

April 21, 2016
Global Peace Science from Russia and India
The primary founders of  "Global Peace Science" are from Russia and India.  They have also reached out to peace activists from the USA. 
The following email from Dr. Leo Semashko, honorary president of Global Harmony Association,  illustrates an emphasis on cooperation and harmony, but also a recognition of the need for geopolitical system change --  specifically daring to utter the words "world government"  associated with  Albert Einstein.
They have included my references to the Earth Constitution. 
I was pleasantly surprised to see Noam Chomsky among those listed (scroll down to the pictures), along with a diverse variety of peace activists  including a couple of Nobel prize winners.
-- R. Kotila, PhD, editor, Earth Federation News & Views
-----Original Message----- April, 2016
From: Leo Semashko

Dear friends-peacemakers,

I am happy to announce that we with our technical director Ivan Ivanov (I express my heartfelt gratitude to him for his excellent technical design) have finished another big step of updating the Home page of our site "Peace from Harmony" ( as a primer for "Global Peace Science

On this page we have published the first 11 personal responses or excerpts from the GPS reviews with photos of their authors and links to their personal pages on our website. These authors represent all world continents except Australia, from where we also wait response. This means that “World really endorses Global Peace Science”, including Nobel Peace Laureates, - it is up to its recognition by governments. As Eisenhower said, "peoples want peace, and the Government - war." We must help them to begin to recognize peace science. 

We list below the authors of the published responses with their main features. 
Abdul Kalam, President of India (2002-2007), the first political leader, who admitted GPS,
Susana Roberts, GPS Hero, Argentina,
Ernesto Kahan, former Vice-President of IPPNW, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, Israel,
Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Ireland,
John Avery, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Denmark (see the list of his excellent peace works)
Ayo Ayoola-Amalie, Peacemaker of Africa, Nigeria and Ghana,
Uraz Baimuratov, Academician - economist, Kazakhstan,
Delasnieve Daspet, Lawyer and peacemaker, Brazil,
Charles Mercieca, President of the Int. Association of Educators for Global Peace, USA,
Yulia Budnikova, Researcher of the Roerich creativity, Russia,
Roger Kotila, Earth Constitution, USA

We invite others peacemakers to send your 3-4 line about Global Peace Science to publish them with your photo on our site "Peace from Harmony", which reached through GPS 10-12 thousand visits daily. Thank you. 

With love, best wishes for peace from harmony through GPS, 

Dr. Leo Semashko, 
GHA Honorary President

Harmonious civilization

Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize in Physics:

1. Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can o­nly be attained through understanding [SCIENCE]. [BUT]

2. The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them. [THEREFORE]

3. We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive. [NEW THINKING IS GLOBAL PEACE SCIENCE, GPS. IT PROVIDES]

4. Mankind's desire for peace [WHICH] can be realized o­nly by the creation of a world government.


Global Harmony Association:

1. World government maybe o­nly Global Peace Government of global SPHERONS instead global corporations.

2. Global Peace Government can arise and work o­nly o­n the GPS basis as SPHERONS’ nonviolent ideology and scientific worldview.

3. Hence, if mankind is to survive, it must require from the national governments to recognize, to develop and to put in practice the SPHERONS’ GPS as a substantially new manner of social thinking to create world government, to constitute global peace and "shift the arms race into a peace race" (Martin Luther King Jr.)


Vladimir Putin, President of Russia:

1. The right choice… is the choice in favour of peace. [FOR WHICH]

2. We need is an essentially different approach [ENSURING] harmonization ... harmony.[THIS ESSENTIALLY DIFFERENT APPROACH IS GPS]

3. Russia’s strength lies in...the harmony of cultures, languages and…all faiths

4. “Washington is the Enemy of all Humanity” and “Putin saves the world from nuclear war by not being provocative.” Paul C. Roberts

What will say other national leaders?


John Scales Avery. Nobel Peace Prize:

We need system change, not climate change! We need a new economic system, a new society, a new social contract, a new way of life. Here are the great tasks that history has given to our generation: We must achieve a steady-state economic system. We must restore democracy. We must decrease economic inequality. We must break the power of corporate greed. We must leave fossil fuels in the ground. We must stabilize and ultimately reduce the global population. We must eliminate the institution of war. And finally, we must develop a more mature ethical system to match our new technology.



World Intellectuals Endorse the Importance of Global Peace Science

Sixty years ago, Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein issued a grim warning to the people of the world. They wrote that we face a choice that is “stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war?” Looking over the record of these years, it is a miracle that we have survived, and the threats are very real today. A Global Peace Science devoted to “renouncing war” can make a critical contribution to removing at last this sword of Damocles poised over our heads.

Noam Chomsky, Prof. (r), Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT, Cambridge, USA, World Harmony Creator


The United States and the United Kingdom committed genocide against the Iraqi people when, between 1990 and 2012, they killed 3.3 million people – including 750,000 children – through sanctions and wars…. I believe NATO should be abolished and that steps be taken towards disarmament through non-violent action and civil resistance. The means of resistance are very important. Our message that armed groups, militarism and war do not solve our problems but aggravate them challenges us to use new ways and that is why we need to teach the science of peace at every level of society.

Mairead Maguire, Nobel Peace Laureate, Ireland


The West is now preparing a Crusade II against Islam; as individuals and as a state; better a Crusade against the Western addiction to war, state terrorism and militarism. For this we need more truly global peace science and research than ever, developing theory and concepts like harmony, testing them in concrete practice to solve underlying conflicts.

Johan Galtung, Dr., HC, Mult, Prof. of Peace Studies; Founder,, World Harmony Creator


The plague of global militarism and terrorism is hellish grave and horrendous chaos from war. Humanity should slip out of it by the strides of Global Peace Science from harmony to a new Renaissance. This Science fearlessly calls for international as well as personal disarmament to survive and get rid of the nightmare of dreadful abysmal crisis when its irrepressible powers push us toward turmoil. Peace Science is light at the end of lethal tunnel of armed violence.

Ayo Ayoola-Amale, Teacher, Muse of Poetic Harmony, GHA–Africa President, Ghana


Three interconnected Great Revolutions of humanity are: Globalization, Informatization and Peacescienzation: Global Peace Science (GPS) as revolutionary shift to Indian Vedic tradition: World is o­ne Family o­n way of building bridges of global Peace. GPS inspires transition from dying culture of militant materialism (anger, greed & violence) fomenting nuclear wars to culture of Peace from Harmony and Love. Military science divides the humanity andPeacescience unites it in peace and harmony of "One World - o­ne Family." Therefore GPS is Victory of Peace over War, vaccine and immunity from the plague of global militarism and terrorism and alternative to nuclear war saving the Earth planet & Humanity.

Dr., Prof. Subhash Chandra, GHA Secretary General, India


Humanity lives at a moment when in many countries politics has become an extension of war. The violence, especially in Europe and the United States has become normalized. The relentless mobilization of fear and insecurity by governments mark a failure of collective conscience, flirtations with irrationality, and the triumph of extremism. State terrorism is o­n the rise and the plague of authoritarianism has cast an ominous shadow over the liberal democracies. A Global Peace Science devoted to creating the formative cultures, institutions, and movements elevating peace over war, justice over injustice, and democracy over militarism is crucial for “renouncing war.”

Henry A. Giroux, McMaster University Chair Professor of Scholarship in the Public Interest, Faculty of Humanities, Hamilton, Canada


It is gratifying and symbolic that Global Peace Science includes in life under the Peace Banner proposed 80 years ago by Nicholas Roerich, expressing continuity of the peace source in culture, an integral part of which is science. Global Harmony Association has already demonstrated its previous publications (among them the main thing is The ABC of Harmony) that it aspires to unite people o­n the basis of scientific worldview with full respect to different religions and cultural diversity. Global Peace Science is the Earth people new step to make conscious choice of peace today in the exacerbating struggle between light and darkness.

Yulia Budnikova, researcher of the Roerich creativity, President, GHA-Russia


Condemning war and militarism is an important first step toward saving the world from a nuclear catastrophe. We must also recognize that hegemonic provocations by US/NATO could lead to a world war. The United Nations, due to its fatally flawed Charter, is unable to prevent the perpetual wars that constantly threaten humanity's very existence. Hope lies in replacing the UN Charter with the visionary Earth Constitution together with fundamental Global Peace Science geopolitics -- gifts to the world awaiting discovery for a peaceful Era.

Roger Kotila, Ph.D., Editor, Earth Federation News & Views, USA


Save the world from a global war may turn of the current human evolution to conscious harmony, creating global peace through science, spirituality and morality. Knowledge of the laws of deep structure of social harmony, including the paradigm of "D + 3D", performs by Global Peace Science, acquirement of which becomes urgent task of all states in the 21st century in transition from destructive geopolitics of war to saving geopolitics of peace. "Harmony will save peace through science!"

Uraz Baimuratov, Academician, Director, Institute of Economics, Academy of Sciences, Kazakhstan


Human beings are rushing headlong to the precipice of extinction. Why is this? Because we are engaged in an orgy of violence against life: our fellow humans, our fellow species, the Earth itself. To survive, we must do many things ranging from nonviolently resisting those insane western elites that threaten us with nuclear obliteration to learning to nurture our children so that they lead lives of fearless, compassionate power in the struggle for peace, justice and sustainability. Global peace science has a vital role to play in this endeavor.

Robert J. Burrowes, author of 'Why Violence?', Australia


The soul of humanity requires immediately the “Global Peace Science” which is capable to stop the atrocities of the Western world dominators, lay the foundation of Peace, Harmony, Democracy, Freedom, Justice, Love and Dignity of mankind and clear the terrible darkness of human soul. Because, deeply within the humanity consciousness remains ignorant and helpless in regard to peace, immersed in history in continuous wars. Unfortunately, for thousands of years, no religion, no art, no law and policy were not able to go out it of the militarist slavery, due to lack of paideia (education of beautiful and good) and Peacescience. o­nly paideia plus the powerful tool of Peacescience are able to do it that determines its historical role.

Dr. Panagiotis (Takis) Dimos Ioannides, Athens, Greece


Invincible soft force of global peace consists in absolute power of social harmony of the world's population, in its four SPHERONS, harmonious classes. Their harmonious power, scientifically organized in Spheral Democracy (SPHERONS’ democracy) at all levels from local to global is able to put an end to militarism and endless wars of the irremovable ruling elite under the pall of its militarist "democracy". In 2015, Global Peace Science became first property of humanity staying earlier in the full power of military science, militarism and continuous wars of elite. The historical significance and intellectual power of peace science consists in discovery of an alternative, soft power of peace from SPHERONS’ harmony, winning military force agony, plague of militarism/terrorism and violence orgy.

Dr. Leo Semashko, Initiator and Editor in Chief, Global Peace Science, GHA President, Russia


March 20, 2016

Bad America's F-35 Tests Sanders, Clinton, and Trump


Roger Kotila, Ph.D.


America’s presidential candidates fall in line when it comes to anything military, reflecting a dark future for our children.  Bad America lacks a vision of a future world that is nonmilitary and at peace.  The Earth Federation insists that a nonmilitary world is possible.


Whenever I think of free college tuition and medical care for all, I think of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the B-2, and Michael Moore's new movie "Where to Invade Next.”   


Moore's movie would applaud canceling the problem-plagued Lockheed Martin F-35 and instead using those billions of saved dollars to help pay for free tuition and universal health care -- goals of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. 


The F-35 boondoggle is described by William Hartung (Center for International Policy) as "the most expensive weapons systems program ever undertaken by the Pentagon.”  The F-35 represents a part of Bad America.


Although Sanders is by far the most anti-war candidate, he has not opposed the F-35's that will be based in his home state of Vermont because of the jobs (Daily Caller, 2/25/16).



Congress reflects Bad America.  It lavishly supports the military, and does not see a positive vision for the future. To them a future nonmilitary world is unthinkable -- no world peace in sight for them in our lifetime, or our children’s lifetime. 


As a symbol of Bad America the F-35 is only part of the story. In addition to the F-35 the Air Force wants to replace the B-1 and batlike B-2 stealth bomber with 80 to 100 new Long Range Strike Bombers (LRS-B).  Cost?  An estimated $550 million each. 


It is bad enough that billions upon billions of dollars are being wasted for future death and destruction.  But worse yet, the Pentagon generals, defense contractors and politicians simply assume, without question, that a world at peace is not going to happen. Not ever. These are the dinosaurs.  


Their delusions of grandeur (American “exceptionalism”) crave military superiority over the rest of the world.  Security, they fantasize, will require military dominance by air, land, sea, and space – Full Spectrum Dominance as it is called by military planners.  



By contrast to the doomsday strategy favored by the national security establishment, the Earth Federation offers a brighter picture.  With the successful drafting of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (aka “Earth Constitution”) by the World Constitution and Parliament Association, a unified nonmilitary world federal union can finally be envisaged writes Professor Glen Martin (“One World Renaissance,” 2015).   


Bad America’s strategy of building ever more sophisticated weapons of war is exactly the wrong approach.  The plans for the F-35 and LRS-B send the wrong signal to other nations and causes distrust about American motives. 


Similarly, the US/NATO expansion to the Ukraine and eastern Europe has caused Russia to increase its military posturing – they don’t trust us.   China, too, is wary of U.S. intentions.  


Covert operations are another obstacle to peace. Psychologically, secrecy breeds paranoia.  Secret operations along with universal spying make others suspicious – and helps fuel an arms race.


By contrast, openness builds trust. Trust allows for the development of a world union which, with the availability of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (“Earth Constitution”), could become a powerful and viable option to achieve a peaceful world.


Despite its name, the United Nations is anything but united. Bully nations lord over the weaker countries.  The The UN cannot stop the geopolitical war mongering because of its inadequate and obsolete UN Charter which prevents the UN from doing its job. 


The Earth Constitution offers the UN an opportunity to become a “new UN” – capable of achieving disarmament and ending war.



Far into the future, 25 to 50 years from now, defense contractors are already making plans for fancier, more complex weapon systems.   


Lockheed Martin is planning ahead for a “sixth generation” F-35 after the year 2030. Northrop Grumman is looking beyond 2030 making designs for what Defense News (1/15/16) calls a "Next-Gen" fighter -- that's a sixth generation fighter to replace F-22's.


Why such confidence that America will want, far into the distant future, weapons for war? It’s because the American people are easy to manipulate.  All that is needed is an "enemy" real, imagined, or fake -- and repeated warnings that the country is in danger.


David Talbot describes the ugly story of deceased CIA Chief Allen Dulles who in the ‘50s and ‘60s is responsible for establishing a lawless, secret parallel government that assassinates, overthrows governments, tortures, conducts false flag operations, and more (“The Devil’s Chessboard,” 2015).


This secret culture of lawlessness continues today, not unlike that found in Nazi Germany.  Americans are supplied with an ongoing stream of so-called "enemies" created by the military/economic/covert operations complex which has a long history of creating conflicts and wars under false pretense (“The Hidden Structure of Violence,” Pilisuk & Roundtree, 2015). 



Currently Americans are psychologically programmed to respond in alarmed panic toward Muslims, Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, or anyone labeled a terrorist. 


We are told, for example, that we must fear North Korea and Iran.  Yet fear of these nations is absurd.  Why would North Korea or Iran risk launching a missile at the U.S. or Israel knowing that devastating retaliation would be swift and certain?


Fake "enemies" are produced by clever propaganda, and by means of an occasional false flag operation where covert operatives murder people but blame it on the innocent who become the patsies.  There is a growing body of evidence that indicates that 9/11 was a false flag operation with the real perpetrators still on the loose.      


We are not told how the CIA actually created what became ISIS terrorists. We are not told that Russia actually prefers peaceful cooperation -- if only US/NATO would live up to its original promise to stay off Russia's borders.    


America, it seems, will continue to have enemies until hell freezes over. 



Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is a cheerleader for a "strong" defense. She won’t dump the F-35 since she owes its manufacturer a favor.  David Archibald (Daily Caller, 2/25/16) reports that the Clinton Foundation "takes millions from Lockheed Martin,” and adds that Hillary's campaign chairman "owns the firm that lobbied for the F-35's approval."  


The news about the F-35 is virtually all bad.  Its 8 million lines of software code invite malfunctioning and vulnerability to cyberattacks (Reuters, 1/27/16). If the pilot looks to the side and his helmet smacks the canopy, it interferes with seeing the helmet’s  "Heads-up-Display" needed to fly and to fight (Air Force Times, 10/26/15).


A leaked test pilot report reveals that the F-35 can't defeat an older (& much cheaper) F-16 in combat, yet plans are for 1,763 F-35's, costing an eye-popping $115 million each.  Add an additional $400,000 per customized high tech helmet needed for each pilot, and we have a fighter plane that can't fly right.


From the Air Force Times (10/29/15) we learn that "Donald Trump wants to tell the F-35 that it's fired."  But Trump is no peacenik. He told CNN (8/19/15) "I want to build up our military so that nobody's gonna play games with us!”



Americans must recognize that a national security policy relying on militarism is a dead end. It has caused a nightmare of chaos in the Middle East, and has sucked the life out of the spirit of Good America.


Good America must strive for world union, a goal unreachable if we continue to claim “exceptionalism” – a license to be above the law.


World union is the path to a nonmilitary, peaceful world. The Constitution for the Federation of Earth offers such a promise, if only Good America will embrace it and support it through a call for UN Charter Review. A “new UN” under the Earth Constitution has the potential to make world union, and world peace, possible.


-Dr. Roger Kotila

  Earth Federation News & Views

January 25, 2016
Merging the United Nations with the Earth Federation
Excerpts from World Legislative Act #64 passed by the 14th Provisional World Parliament held in Kolkata, India in December, 2015:


Merging the United Nations with the Earth Federation

Short title:  United Nations Merger


Adopts guidelines for determining

viability of United Nations Agencies, as well as for

determining process for transfer, reconstitution

and integration of United Nations agencies, and

other international agencies, such as International

Criminal Court, into democratic structures of Earth

Federation government.


Whereas, Article 2 of the Earth Constitution recognizes

all the people who live on Earth as sovereign and the

source of all legitimate law-making (Article 2);


Whereas the Earth Constitution replaces the United

Nations Charter through a time-bound process while

viable agencies of the UN are to integrate into the

Earth Federation;


Whereas, the concept of universal law itself is now

understood to be the source of all particular positive

laws, and the Earth Constitution is recognized as the

paradigm or prototype for all legitimate lawmaking;


Whereas, under the UN Charter…

0.09. The UN General Assembly is awarded only

consultative status, and has little or no decision-making

power: Article 10: “the General Assembly

may discuss…”; Article 11: “the General Assembly

may consider…”; “the General Assembly may call

the attention of the Security Council to…” Article

13: “the General Assembly shall initiate studies and

make recommendations…”; Article 14: “the General

Assembly may recommend…”; The one authority

allocated to the General Assembly is approval of the

budget (Article 17).


0.10. As these references to the UN Charter indicate,

the world organization that is supposed to maintain

the peace of the world and reduce poverty and human

rights violations is largely run by the 5 most militarized

nations of the world and the five leading aggressor

nations of the world:


0.24.9. As global peace thinker Johan Galtung expresses

this, the U.S. policy has been: “Crippling the United

Nations: controlling the Security Council through

veto; controlling the UNGA against uniting for peace

resolutions; controlling by spying on delegations and

arm-twisting; controlling the budget through 25%

clause, non-payment, and GAO, the General Accounting

Office, an arm of the US Congress; controlling the UN

civil servants through short term contracts; showing

who is in charge through material breach, illegality; and

getting away with it all, because of all of the above” (The

Fall of the US Empire, 2009:, p. 38).


0.25. It is important to be clear that the totalitarian

communist systems of the world, most prominently

the former USSR, were not genuine alternatives to

these global capitalist system but engaged in what some

scholars called “state capitalism,” that is, they competed

within the globalized system of self-interest and nation-state

competition for wealth, power, and ascendency.


The Earth Constitution creates a genuinely “third

way,” a genuinely new alternative, which recognizes

that economics, like democracy itself, can only flourish

in the service of humanity when it is governed by the

common good of the Earth and its citizens under a

world democratic polity and universal, civilian system

of governing.


6.7. All staff from the UN Secretariat so desiring

may seek comparable employment within the Earth

Federation civil service.

Editor's note:  The introduction of the Earth Constitution into the

United Nations Organization represents a new, visionary approach

which gives the world community ("we, the people") a real say in

decision-making to solve critical world problems. It would also

give decision-making authority to the 189 nations now locked out

because of their second class status within the UN structure

where the Permanent-5 veto powers rule.


Call it "Earth Federation government" if you like, or a "new UN."

 Further information: ; ;     

December 18, 2015
Rising Above ISIS, Godless Corporate Capitalism, and the War System
by Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
The world community is trapped in a war system in which corporate capitalism and religious extremism have played significant roles.   Defects in the United Nations Charter have prevented the UN from being able to prevent the violent conflicts in the Middle East which have  brought terrorism in their wake, and gone global.
The inability of the UN to rein in corporate capitalism with its military/industrial complex or prevent violent religious extremism speaks poorly for the obsolete UN Charter and increases the urgency of replacing it with the visionary Earth Constitution.
In the panic over ISIS attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, it is forgotten that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorism has come about in part as a reaction to US  terrorism -- such as drone strikes, the US/NATO bombing of Libya, and the Pentagon's brutal  "shock and awe"  illegal invasion of Iraq.
Dick Cheney and  President George Bush, Jr. plotted with the oil industry to invade Iraq (and elsewhere in the Middle East).  Capturing lucrative oil resources meant more to them than human lives. 
From "The WikiLeaks Files" we are told that the "Iraq cables" provide  "...tens of thousands of examples of violence carried out in Iraq by US forces that led to over one million deaths during the invasion and ten-year occupation."  
Professor Michel Chossudovsky writes:  “Historically, warfare has been an instrument of economic conquest. U.S. foreign policy and the Pentagon’s war plans are intimately related to the process of economic globalization. The Pentagon is not only in liaison with the State Department, it also has informal ties to Wall Street, the Texas oil giants, not to mention the IMF and World Bank, which have played a key role in the process of destabilizing national economies.” (In “War and the Economic Crisis” in The Global Economic Crisis – The Great Depression of the XXI Century.)
Ancients worshipped a Sun God.   Christians, Jews, and Muslims worship Jesus, God or Allah.  The religion of corporate capitalism is to worship Money -- profit over human lives.  Profit substitutes for God -- this is godless corporate capitalism. 
Chossudovsky in "Towards A World War III Scenario" (2012) states that the main objective of America's war in the Middle East " to secure control and corporate ownership over the region's extensive oil wealth."  He concludes:  "America's holy crusade against the Muslim World is an outright criminal act directed against millions of people.  It is a war of economic conquest."  
Like oil companies, defense contractors practice godless corporate capitalism. They know that war for them is a highly profitable business model, even if it kills lots of innocent people.  
And pharmaceutical corporations, too, show their preference for profit over human lives by over-the-top price hikes for medicines, such as when Turing Pharmaceuticals' CEO Martin Shkreli bought rights to Daraprim (for HIV) and raised the price from $13.50 to $750 (AP, 12-2-15).
Similar to corporate capitalism with the Pentagon, the Islamic State also has its hands in the ongoing death and destruction haunting the Middle East.  Both  flaunt and ignore the universal moral principles prescribed by the "Prince of Peace" -- Jesus Christ.
The Islamic State,  fueled by the support of Wahhabism from the  Saudi Arabian  monarchy, uses its extremist religious ideology as the basis for a strict version of sharia law -- and a means  to justify and glamorize ISIS terrorist acts.   
Both ISIS and corporate capitalism use violence to achieve their "religious" goals:  ISIS seeks an Islamic caliphate.  Corporations provide the deadly weaponry that the Pentagon uses to invade oil rich nations on behalf of future corporate profits.  Both rely upon terrorist methods:  ISIS cuts off  heads;  the US military blows off heads. 
The carnage in the Middle East is the product of a geopolitical system which lacks the necessary governing structures to outlaw and eliminate war.  Powerful leaders of bully nations conduct both covert and overt war with no fear of prosecution for world crimes since there is no viable enforceable world law.
Why is the UN  helpless to prevent perpetual war?  A partial answer can be found in proposed world legislation to be submitted to the 2015 Provisional World Parliament to be held in India and organized by the World Constitution and Parliament Association.  Excerpts from this legislation titled "Integrating the UN into the Earth Federation"  help explain the UN's fatal flaws:  
 "... the world organization (UN) that is supposed to maintain the peace of the world and reduce poverty and human rights violations is largely run by the 5 most militarized nations of the world and the five leading aggressor nations of the world..." 
" These five nations, all of whom have engaged in repeated wars, bombings, and military actions since 1945 (a very few of which were sanctioned by the UN Security Council, but all in conformance with the UN  Charter), are placed, by the UN system, in charge of maintaining the “security and peace” of the world.  Where the UN Security Council cannot agree on some  imperial military action, each of these five nations simply takes military action unilaterally, which is in conformance with Article 26 of the UN Charter." 
And in conclusion:  "It should be clear... that the UN has served not to keep the peace in the world, which is violated regularly by the 5 permanent nations of the Security Council, among many others. It has served rather primarily as a legitimator and clean-up crew for state aggressions..."
As explained by world federalists such as the late Albert Einstein and now Professor Glen T. Martin, there is a way out of the world's seemingly intractable dilemmas -- but we must give up the global war system.  Replacing the UN Charter with the Earth Constitution will mean that when conflicts occur enforceable world law will replace war as the final arbiter.     
Professor Martin believes that the needed change in the global system can, and must, be done.  He is part of a group of international peace activists leading the way to actualize the Earth Federation Movement's Earth Constitution in order to bring about a desperately needed geopolitical peace system.  
Martin writes:  "The Earth Constitution... supersedes the destructive and anti-democratic natures of both capitalism and communism.  Whereas, the UN system is predicated on the system of sovereign nation-states... and the nation-state system itself has evolved inseparably integrated with the global capitalist system (a system in which a large portion of the Earth’s Population have very little hope of ever escaping extreme poverty)... the Earth Constitution has rightly mandated that the viable agencies of the UN system become integrated into the Earth Federation government..."
The Earth Constitution offers the world community a new alternative -- a means to rise above the perpetual global war system with its rigged economic system that favors the 1%.   It awaits discovery by the UN and the world community.
-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
     Editor, Earth Federation News & Views

August 3, 2015

UN Can’t Stop B61-12 Nukes: Pentagon’s Life Extinction Program in High Gear

By R. Kotila, Ph.D.

Watchdog activists who follow the Livermore nuclear weapons lab in California offer a disturbing report (Tri-Valley Cares Citizen’s Watch, Spring 2015) on the Pentagon’s overall Life Extinction Program, and on the B61-12 -- a new variation of the original B61 gravity nuclear bomb.   

Welcome to the US Department of Defense’s (DoD) “Nuclear Enterprise” program, carefully crafted with euphemisms like “Life Extension Program (LEP),” “Stockpile Stewardship,” and “Triad revitalization.” 

The “Life Extension Program” (LEP) is the clever euphemism given the overall program for new and old nuclear warheads and their delivery systems from land, air, or sea.  Indeed, the Nuclear Weapons Council (NWC) tells us they have a “25 year plan” for the nuclear weapons stockpile. 

Livermore Lab’s take alone for nuclear bomb related research for budget year 2016 is estimated to be almost $1 billion.  But of course money is being spread to many other “nuclear enterprise” participants, all part of this shameful LEP story.

Citizen’s Watch warns us that future plans for nuclear weapons projects, if not stopped, could cost a staggering “$ 1 Trillion over the next 30 years.”

Business as usual

The “modernization” of the B61 family of bombs (B61-4, B61-7, B61-12) is only part of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) program to stay in business now, and in the distant future. 

New “refinements” to other nukes and their delivery systems, all part of the deal, are good financial news for the scientists and engineers toiling diligently to find new and improved ways to destroy the world and for defense contractors and their stockholders.

The B61-12 adds a guided tail fin assembly which increases accuracy, but unfortunately increases the temptation of  NATO field commanders to actually use tactical nukes in the case of war.    

Citizen’s Watch reports a plan to locate about 180 of the B61-12’s in five NATO countries in Europe.  David Krieger (Nuclear Age Peace Foundation) notes that these nukes “will be turned over to the host countries in time of war.”  Aggressive expansion by US/NATO has Russia (and China) on guard resulting in these countries increasing their own nuclear readiness.  

That the LEP invites serious danger to the world is seen when two former commanders of nuclear weaponry, US General James Cartwright and Russian General Vladimir Dvorkin write a NY Times editorial (4-19-15) warning of nuclear catastrophe by accident or now, by cyberattack. 

Retired Marine General Cartwright, former head of the US Strategic Command, is quoted as saying that our nuclear policy “made no sense,” and that we must get our missile off “hair trigger alert”  (San Francisco Chronicle, 6-18-15).

Mass killing OK with Congress

Unfortunately, the US Congress, eager as usual to fund death and destruction, is told by NNSA that the nukes are aging and must be “reinvigorated”.  The NWC testified to the Senate Committee on Armed Services in a report released July 1, 2015 that: “The reinvigoration of the DoD nuclear enterprise remains the Defense Department’s highest priority, and we are committed to treating it as such.” 

There is no mention in the testimony of a first strike policy, yet according to Citizen's Watch the Air Force seeks a new LRSO (Long Range-Stand Off) weapon capable of carrying a thermonuclear warhead (the W80-4) that can evade radar, hence capable of a “sneak nuclear attack from 3,000 or more miles.” 

Pentagon wedded to nukes long into the future

It appears that the Pentagon cannot envision a world free of nukes. From NWC testimony: “We cannot say exactly what mix of capabilities the U.S. will require in the next 20, 30, or 40 years, but continued modernization of the Triad (for land, air, and sea) will provide policy makers with a flexible and resilient range of capabilities.”

To prove its determination to, sooner or later, blow the world up, the DoD also has plans for more plutonium, -- used to trigger the fission/fusion explosive process for a thermonuclear bomb. “In January 2014, the Secretary of Defense revalidated the DoD requirement for NNSA to produce 50-80 plutonium pits per year by 2030.”

Defense Department budget projections for nuclear warfare stretch over the next 30 years.  Nongovernmental organizations like Global Zero, Nuclear Zero, Union of Concerned Scientists, and International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War are being ignored.

John Mecklin, editor of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, in Foreign Policy (March/April, 2015) notes that “16,000 nuclear weapons are still on the planet” and that “massive, long-term plans that nuclear nations have in place strongly suggest that they have no intention of giving up their nukes anytime soon.”

United Nations lacks tools to enforce nuclear disarmament

There has been perpetual UN futility when it comes to “ending the scourge of war” or eliminating weapons of mass destruction. 

The recent Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Review Conference was a disappointing failure.  The nuclear nations are not giving up their nukes. The UN remains sidelined, its hands tied by its fatally flawed Charter.    

The UN, under the thumb of major financing from the United States and handicapped by its own Charter, lacks the tools to legally stop the Pentagon or other military powers from the thrill of risking nuclear mass homicide.

A way out of nuclear terror

World federalists have known for almost seventy years that the UN’s design is wrong, and that a democratic world federal union government is the missing link that can free the world from nuclear terror.  

Largely unknown to the public is the fact that an international group of citizens has drafted a brilliant replacement for the UN Charter – the Earth Constitution.  It’s ready to go with a federal union governing structure that would lead to full nuclear disarmament by all nations.

Delay in public awareness of the Earth Constitution is due to the lack of coverage so far by  corporate-owned establishment media.  

Activist strategies are underway that could open up media coverage:  Eliminating the undemocratic UN Security Council; forming a UN Parliamentary Assembly; lobbying for UN Charter Review; an emerging Earth Federation Movement/Provisional World Parliament under the Earth Constitution. 

These steps by activists are necessary because it is painfully obvious that the military establishment and Congress, left to their own devices, have no plans for disarmament or world peace. They will continue to endanger our families and our world by their dangerous nuclear posturing and war mongering. 

We need a new UN with a democratic governing structure.

A “new UN” under the Earth Constitution creates a democratic world federal union with the governing structures needed to permanently free the world from nuclear weapons like the B61-12 and the W80-4.  It could put an end to nations plotting sneak attacks and first strikes. 

A world at peace and nuclear free may yet be possible.

by R. Kotila, Ph.D.

Editor, Earth Federation News & Views

July 10, 2015
PETITION to get Nukes off  Hair Trigger Alert

Will you sign my petition? Simply copy and paste to the site below:

I have written and criticized the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). I am a psychologist. I feel a sense of urgency. I understand the Pentagon is in psychological denial, reluctant to admit they are wrong. They claim they are protecting us yet hair trigger alert multiplies the danger to our families and our world. The generals are proud. But soon, before it is too late, they must change course.

That's why I created a PETITION to send a message to the Pentagon, US Dept. of Defense, and General Martin Dempsey , Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, which says:

"Six minutes to decide to end the world is irresponsible and reckless. Tell the Pentagon generals to take the nuclear weapons off "launch on warning." It is a bad, unnecessary, and dangerous policy. This is not a western movie where two gunmen square off, and the one with the hair trigger colt .45 wins. In the real world, if the nukes go off we all lose. "

To sign this urgent petition simply copy and paste to the site below:

Dr. Roger Kotila
Editor, Earth Federation News & Views

[Below a response to this PETITION from Stanford University Professor Martin Hellman:]

Dear Roger,

Thanks for doing this. I signed and posted to Facebook. 

If we keep trying, hopefully something will work!

Martin Hellman
Member, US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 
Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University

April 28, 2015

From Earth Day to Building the New World


The recent Earth Day celebration was good for consciousness-raising.  But don't we need something more?   The Earth Constitution is that "something more," the foundation for the Earth Federation Movement.


Global problems require global solutions, yet the nations and multinational corporations have been unable or unwilling to respond responsibly to the threats surrounding us, with climate change being a top priority for many environmentalists.


We live in a fish bowl.  Air pollution knows no boundaries.  Yet the nations and multinational corporations resist addressing this obvious fact.


The public is unaware that the US military is the world’s biggest polluter yet Congress continues to shower the Pentagon with money. Wars and nuclear weapons continue to endanger us all, yet the nations make it worse, and the United Nations can do little to nothing.


The UN has done its best, but has been fatally handicapped by its own Charter.  As a result, the world community has not been able to deal effectively with climate crisis, wars, or the threat of nuclear annihilation.  The Charter is obsolete, and desperately needs to be replaced. 

It is time for a “new UN.”


Earth Constitution ready to go

The Earth Constitution is ready to go.  It's the first "green constitution" ever drafted, an important fact in view of the proven failures of the UN Charter to be able to cope with mounting environmental and other crises. 


We must find ways to connect the important work of activists who are developing local models of change with Earth Federation activists working on fixing the global system.  Positive changes in economic and environmental models at the local level will require protection and enhancement at the global level. 


Building the New World Conference at Radford University will bring together from May 28 – 31, 2015 a variety of activist leaders and concerned citizens who will be exploring local and global movement strategies for change and how to connect them in a synergistic way.  Register at


It's an important event for those of us who no longer believe that the present geopolitical system can adequately cope with climate change, perpetual war, or the danger of catastrophic nuclear war.


There will be an impressive variety of spiritual seekers and teachers.  Some of us see the Earth Constitution as a moral and spiritual document with the Earth Federation Movement as its expression to once and for all establish a safe and secure planet.  


Co-creation theory will be applied to building intentional “full spectrum” communities such as Damanhur’s micro-community.  Grassroots economic organizing, economic democracy, micro-finance and employee owned cooperatives will be on the table.

Events at the global level are blocking progress for local communities.  Resources for decent, quality living for our families are going for bombs and bullets instead of for health, education, food, shelter and the other basic needs of a civilized society.   


Join Professor Glen Martin, Dr. Eugenia Almand, Peter Graves-Goodman, and myself in Earth Federation Movement/Earth Constitution/Provisional World Parliament roundtable discussion/workshops in support of the sought for local to global transformation. 


For the Earth Federation Movement the issue is more than just geopolitical, it is also a moral and spiritual journey.  We hope you will join us.


 ~Roger Kotila, Ph.D.

Editor, Earth Federation News & Views

Senior Fellow, Institute On World Problems

USA Vice President, World Constitution & Parliament Association 

 February 5, 2015

Hollywood's Martin Sheen Introduces "The World Is My Country”




"The World Is My Country" is a  powerful documentary film about Garry Davis, World Citizen #1.  It helps show to the public how world peace is possible.   After being in WWII, a shaken Garry Davis declared himself a world citizen, and came to believe that the wars of nation against nation could only be prevented by forming a world government.


Ending war is the goal of this movie.  An INDIEGOGO crowd-funding campaign by Future Wave films seeks to raise $40,000 for the finishing touches needed to have this unusually important documentary ready for movie theatres and television.


What you should know about “The World Is My Country”:  It is anti-war.  The general public is unaware that there is a real solution to the problem of war, and that world peace is possible.     


The film received a standing ovation at the work-in-progress preview screening at the Woodstock film festival.  90% of the audience surveys top rated the film as “Excellent.”  The other 10% rated it as “very good” – no one rated it any lower.  Comments included:  “Rare that I learn something new – this really got me thinking.” “A work of genius.”  “Very inspired.” “Excited. Liberated.  Enrolled” “Great!” “Moved, motivated, excited and soulful.” “Gave me goose bumps.”  “Hopeful.” “Empowered, exited, grateful for this man's journey.”


“Brilliant!  What an engaging film about an incredible pioneer. I see no reason why this film will not win the Academy Award as Best Documentary.” – Michael Knox (US Peace Memorial Foundation)


Director Arthur Kanegis masterfully used archival footage and animation, along with this Broadway actor’s on-stage mesmerizing storytelling to present one of the most enlightening histories ever to be shown on film. Be forewarned: This film may cause you to think you can change the world!” – Meira Blaustein, co-founder, Woodstock Film Festival - Program.


Your donation matters.  Go to the Indiegogocampaign site: 


(Editor's note:  The Earth Federation Movement (EFM) will grow much more quickly if it gains access to Hollywood's socially aware celebrities who can help spread the word about world citizenship, the Earth Constitution and World Parliament, and world peace. That's why I encourage readers to consider a donation via this indiegogo campaign.)

Changing the System Requires Seeing It Clearly


See opednews for original article:    

From NASA GOES-12 Full Disk view March 25, 2010

The recent killing of 13 workers at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has elicited powerful reactions around the world. A mass march in Paris attracted many heads of state, including Francois Hollande and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Yet their slogan of solidarity "We are Charlie Hebdo" was challenged by the National Antiwar Coalition in the US in a powerful January 16th statement entitled "We are not Charlie Hebdo."

UNAC pointed out the massive global terrorism of France, Israel, the US, and the imperial nations as they hypocritically claim they are fighting terror and defending freedom and civility. In reality, they are manipulating the public to advance the demonization of Islam, their global imperial designs, and the myth that they are against violence and terrorism.

Commentator Robert Parry wrote a long analysis for Consortium News on January 18th distinguishing the "Anti-realist" Neocons from their "Realist" predecessors in the US government. Parry speaks of the effectiveness of "perception-management" as the Neocons manipulate the public to elicit support for their wars in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, and elsewhere.

Parry concludes:

"What the neocons have constructed through their skilled propaganda is a grim wonderland where no one foresees the dangers of encouraging Islamist fundamentalism as a geopolitical ploy, where no one takes heed of the historic hatreds of Sunni and Shiite, where no one suspects that the U.S. military slaughtering thousands upon thousands of Muslims might provoke a backlash, where no one thinks about the consequences of overthrowing regimes in unstable regions, where no one bothers to study the bitter history of a place like Ukraine, and where no one worries about spreading turmoil to nuclear-armed Russia. Yet, this neocon madness -- this "anti-realism" -- has been playing out in the real world on a grand scale, destroying real lives and endangering the real future of the planet."

I want to point out, however, a description is not an analysis, and true as it may be that the Neocons endanger the real future of our planet, a deeper analysis points toward the world-system as a whole that is endangering the future of our planet. Nor is it simply enough to resist imperialism and capitalism without posing a genuinely practical alternative.

The world-system as a whole has evolved from the early-modern rise of capitalism within the context of the early-modern development of the system of sovereign nation-states. These two developments belong together: the political form hosts the economic form and provides legal enforcement and protection for those who have accumulated massive concentrations of private wealth. As social-scientist Christopher Chase-Dunn expresses this in Global Formation: Structures of World Economy (1998):

"The state and the interstate system are not separate from capitalism, but rather are the main institutional supports of capitalist production relations. The system of unequally powerful and competing nation-states is part of the competitive struggle of capitalism, and thus wars and geopolitics are a systematic part of capitalist dynamics, not exogenous forces." (61)

Whether "Realists" or "Neocons" or progressive democrats are in power makes little effective difference.

Whether "Realists" or "Neocons" or progressive democrats are in power makes little effective difference. Inherent in the system is the drive to colonize and control the world in the service of the 1%, as James Petras and Henry Veltmeyer made clear in Empire With Imperialism (2005). It is not a matter of "Realists" versus "Antirealists" coming to power. It is not a matter of a popular movement to elect Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders as President. If we want a future on this planet it must be the global system itself that undergoes fundamental change.

Neither is it enough to stop the proposed Keystone Pipeline Project and/or the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement. Stopping these disastrous initiatives will not change the system.

Neither will electing Democrats or some Green Party candidate to the US Congress. The evil marriage between capitalism and the system of sovereign nations will not tolerate the substitution of democratic socialism within the system of sovereign states. Sovereign states exist as inherently a war-system (as was pointed out by Thomas Hobbes, Baruch Spinoza, Immanuel Kant, and G.W.F. Hegel), and a war-system invites imperialism and requires a capitalist industrial military complex. To institute democratic socialism means simultaneously to rid the world of militarized sovereign states.

If our analysis is to go to the root of the problem, then we must re-envision both economic capitalism and its political embodiment in militarized sovereign nation-states. Our analysis also requires that we move to a planetary perspective. No longer can we tolerate a world fragmented into multiple competing, greedy corporations or multiple militarized lawless sovereign states. The reality of our human situation is that we are one species, one human reality, living within one fragile planetary ecosystem. Our vision must be global and our solution must be global.

Our vision must convert the economics of greed with absolute winners and losers to a planet-wide ecologically sound economics of cooperation, resource sharing, and mutual empowerment. Simultaneously, the mirror image of a global economics of sustainability is a global earth federation under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Politics and economics mirror one another (as Karl Marx and many others have pointed out). We must have a politics that can place the common good of the Earth and its citizens before the private goods of nations and corporations. Only an Earth Federation government with real power to make and enforce laws for the common good of all can achieve this.

The history of anthropogenic climate change alone should make my argument convincing to all reasonably mature, rational people (which leaves out about half the U.S. Congress). Already, by the 1992 U.N. Climate Conference at Rio de Janeiro, the scientific evidence was overwhelming and the urgency of our situation was well known. In spite of this massive evidence that we are destroying the very planet that supports human life, and despite similar massive conferences at Johannesburg in 2002 and Copenhagen in 2009, the nations and corporations of the world today (more than two decades later) continue to destroy the ecosystem of the Earth unabated.

The system of warring sovereign nations animated by the system of globalized corporate greed is in principle incapable of change to the degree required to save the planet for future generations. Only a transformed planetary system, uniting humanity where we belong under a global social contract, is capable of creating a viable future for the Earth and its living creatures.

The Constitution for the Federation of Earth establishes a new economic system (global public banking directed toward sustainability and the planetary common good) and a new political system--a democratically elected World Parliament with the mandate to protect the planetary ecosystem, end poverty, demilitarize the nations, and protect human rights worldwide.

If we have a genuine insight into the nature of the world system, then it will be clear what a number of great thinkers from Albert Einstein to Carl Jung have stated: you cannot solve fundamental problems on the same level from which the problems arose in the first place. Yet that is exactly what we are trying to do by attempting to "manage" or "modify" global capitalism and the militarized sovereign states. We need to move to a higher level of thinking, and fast, for our planet is in danger as never before in human history.

We need to think truly globally, which means to think in terms of a global, democratic economics and politics. The pattern for this is there for all to see in the Earth Constitution. It is time we rise to the higher level from which our earlier problems will not so much become solved as dissolved. It is time to unite humanity in a global social contract--a democratic Federation of the Earth. It may well be now or never.

January 16, 2015


India, January 2015




ware of the fact that the First and Second World Wars created havoc and holocaust in terms of property loss and untold human misery, and aware of the insufficiency of the subsequently created world bodies like the United Nations and its affiliates, and also noting that there is an urgent need for contributing for world peace today to avert the possibility of a Third World War, the Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust (SRMT), Chennai, under its prime mover and Managing Trustee, Professor SAR Prasanna Venkatchariar Chaturvedi, organized the Grand Global Peace Meet at Chennai (3rd January, 2015), Bangalore (7th January, 2015), and Hyderabad (9 January 2015) involving renowned international experts, thinkers, and scholars representing global organizations as well as the local college students, teachers, and public men and women. Fruitful presentations, discussions, exchanges of ideas and interactions took place. The meticulously conducted Global Grand Peace Meet was widely appreciated.



e, the following participants of the Global Grand Peace Meet make the following resolutions as an outcome of our deliberations:


1.       A Comprehensive Approach. There must be a comprehensive approach for global peace empowering the main players in the peace process and involving individual human beings, societies, the nations, and all the governing constituents of the Earth.

2.       Ethics, Philosophy, and Spirituality. Ethical values, philosophy, and spirituality should be given a central place in the developmental goals of the nations, the United Nations, and all educational institutions worldwide. There should be an emphasis on common and universal values such as reason, compassion, justice, wisdom, and responsibility, including global responsibility. We appeal to all peoples of the planet to follow the recommendations of UNESCO and many other groups advocating global civic education, world citizenship, and peace.

3.       Ecological Sustainability.  It is also crucial to provide education for sustainable development and global citizenship at all levels, including social activism for policies and institutions that support a just, sustainable, and peaceful future for the Earth. We emphasize that the growth model of economics, in which economic growth takes place at the expense of our planetary ecology and future generations, must be rapidly transformed to the sustainability model, which means development as enhancing quality of life and social well-being while protecting and improving ecological balance and harmony.

4.       Global Civil Society. Civil Societies and NGOs must have greater roles to play in contributing towards peace by putting pressure on their own governments to protect individual freedom, foster communal harmony and equity, and protect human rights, recognizing that serious responsibilities and duties are inherent in the concept of rights.

5.       Planetary Coordination and Cooperation. There must be a comprehensive synergy of efforts for World Peace, and within this context we should explore the possibility of the formation of a World Ethical Council (WEC) to develop the parameters of universal ethics and help coordinate global civic education and responsibility.  Similarly, we should explore the possibility of the formation of an independent Council of World Peace Initiatives (CWPI) promoting coordination, integration, and cooperation among persons, NGOs, governments, and businesses.

6.       Systems Transformation. There is wide-spread concern that the presently existing ‘systems’ for planetary governance and the delivery mechanisms for the basic necessities of life have proved inadequate to provide a decent life for the majority of human beings. Neither have these systems provided peace and ecological balance for our precious planet Earth. Within this context, we should urgently explore developing systems that can bring sustainable peace and well-being to the people of Earth as modeled, for example, by the Constitution for the Federation of Earth ( This Earth Constitution proposes a sustainable, non-military world government that includes a democratic world parliament and an earth federation embracing all nations and peoples.


Prof. SAR PV Chaturvedi, Managing Trustee, Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, India

Prof. R. Ananthanarayanan, Director, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) for Asia, India

Dr. Alexander Chumakov, Vice-President, Russian Philosophical Association, Russia

Dr. Richard Clugston, Director, Ethical and Spirituality Initiative for Sustainable Development and University Leader for a Sustainable Future, USA.

Dr.Thomas Clough Daffern, Director, International Institute for Peace Studies and Global Philosophy; Consultant, International Peace Bureau; Coordinator, Commonwealth Interfaith Network.

  Mr. Andres Perez Esquivel, Sociologist, Consultant-Advisor in the National Congress of Argentina.

Chairman Barry Gusi, Chairman of the Board, Gusi Peace Prize International, Philippines.

Dr. Evelyn T. Gusi, Gusi Peace Prize International; Representative to World Peace Organizations, Philippines.

Mr. Hendrick Hol, adamadams, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Dr. Igor Kondrishin, President, World Philosophical Forum, Laureate, Gusi Peace Price International, Russia

Dr. Glen T. Martin, President, World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), Laureate, Gusi Peace Prize International.

Dr. Cyril Ritchie, Chairman, Environmental Liaison Centre International, Switzerland.

Dr. Swaminadhan, Chairman, Advisory Committee, Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust, Chennai; Dr. Swaminadhan Research Foundation, Hyderabad, India

October 19, 2014
UN 69th event in San Francisco to explore human rights. The UN's Human Rights Council examines the right of peoples to peace but remains hostage to the outdated and flawed UN Charter.

San Francisco's UNA-USA organization hosts a celebration of the UN 69th anniversary focusing on a theme of Human Rights.  The event is on October 19, 2014 at the Unitarian Universal church in San Francisco.  The present writer will facilitate a group at the event exploring the "Right to Peace and to be Nuclear Free."
At the United Nations itself there is an ongoing working group from the Human Rights Council drafting a declaration for the "Right to Peace."  Surprisingly, such a right is not without controversy.  In the present geopolitical system, there is no enforceable Right to Peace nor is there a Right to be Free of Nuclear Weapons. 

The Human Rights Council's  "Open-ended Intergovernmental working group" is developing a draft declaration on the Right to Peace.  To its credit, it goes beyond peace as the absence of war.  Full nuclear disarmament, terrorism, structural violence, climate change, war propaganda, violence against women, unjust foreign debt burdens, and transnational organized crime are included as factors related to the "right to peace."  This expansion of the ideal of "peace"  shows a sophisticated understanding of the meaning of a right to "peace." 

The Council is doing an outstanding job outlining what issues must be considered.  However, there remains a failure to challenge the UN Charter itself which will insure that, as in the past, "peace'" is only a dream, not a reality.  The working group does not question the danger of unlimited sovereignty, and has yet to outline an appropriate world judiciary system with enforceable laws which is what will be needed to deal with those persons who commit world crimes -- including sitting heads of state and their accomplices. 

On a personal note, I hope to introduce participants at this UN 69th event to the Earth Constitution with its sophisticated and practical design for a democratic world federal union with enforceable world lawThe UN's Human Rights Council should turn to the Earth Constitution to discover the path that can actualize a "Right to Peace. "
September 4, 2014
News update from the President of the World Constitution & Parliament Association, organizer for the Provisional World Parliament under the Earth Constitution

A message from the WCPA President Dr. Glen T. Martin...


August/September 2014

Dear Executive Council and International Advisory Board members,


         This is a note to let you know some of the recent activities related to world headquarters. We have a professionally done translation of the (Earth) Constitution into Spanish that Dr. Almand is examining for consistency with the legal concepts in that document. This will be of great help as we reach out to all of Latin America and Spain.


      The site is again up thanks to Eugenia Almand, and she is working on restoring the site. As you know, we changed servers and this resulted in technical difficulties keeping the sites running. All the while, of course the excellent site, run by Peter Graves-Goodman, has remained available.


       I will be in Costa Rica September 20-29 promoting the Constitution and talking with ambassadors from other Latin American countries, lawyers, educators, etc. in CR.  WCPA Vice-President Celina Garcia has been wonderful at making contacts and developing an itinerary for this work.


       We are talking with Sri Ramanuja Mission Trust leaders in Chennai, India about hosting Professor Ananthanarayanan in a new WCPA Asia Headquarters there. This is a very important development, and I will keep you posted on this.


       There is a school in Togo that is developing (by WCPA members there) called the “Glen Martin” school (I did not suggest the name). The school teaches global values and the Earth Constitution among other things.


        The “Building the New World” Conference" is coming together with many excellent speakers. It will be here at Radford University, Virginia, USA  May 28-31, 2015. WCPA has charge of the “Justice and Governance” sector. Peter-Graves Goodman, Roger Kotila, Eugenia Almand, possibly Stephen Gill from Canada, and myself will be doing workshops and presenting on the Constitution.


       Sarwar Alam, who once was Youth Coordinator for WCPA (and now lives in Toronto) has rejoined us and will be representing us at the “World Parliament” Conference of the Anti-imperialist Youth League in Istanbul at the end of October. This is a major step forward, because WCPA has not had funds for a representative to go to such conferences in the past decade.


       I will be in several cities in India again this December, 2014 promoting the Constitution and the next session of the Provisional World Parliament.


       Please continue to promote the next session of the Parliament in Kolkata in December 2015. We need a good turnout, one that will be newsworthy and get people’s attention.  I have attached for you again the announcements for the Parliament and the Building the New World Conference.


In peace, hope, and solidarity,


Dr. Glen T. Martin


                  World Constitution & Parliament Association
            *****                               *****                       *****                      *****                   *****
NATO is the Problem, not the Solution
Dear Wall Street Journal: 
"A NATO for a Dangerous World" (op-ed, Aug. 18) offers an outdated view of the best way to achieve international peace and security.  NATO's secretary-general Rasmussen and allied commander General Breedlove propose to expand this military alliance, and apparently see no role for the United Nations.  
Like the world federalists, peace psychologists have challenged the notion that militarization can bring peace and security.  Indeed, my own psychiatric assessment of the national security complex led me to conclude that it has morphed into a diagnosable mental disorder ("Has National Security Become a Dangerous Mental Disorder?" Reader Supported News, 10-25-13) and endangers the world. 
NATO's policies for example, include first strike with nuclear weapons. Put differently, NATO has adopted the right to launch a surprise nuclear attack. Also, they are giving other NATO nations the right to independently use tactical nuclear weapons. 
Such reckless and irresponsible policies cannot be underestimated. Rather than bring peace, attempts to expand NATO have caused both the Russians and the Chinese to fear encirclement which is why the Ukraine has become a hotspot. 
Mahdi Nazemroaya's "The Globalization of NATO" is a carefully documented investigation of the danger that NATO poses to the world.   
Unfortunately, the UN's Charter is inadequate to bring a peaceful world.  World federalists like Einstein warned us years ago about this defect.  Instead of NATO, we need to adopt the world federalist solution.  
We know what needs to be done. We need to transform the UN into a democratic world federal union government. If we are serious about ending war and eliminating nuclear weapons, world union is the only realistic solution. There is no shortcut. 
The Earth Constitution is ready to go.  It provides a new world charter that replaces our current geopolitical war system with a global peace system.   
-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D. (Psychologist)
   USA Vice President, World Constitution and Parliament Association
   Editor, Earth Federation News & Views 
NATO is the Problem, not the Solution
Dear Wall Street Journal: 
"A NATO for a Dangerous World" (op-ed, Aug. 18) offers an outdated view of the best way to achieve international peace and security.  NATO's secretary-general Rasmussen and allied commander General Breedlove propose to expand this military alliance, and apparently see no role for the United Nations.  
Like the world federalists, peace psychologists have challenged the notion that militarization can bring peace and security.  Indeed, my own psychiatric assessment of the national security complex led me to conclude that it has morphed into a diagnosable mental disorder ("Has National Security Become a Dangerous Mental Disorder?" Reader Supported News, 10-25-13) and endangers the world. 
NATO's policies for example, include first strike with nuclear weapons. Put differently, NATO has adopted the right to launch a surprise nuclear attack. Also, they are giving other NATO nations the right to independently use tactical nuclear weapons. 
Such reckless and irresponsible policies cannot be underestimated. Rather than bring peace, attempts to expand NATO have caused both the Russians and the Chinese to fear encirclement which is why the Ukraine has become a hotspot. 
Mahdi Nazemroaya's "The Globalization of NATO" is a carefully documented investigation of the danger that NATO poses to the world.   
Unfortunately, the UN's Charter is inadequate to bring a peaceful world.  World federalists like Einstein warned us years ago about this defect.  Instead of NATO, we need to adopt the world federalist solution.  
We know what needs to be done. We need to transform the UN into a democratic world federal union government. If we are serious about ending war and eliminating nuclear weapons, world union is the only realistic solution. There is no shortcut. 
The Earth Constitution is ready to go.  It provides a new world charter that replaces our current geopolitical war system with a global peace system.   
-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D. (Psychologist)
   USA Vice President, World Constitution and Parliament Association
   Editor, Earth Federation News & Views 

August 25, 2014




Re:   LETTERS TO THE EDITOR (submitted 8-18-14 but not published by the WSJ)


NATO is the Problem, not the Solution


Dear Wall Street Journal:


"A NATO for a Dangerous World" (op-ed, Aug. 18) offers an outdated view of the best way to achieve international peace and security.  NATO's secretary-general Rasmussen and allied commander General Breedlove propose to expand this military alliance, and apparently see no role for the United Nations.  


Like the world federalists, peace psychologists have challenged the notion that militarization can bring peace and security.  Indeed, my own psychiatric assessment of the national security complex led me to conclude that it has morphed into a diagnosable mental disorder ("Has National Security Become a Dangerous Mental Disorder?" Reader Supported News, 10-25-13) and endangers the world. 


NATO's policies for example, include first strike with nuclear weapons. Put differently, NATO has adopted the right to launch a surprise nuclear attack. Also, they are giving other NATO nations the right to independently use tactical nuclear weapons.


Such reckless and irresponsible policies cannot be underestimated. Rather than bring peace, attempts to expand NATO have caused both the Russians and the Chinese to fear encirclement which is why the Ukraine has become a hotspot. 


Mahdi Nazemroaya's "The Globalization of NATO" is a carefully documented investigation of the danger that NATO poses to the world.  


Unfortunately, the UN's Charter is inadequate to bring a peaceful world.  World federalists like Einstein warned us years ago about this defect.  Instead of NATO, we need to adopt the world federalist solution. 


We know what needs to be done. We need to transform the UN into a democratic world federal union government. If we are serious about ending war and eliminating nuclear weapons, world union is the only realistic solution. There is no shortcut.


The Earth Constitution is ready to go.  It provides a new world charter that replaces our current geopolitical war system with a global peace system.   


-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D. (Psychologist)

   USA Vice President, World Constitution and Parliament Association

   Editor, Earth Federation News & Views 

May 2, 2014

The Moral Collapse of the U.S. and Global Society, and the Necessary Conditions for Rebirth 
by Glen Martin
Editor’s note: 

Dr. Glen Martin’s newest article offers a poignant analysis of what’s wrong with our world.

Much like William Lloyd Garrison whose publication The Liberator in 1831 boldly denounced slavery, Martin pointedly condemns what he sees as “economic Darwinism,” described by Martin as “a predatory society in which law and government operate to promote the callous exploitation of the majority by the super-wealthy few,…”without regard to human welfare, the common good, or the future of our planet."

Martin believes that the Earth Constitution can provide the moral legitimacy that society has lost. Everyone, he argues, has an inherent right for “a good human life.”

I highly recommend Dr. Martin's article. (See the link to OpEd News below -- you may need to copy and  paste.) 
Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
Editor, Earth Federation News & Views
“The Moral Collapse of the U.S. and Global Society, and the Necessary Conditions for Rebirth,” is now posted on OpEd News and other sites.
by Dr. Glen T. Martin
President, World Constitution and Parliament Assoc. (
President, Institute on World Problems (
Professor of Philosophy, Radford University (

12 January 2014 (Editor's note: This Press Release summarizes the outcome of the December, 2013 Sessions of the Provisional World Parliament held in Lucknow, India.)

Earth Federation Parliament Enacts New World Legislation 

Press Release by the Provisional World Parliament, 13th Session

On 17 December 2013, the Provisional World Parliament, meeting under the authority of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, announced its decisions. This press release comes from the government of the emerging Earth Federation.  Delegates from four continents and a number of countries from around the world met together for the past four days within the supporting and empowering framework of the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World, graciously hosted by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi and the City Montessori School of Lucknow. The proceedings were chaired by Rev. N. Mahlawe from South Africa, a Vice-President of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA).

The Parliament debated a number of powerful legislative acts that have now entered into the body of provisional World Law already passed by the first twelve sessions of Parliament, laying the foundations for a truly new world system.  These newly passed World Legislative Acts include the following:

1.        A Truth and Reconciliation Act, which creates the funding and administrative mechanisms for establishing Truth and Reconciliation Commissions in every part of the world where such commissions are needed.  These commissions balance the very difficult task of establishing peace along with justice in the face of a past that is often filled with terrible violence and injustice.  Worldwide Truth and Reconciliation Commissions will help provide the foundations for this new world system under the Earth Constitution.

2.       A legislative act addressing police corruption.  This act bans  the use of paid informants by government officials attempting to win cases against suspected lawbreakers.  This ban addresses the widespread corruption, found in courtrooms around the world, in which government agents essentially pay people to give false testimony in order to secure convictions against those who may well be innocent.

3.       A legislative act banning the terrible practice of fracking, which is widely known to destroy the Earth and pollute fresh water supplies wherever it is used for mining operations.

4.       A legislative act protecting the right of people to assemble. This act bans the police dispersal of crowds through dangerous or potentially lethal means, including the use of tear gas.  In many places on Earth, people’s right to assemble is being threatened by police dispersal of crowds gathered to protest injustices.  This act protects our fundamental human right to protest.

5.       A Surveillance Limitations Act.  This act protects our right to privacy and freedom of speech. It addresses the terrible phenomena of worldwide spying on telephone, email, and internet communications that has come to light in recent years through courageous whistleblowers like Edward Snowden of the United States.   Both the Earth Federation Government, and any nations that are members of the Earth Federation, are prohibited from spying on citizens except when there is real suspicion that a crime is being committed and only with the issuance of a warrant by a legitimate authority.

6.       A Transitions Act providing a road map by which nations can become proud members of the Earth Federation. This act specifies the procedures, planning, and timetables that make it easy for nations to join the emerging Earth Federation under Article 17 of the Earth Constitution.

Finally, our guest speaker at the opening session of the Parliament, Mr. M. P. Pandey, Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, promised to take our efforts to elect a world parliament for the people of Earth to the U.P. Election Commission, possibly providing for the World Parliament an opportunity to initiate the process of ratification for the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. 

Honored members of the press, this session of the Parliament was a historic and successful step forward for humanity. We are not merely expressing hope that the people of Earth will unite. We are actually uniting them under the Earth Constitution. We are taking concrete steps to transform our world disorder into one of freedom, peace, and justice. This is the work of the Provisional World Parliament.


Dr. Glen T. Martin, President of the Parliament,

Dr. Eugenia Almand, Secretary to the Parliament,

December 16, 2013
Elder's Founder Nelson Mandela Inspires his Colleagues to Seek World Union  Bishop Desmond Tutu of the Elders endorsed the original drafting of the Earth Constitution with its Provisional World Parliament -- now meeting in India
Nelson Mandela's colleagues issued to the media a tribute video (4:17) titled:  Nelson Mandela: Uniting Humanity Around the World.  On You Tube and elsewhere, it features Human Rights leader Mary Robinson, former US President Jimmy Carter, past UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, Bishop Desmond Tutu, and others of the Elders.
Of interest for the Provisional World Parliament now meeting in India under the Earth Constitution is that the video includes Bishop Desmond Tutu.   Bishop Tutu publicly endorsed the World Constituent Assembly which met in 1991 to complete the drafting of the Earth Constitution.  The organizing agent for the WCA was the World Constitution & Parliament Association under the current leadership of Dr. Glen Martin and Dr. Eugenia Almand. 
The meetings in India represent the 13th Session of the Provisional World Parliament.  It will be considering model world laws including the process by which nations can join the Earth Federation under the Earth Constitution. 
Mandela's message of the need to "unite humanity around the world" shows his visionary wisdom. Tutu's support for the drafting of a now completed "Constitution for the Federation of Earth" shows how Mandela's wish could become a reality.  Will Tutu and the other Elders utilize the Earth Constitution as the key for uniting humanity?
The brief video (4:17) is very inspiring.  Click or paste below to view it.  Nelson Mandela's message: "Our task is to unite the world." 
December 2, 2013
Opening ceremonies for WCPA's 13th Provisional World Parliament to be chaired by the Honorable Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Mr. Mata Prasad Pande

The World Constitution and Parliament Association, organizing agent for the Provisional World Parliament,                           is preparing for the 13th Session of the PWP, to be held in Lucknow, India from December 14 -17, 2013.                   Lucknow is located in Uttar Pradesh, a state in India with a population of 230 million people. 

The PWP sessions will be held concurrently with the meetings of the Chief Justices of the World.

There is a full legislative agenda for the PWP ranging from guidelines for nations to join the Earth Federation under the Earth Constitution, to "Truth and Reconciliation" legislation as a means to deal with violations of human rights by some nation- state leaders -- a difficult situation for nations whose leaders have committed crimes against humanity and       other world crimes. 

The PWP's full agenda, including legislative proposals, can be found at the website of the Institute on World Problems  

There has been a long history of support in India for One world democratic government, particularly as expressed in WCPA's Earth Constitution which has evolved into the current Earth Federation Movement.  The Earth Constitution   provides a democratic world federal union government and represents a "gold standard" for the world federalist     solution. Peace activists may turn to the Earth Constitution to illustrate the UN Charter's flaws, and as the ideal       structure for a new world union that is democratic and fair for all, not just the privileged few. 

The former mayor of Lucknow, Dauji Gupta, a WCPA Vice President, arranged for the Honorable Speaker of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly, Mr. Mata Prasad Pande to be guest speaker for the opening ceremonies of WCPA's Provisional World Parliament.  WCPA has had a long history of cooperation and encouragement from high government officials from India, a nation whose politicians have often encouraged and supported a peaceful, unified world. 

For more information for both official delegates or observers interested in the 13th Session of the PWP, go to:  (or)

November 20, 2013

Israel, Iran, Syria, the U.S. and the Middle East:  Armageddon or Disarmageddon?
[Editorial in response to an email notice for an International Conference to be held soon in Israel "For a Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East." ]

The upcoming Conference for a Middle East Nuclear Weapons Free Zone  caught my attention.   Peace activists have been valiantly trying to make peace and disarmament breakthrough's working within the current geopolitical paradigm of treaties, peace negotiations, mediation, and international "law".


Unfortunately, until we have a democratic world federal union government with enforceable world law it seems unlikely that the Middle East can be permanently cooled down enough to avoid a potential Armageddon, especially if Irael continues with its present policies and practices. 
Israel's expansionistic behaviors into Palestinian lands coupled with a policy of militarized domination is a formula for ultimate disaster -- for Israel.  Better that its Zionist leaders heed the warning of progressive Jews and try something else. 


A  recommendation:  Instead of the Israeli government using a general policy of domination by "death and destruction", why not try "honey and money"?  Give back to Palestinians the stolen lands, and go into business together.  The world will love it. Tourism will blossom.  All will prosper.

Geopolitical system must be changed

Meanwhile, NGO activists are doing their best working within the present geopolitical system to stave off WWIII, or Armageddon if you prefer.  In some ways, there is little choice since in the present geopolitical (war) system there are few viable, peaceful alternatives. 


Earth Federation activists are trying to change this grim global situation by seeking recognition for the Earth Constitution and its embryo Provisional World Parliament, meeting for the 13th Session in December, 2013 in India.

It would be wonderful if the Middle East could be defused, and I salute the activists setting up this Conference.  I think of my Earth Federation T shirt which highlights a new word -- "Disarmageddon."   

The United Nations is rather helpless to control Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United States, and other proxy powers such as France and Russia.  Violent chaos haunts Iraq, Libya, Syria, and to some degree, Egypt. Iran may be next if Israel attacks.  Raw sewage (literally) runs through the streets of Gaza according to a recent report on RT news, another method to force Palestinians to move out of their homes and lands.


The UN's chemical disarmament team in Syria is one exception to this grim picture. But Israel may strike Syria militarily as they have done already.  The UN cannot hold the Israeli leadership accountable for possible world crimes since there is no enforcement mechanism to hold individual leaders of powerful nations accountable.


Proxy powers Russia and the U.S. seek at least a temporary solution to the dilemma of Iranian nuclear power, but Israel refuses to play by the same rules that they insist should be placed upon Iran.  Israel refuses to give up its own nuclear weapons, and some analysts warn that Israel may use nuclear weapons against Iran.


Public pressure such as the upcoming Conference seems to be about all that is available at present for the global community to try to bring a civilized presence to the Middle East, and reduce the chances of an Armageddon scenario. 


Time for a new world charter
Moral of this story:  World federalists need to amp up the call  for a new World Charter (Earth Constitution?) to replace the outdated UN Charter. 
While the NGO community is doing its best to prevent WWIII/Armageddon working within the present geopolitical system, it would be helpful if they would simultaneously help bring to public awareness the need for democratic world government, especially since the Earth Constitution is waiting impatiently, a gift for the world that desperately needs an enlightened new governing structure designed to establish a global peace system.
Earth Federation activists believe that Disarmageddon is possible in the Middle East, and worldwide.  But the Earth Constitution must be embraced by "we, the people", and by the United Nations. 

Without the World Federalist Solution as designed into the Earth Constitution, we will likely continue the pattern of  activists reacting to one crisis, then another, then another.....always....a new crisis somewhere, and again a risk of nuclear disaster, if not in the Middle East, somewhere else.   


-- Roger Kotila, Ph.D.
    Editor, Earth Federation News & Views

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jackie Cabasso <>
Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 5:53 PM
Subject: [ufpj-activist] Support the upcoming historic international conference in Israel, "For a Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East"!

Dear Colleagues,

It is an honor for me to have been invited to join the International Advisory Committee for an historic international conference in Israel, “For a Nuclear Weapons and Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East,” to be held in Haifa, December 5 – 6, 2013.  The Haifa Conference will be followed on December 7 by an international symposium in Ramallah, where Palestinian and Arab groups from around the region can participate.

The Haifa conference is being organized by a Preparatory Committee including former members of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) and dedicated Israeli anti-nuclear and human rights activists. It is, to my knowledge, the first such conference ever organized in Israel, where it is illegal for Israeli citizens to publically state that Israel has nuclear weapons – unless they add, “according to foreign sources.” Needless to say, the organizers of this conference are incredibly brave, and they deserve broad international support and participation – especially from Israel’s biggest ally and enabler, the United States. I am making plans to attend.

This conference could not be more timely, coming on the heels of the breathtaking diplomatic resolution to the chemical weapons crisis in Syria, and on the eve (hopefully) of a long-awaited diplomatic breakthrough in the Iranian nuclear stalemate. Establishing a Weapons of Mass Destruction Free Zone in the Middle East offers a concrete alternative to endless suspicions, tensions, conflicts and risks of wars in one of the world’s most volatile regions. Just starting negotiations, in and of itself, would serve as a valuable confidence building measure among the states in the region.

As you know, the parties to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty unanimously agreed in the final outcome document the 2010 Review Conference to convene an international conference to begin discussing a zone free of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East by the end of last year.


The conference was tentatively scheduled to take place in Helsinki, Finland in December 2012. However, the U.S. State Department announced on November 23, 2012 that the Helsinki Conference “cannot be convened because of present conditions in the Middle East and the fact that states in the region have not reached agreement on acceptable conditions for a conference,” declaring: “We would not support a conference in which any regional state would be subject to pressure or isolation.” The statement was referring to Israel, the only nuclear-armed state in the region, and not to Iran, which had announced its intention to participate in the Conference. 

At an alternative international conference in Helsinki organized by Finnish NGOs last December, Issam Makoul, a former member of the Israeli Knesset, and the first member to ever raise a question in the Knesset about Israel’s nuclear stockpile, declared: “If official Israel will not come to Helsinki, it remains the task of the peace and progressive forces, in Israel and abroad, to bring Helsinki to Israel.” Hence the idea of an international conference in Israel was born, aimed at strengthening the demand for a weapons of mass destruction free zone in the Middle East.

The rationale for the conference is articulated beautifully in the conference Call to Action.  (See websites shown below for further information.)

Time is short, but I urge you to consider coming to Haifa for this historic Conference, and to share this information with others who may be interested and able to attend. I also encourage you to send messages of solidarity to the Conference, which I will be happy to collect and deliver.

For peace and justice in a nuclear free world,

-- Jackie Cabasso
Executive Director
Western States Legal Foundation
Working for Peace & Justice in a Nuclear Free World

August 17, 2013

Legacy of World Citizen Garry Davis:  A Good Omen for World Federalists


World Citizen #1", Garry Davis, died recently at 91.  An Army Air Force bomber pilot during World War II, he became a peace activist who declared himself a citizen of the world, blamed the nation-state system for war, and said the solution to end war was world government.


Originally a Broadway theatre actor, his creative acts of nonviolent civil disobedience over the years as a "world citizen" put him firmly on the map with the media, and ultimately attracted Hollywood’s interest.


His is a legacy of world federalist concepts placed on the public record thanks to the  reporters who wrote about his notions of One World, world citizenship, and world government as the way to end war.

Media respected his outspoken world federalist views

While some world federalists worry that the public is turned off by open advocacy for world government, Garry Davis went ahead anyway.  The widespread media coverage upon Garry's death shows the respect he gained from journalists, highlighted by a front page story in the New York Times (7/28/13), a story which went international. 


Articles in both the NY Times and the Los Angeles Times (8/1/13), both major media outlets, treated the views of Mr. Davis seriously.    Mr. Davis insisted that world government was what was required to end war, and the press faithfully reported it.  


Sovereignty of nations divides us he tells the UN General Assembly

We learn from the NY Times article:  "In November 1948, six months after renouncing his citizenship in Paris, Mr. Davis stormed a session of the United Nations General Assembly there." “We, the people, want the peace which only a world government can give,” he proclaimed. “The sovereign states you represent divide us and lead us to the abyss of total war.”


World Citizen #1 shows that "world government" can gain public interest

More from the NY Times which reports:  In 1953, he founded the World Government of World Citizens. The demand for its documents proved so brisk that he established the service authority the next year. 

More than half a million world passports have been issued, though there are no statistics on the number of people who have successfully crossed borders with them. A half-dozen countries — Burkina Faso, Ecuador, Mauritania, Tanzania, Togo, Zambia — have formally recognized the passport.

World passports sent to whistle blower Snowden and Wikileaks founder Assange

Mr. Davis remained very active right up to his death, sending world passports to whistle blower Edward Snowden stuck in Russia after his American passport was canceled, and to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange confined to the Ecuadorean embassy in London.


Hollywood's interest could spark new interest in the world federalist cause

Movie producer Arthur Kanegis was extremely close to Garry Davis stating that he has known him for 30 years.  After his death Mr. Kanegis wrote:  "Having practically lived in his story while writing the screenplay and producing the documentary on his life, I miss him very much."


Mr. Kanegis sent out an email with the picture of Garry Davis on the front page of the NY Times.

Hollywood documentary and feature movie about World Citizen #1?

Mr. Kanegis writes "Our short film about Garry won Best Global Documentary in the New York International Film Festival.  You can watch it at:  (Kanegis seeks funding to complete the full documentary film, and has a screenplay he is writing to do a feature Hollywood film about Garry Davis.)  

August 8, 2013
Transition Process for National Governments Joining the Earth Federation

World Legislative Act #53 will be taken up by the 13th Provisional World Parliament in the December, 2013 sessions.  This legislation proposes that almost any nation can join the Federation, but is expected to conform to the requirements of the Earth Constitution, particularly Articles 12 and 13.  
Articles 12 and 13 "provide extensive protection of human rights: political, social, and global (i.e., the rights to peace and a protected environment."  A nation has "the right to choose their own internal political, economic, and social systems" but its policies must be "consistent with the several provisons of the Constitution."

Principle of individuals' human rights and liberties a primary focus
WLA #53 indicates that "the principle of nationhood itself is understood by the Constitution to be secondary to the principles of individuals' human rights..." but recognizes "that today no nation on Earth fully conforms to the Earth Constitution in terms of national military, human rights record, or social requirements for decision-making that truly protects the rights of its citizens;" 
Nations not in conformance when they join the Federation "shall enter into a transitional agreement and begin a process of transition."  

What about dictatorships?
 The proposed legislation allows initial entry to virtually any nation of any type of government and provides for a gradual yet timed procedure to come into conformance with the Constitution.  "Nations or groups governed by a military, dictator, oligarchy, or other government that does not conform to the Earth Constitution do not have to 
eliminate this mode of governance immediately but only according to the timed stages in the transitional agreement. "

Transition Council 
Consisting of 30 elected members and 7 ex-officio members, the Transition Council will assist nations in the changes needed for full membership in the Federation.  There will be "timed stages" which are reasonable and practical for each nation.  For example, a nation may need some time to disband certain institutions (such as secret police, or secret detention centers, or nondemocratic electoral practices).  

WLA #53 states that dictators or military rulers and the like "do not have to give up their power or authority immediately"..."but shall follow the timed arrangements specified in (each nation's) Transition Plan."  There are provisions for Appeal within the Federation's World Judiciary for a nation that disagrees with the findings of the Transition Council. 

Leaders of nations no longer above the law
The principle of individual accountability means that leaders of governments will be held accountable for following through with the agreements, and obeying in good faith the laws of the Earth Federation.   No one is above world law. But the stages of conversion will vary from nation to nation, and the legislation allows for considerable flexibility even in cases where leaders have failed to meet deadlines. 

To read the the full text of WLA #53, go to or  

June 13, 2013
America's Secret Surveillance Empire Exposed -- a Violation of the Earth Constitution?
The revelation by former CIA employee Edward Snowden of widespread secret surveillance of all Americans by the National Security Agency is just one more step in the direction of democracy turning into fascism but presented with a friendly smile.
Americans are watching the doors to their freedoms and rights slowly close as the Executive branch grants itself more and more power.  The  President hides in a cloud of secrecy claiming "national security." Aided by a corrupt Congress bought and paid for by private multinational corporations and Big Money, and with a Supreme Court whose majority is controlled by a radical right wing ideology that supports authoritarian measures, -- there is little room for honest democracy and decision-making.
The U.S. Attorney General's office appears to do the bidding of the President while meekly admitting it will not prosecute the Wall Street banksters ("too big to fail, too big to go to jail"), but will enthusiastically prosecute patriotic whistle-blowers like Bradley Manning,  Edward Snowden, and even Australian Julian Assange.  
Checks and balances in U.S. Constitution set aside 
It was once thought that the strength of the American Constitution was that even if one branch of government went wrong, the other branches could correct the problem. Few ever imagined that all branches of government would go rogue at the same time.  But that appears now to be reality. Checks and balances can no longer be counted upon to protect the individual citizen's rights.
When the Executive branch, Congress, and the Supreme Court are all corrupted there is no where to go to correct grievances.  It's like having a corrupt city police department but you can't go to the FBI because, they too, are corrupt. 
Could Americans go to the United Nations for help?
Asking help from the United Nations is not an option.  The "national sovereignty"  granted to nations in the Charter means that the UN cannot interfere with the internal affairs of a nation -- even if that nation's government has gone bad.  The UN is not allowed to investigate or prosecute those officials guilty of violating a citizens inalienable rights.  Leaders of such governments are above the law and can continue violating  the rights of their citizens at will, but with some limited authority granted the International Criminal Court for some third world nations.
Earth Constitution a new geopolitical system to benefit all citizens
The United Nations Charter is outdated.  Its flaws prevent effective UN action.  The time has arrived for a new world charter, one with a more vibrant, democratic, and federal geopolitical structure.  It is time for the Earth Constitution to take center stage. 

The Earth Constitution is both a rational and moral document, providing peaceful solutions to the power struggles, wars, lies, covert operations, fake enemies, and unlimited economic greed so destructively harmful to the good and decent citizens of the world.   The .1%, the 1%, and the 10% have lost ethical, moral, and spiritual legitimacy. 
The Earth Constitution's judicial and enforcement system illustrates how another level of appeal (Ombudsmus) could be available to citizens of a nation whose basic rights are being violated. Unfortunately for Americans and for many other governments, their constitutions lack an office of Ombudsmus -- a  flaw that opens the door to unconstitutional acts with impunity. Officials become above the law by simply claiming  "national security."
Discovering the World Ombudsmus in the Earth Constitution
The World Ombudsmus (Article 11) is obligated to protect all citizens against violations of universal human rights. Article 12 states that "Individuals or groups suffering violations...of such rights...shall have full recourse through the World Ombudsmus, the Enforcement System, and the World Courts for redress of grievances."
The Earth Constitution (Article 12) declares that all citizens have an inalienable right to privacy of "person, family, and association";  governments are prohibited from "surveillance as a means of political control."  Citizens are also protected against "arbitrary search or seizure" and there first must be a warrant issued. 
In the meantime,  where do Americans turn for help?  Protests?  More protests?  The obstacles are great.
It appears that the police, the secret agencies, and military are in lockstep with a corrupt Washington, DC.  Whistle-blowers are treated as criminals rather than patriotic heroes. The protest movement comes under massive NSA surveillance. New dangers (phony "enemies") are introduced into the public's mind to keep people paranoid and easy to manipulate.  (Google "false flag operations")
From the European Union to the Earth Federation
In 1776 the Americans under conditions of authoritarian tyranny sought help from France to help free themselves from the British. Should citizens once again seek outside help?  Might the European Union, also a victim of secret surveillance, be sought out for assistance?
If America became part of the Earth Federation, then citizens would have a new level of appeal to peacefully regain their freedoms and rights, thanks to the Federation's Earth Constitution. Being part of the Earth Federation would open up a whole new set of possibilities for citizens to be able to restore democracy and protect basic inalienable rights currently under siege.

(Editor - Roger Kotila,  Earth Federation News & Views,  June 13, 2013)

May 16, 2013 (First published here on May 5, 2013)  
Pacific Ocean and West Coast Radiation Crisis? 

Editor's introductory note:  Yoichi Shimatsu's "San Onofre Edison...West Coast Radiation Crisis - Part 1" was originally published at on 4-23-13, but mainstream media has failed to inform the public of these important findings regarding radioactive contamination reaching American shores. 

The warning signs surrounding the troubled San Onofre nuclear power plant go beyond California according to Mr. Shimatsu.  Japan's Fukushima meltdown is sending radioactive contamination into Pacific Ocean currents reaching the West Coast.  In addition, the Hanford Nuclear Reservation is leaking high-level radioactive waste into the Columbia River which flows into the Pacific Ocean. 

Is it time for a moratorium on all nuclear related energy and weapons production projects?  Shimatsu's article does not discuss what can be done when an environmental problem crosses international boundaries. 

Unfortunately, the United Nations has no authority in its Charter to prevent California, the United States, or Japan from nuclear-related projects that may endanger our citizens, the Pacific Ocean, and the sea food chain. By contrast to the flawed UN Charter, the Earth Federation's Earth Constitution has provisions that authorize responsible governmental actions to protect Mother Earth's fragile eco system.

The Earth Constitution in its First Operative Stage of Earth Federation government calls for a moratorium on all nuclear power projects. Article in the Constitution directs the World Parliament to "...find ways to implement a moratorium on nuclear energy projects until all problems are solved concerning safety, disposal of toxic wastes and the dangers of use or diversion of materials for the production of nuclear weapons..."  --  R. Kotila, Ph.D. --  editor,  Earth Federation News & Views



San Onofre Edison...
West Coast Radiation Crisis - Part 1

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to


Beached in front of the San Onofre nuclear power plant, the carcass of a California sea lion was remarkable, for being an adult specimen. So far, throughout the six-week crisis for marine mammals along the Southern California coastline, all of the 2,000-plus sea lions, elephant seals and harbor seals suffering severe malnutrition have been pups deprived of breast milk from their emaciated or missing mothers.


Dead sea lion on San Onofre beach, 150 meters north of the Edison nuclear power plant, seen behind.


Veterinarians and volunteers at marine mammal rescue centers from San Pedro to Laguna Beach (roughly between Los Angeles and San Diego) have been puzzled by this inexplicable pup crisis. The assumption is that of mass starvation being caused by a shortage of near-shore fish, which forced the mothers to venture far out to sea. While there has been a long-term trend of population decline among smaller piscine species and mollusks, a sudden drastic drop in sardine numbers this spring is unlikely, considering the large numbers of dolphins seen offshore in pursuit of schools of fish.

Very high radiation readings near its heart and liver.

The feed scarcity theory is also inconsistent with the daily tally posted by fishermen at docks along the Southern California coast. Game fish that predate on mollusks and smaller fishes are still being caught in large numbers with rod and reel. Therefore the crisis faced by shore-based marine mammals must have a different cause.


Exposure levels around its nose and mouth.

A Field Autopsy

Now here, lying on the sand, was a dead sea lion whose internal organs lay exposed by a long rip down its left side. The jaws of a thrashing shark were not what finished her off since no teeth marks were visible on the pale brown hide. The strip of skin had been pulled off in a single motion.


A seaweed clump lying directly in front of Southern
California Edison reactor has a high reading.

The front flipper on its left side was snapped off in a clean break along the knuckles, indicating the sea lion had been snagged possibly by a towing cable for a barge or a rope to a net dragged by a squid boat. The animal was slightly over 2 meters from nose to rear flippers. Its midriff was absent of bulging body fat, a sign of malnutrition as in the underweight pups treated at a local marine mammal rescue center.

A quick scan with a dosimeter revealed that the sea lion was radioactive. More careful measurements disclosed a shocking 0.48 microsieverts in the heart and liver region. The second most affected area was its rear flippers, probably due to repeated contact with fecal excretions. The nose and mouth were a bit less contaminated.

Surprisingly, the intestines showed hardly any sign of radioactive residues. The lack of any fishy odor in the water oozing out of the gut indicated the sea lion had not eaten for a long while before dying.



Kelp and gorgonian samples hung out to dry.

The internal readings suggest the probable cause of death as ingestion of radioactive feed, mainly through fish in its diet (and algae inside the fishes’ bellies) and secondarily immersion in seawater.  Moving from the digestive tract into the bloodstream, nuclear isotopes were bio-accumulated in the internal organs, especially cesium concentrating in the heart muscle. Cesium is known to cause irregular beat, cell abnormalities, muscle atrophy and spasms leading to a seizure and cardiac arrest.

With its body weakening and coordination becoming spastic, the sea lion could not maintain the speed and maneuverability required to pursue and catch free-swimming fish. It thus became too exhausted to avert an entanglement with a passing cable, which pulled off its left flipper. This is terrible way for a mermaid to die and drift ashore where hordes of flies were now crawling over its open wound and beige fur.


Barnacles on Catalina rocks are heavily irradiated.

  There are two known sources of radioactive contamination along the West Coast: the North Pacific Current conveying coolant dumped from the melted-down Fukushima TEPCO facility; and the Columbia River containing wastewater from the Hanford nuclear weapons plant in Washington State. Yet, here, the high radioactive levels found in a sea lion point to a third nuclear culprit, the Southern California Edison at San Onofre.

Surfin’ USA

The long stretch of San Onofre beach is famous for pipeline surfing, as immortalized by one of the Beach Boys’ odes to endless summer.  The curving sandy track, which was once plied by classic woodies, still runs past sun-tanned youths paddling their boards into the breakers. The car track shrinks into a footpath that ends at a pile of gray rocks and tall signboards warning: “No Entry Past the Beach.” A dune buggy carrying a couple of black-shirted security guards passes me and rolls onto a concrete ramp, which rises under a watch tower where they don hardhats and walk up toward the two white domes of the SCE nuclear station.


Limpet shellfish are also toxic.

Electricity generation at SCE San Onofre ceased in January 2012 due to leaks in its steam generator, reportedly without any release of radioactive isotopes.  More than a year later, Edison officials announced a plan to seek regulatory approval for a restart of Reactor 2. At the very same moment in early March, rescue centers from San Pedro to Laguna Beach were overwhelmed with starving sea lion pups, which soon totaled more than 2,000 cases.


A sea kayak can float but is unsafe from radioactive contamination.


The question thus arises: Did Edison officials secretly approve the hosing down of the San Onofre plant in preparation for inspection by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?

Answers in Seaweed

Since there has been no radiation monitoring along the West Coast after the Obama administration’s order to cease data-collecting on fallout from Fukushima in mid-2011, there is only one readily available method for detecting recent radioactive releases: Comparison of contamination levels in wet and dry samples of local seaweed.


Doorway of unmarked building at SCE Catalina Island, while the
garage roll-up entrance had a reading of 0.24 microsieverts.


Using both a dosimeter and Geiger counter, I measured samples of wet seaweeds and then dried these for a second reading of the plant material minus its water content. While many seaweed types can be found in the clumps dotting the shore, the focus was on two species with different physical characteristics: kelps and red gorgonian.

Kelp grows rapidly in the late winter-early spring with a high rate of cell division. Fast growth promotes the intake of nutrients and bio-accumulation of radioactive isotopes. In contrast, red gorgonian is a slow grower with hard coral-like “fingers” that requires a much longer period for absorption of dissolved minerals.

Wet samples registered fairly high readings. After drying, the levels in the kelp dropped by about 25 percent. Dried gorgonian, in contrast, showed much lower readings and barely any residual radiation, meaning that the radioactive content was present mainly in the aqueous slime on the outside of the plant rather than inside its cells.

A comparison of older kelp versus this season’s growth, done later on Catalina Island, showed similar results. The radioactivity count in a single growing season (March-April 2013) was double the total contamination accumulated over several past years in an older sample. Therefore, there must have been a massive unreported and illegal release from SCE San Onofre at some point between February and early March.

Fukushima ‘Hot’ Levels in California

The clumps of seaweeds in front of SCE Onofre registered between 0.18 and 0.38 microsieverts, in the same range as those I measured on the shore of south Fukushima prefecture. The Catalina readngs of 0.12 to 0.18 microsieverts in seaweed and 0.28 in barnacles and 0.20 limpets is higher than my findings at the Abukuma River basin near the border of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures. (Note: By comparison, readings taken on the Japanese coast just south of the Fukushima No.2 plant were extremely high, often more than 1.2 microsieverts per hour.)



Aerial view of the unmarked warehouse (left side of road) below the
water treatment pools, hazardous waste site (bottom right), and the oil tanks
of the SCE Catalina gas-and-oil thermal power facility (top).


These preliminary field studies at San Onofre and Catalina indicate that Edison power is primarily responsible for the kill-off and injuries to marine mammals along with possible illnesses among the human population of Southern California. This conclusion does not exonerate the nuclear operators at Hanford or Fukushima for their roles in the larger West Coast radiation crisis.

The Curious Case of Catalina

Another question that comes up is: If the powerful California Current flows southward, how can radioactive wastewater flow in the opposite direction from San Onofre past Laguna Beach all the way to San Pedro, a distance of 100 kilometers north?

Along the Golden State’s irregular coastline, the passing current and waves strike outcrops and submerged rock formations, generating reflected waves and swirling eddies that move back toward the sea, sometimes for long distances. These counter-movements are amplified by the ebb tide.


Crow feather reveals exposure to irradiated garbage
at Catalina landfill on SCE property.

The sea lion incidents are occurring under even more complex conditions. The waters between San Pedro and San Onofre are complicated by the relatively shallow undersea shelf which extends to and resurfaces as the rugged terrain of Catalina Island. Since scant research has been published on the currents in this marine micro- environment, I took a ferry to Catalina to measure radiation in seaweeds there.

The kelp along Catalina’s eastern shore had about a third lower radiation level than those in San Onofre, which is still considerably high since the island is 26 nautical miles or about 41 kilometers away. This level of contamination is possible only if a clockwise current flows from the southeast, that is, from “SanO” to Avalon. This cyclical movement is possibly generated by the southeasterly thrust of the California Current across the gap between northern Catalina and Los Angeles. This powerful stream could well be tugging at the mouth of the Catalina channel, its pull creating a steady flow from San Onofre to Catalina.

If the Catalina channel turns out to act as a slow whirlpool, repeatedly circulating radioactive wastewater, this cycle could set up a major kill-off in the months and years ahead. Residents along the coastal bluffs have recently spotted abnormal migrations of orca whales, apparently fleeing the Arctic region, where Fukushima radiation and chemical pollutants are fouling the northern waters. Humpback whales have also been spotted moving south instead of northward. After escaping the contaminated northern feeding grounds, these large mammals are entering the “killing fields” of the Southern California coastal region. Fukushima, Hanford and San Onofre are the “Bermuda Triangle” for marine life.

Hidden Dump Site

After tentatively solving the sea lion mystery, I decided to hike onward to the Pacific side of Catalina island and made a disturbing discovery along the way. A confusing road map put me past Pebbly Beach, where SCE operates a gas-and-oil electricity plant. After losing my direction, I stumbled upon a hazardous waste site and an unmarked sheet-metal warehouse. Taking out my dosimeter by instinct, I was surprised to find a high radiation reading since the only potential radioactive sources on the list of “acceptable” garbage consists of electronics equipment and monitors.

Across the road, the open door of an unmarked building registered a 0.16 microsievert, while the roll-up garage door hit a whopping 0.24. At that exact moment, a SCE service truck came out of nowhere, sped up the road, and screeched to a halt. Two maintenance workers jumped out of the cab, strode right in front of me and locked the door. Responding to their query, I stated that the island map put me in the wrong place.

Trudging back toward the junction, I switched on the dosimeter in front of the SCE generation furnaces, where chimneys were belching metallic-tasting fumes, and the numbers again skyrocketed back to 0.28. Higher up the mountain under the power lines from the plant, a crow’s feather lay on the ground. The black plume registered 0.19, and a nearby lump of crow scat was equally contaminated.

There is only one possible explanation: The crows feed at the nearby garbage dump where radioactive waste is also being secretly buried. Gazing from the heights, I could see concrete mixers and earthmovers working on a huge new building, which goes unmentioned in SCE press releases. Is Edison quietly dumping low-level nuclear waste from its San Onofre nuclear facility in this hidden corner of Catalina, one of California’s top destinations world-famous for ecological conservation?

If so, Edison is being run more like the mafia than a public utilities corporation. The board of SCE is just begging to be busted.

Final questions: Where is the state and federal Environmental Protection Agency in this regional radiation crisis? Is any government entity monitoring the radioactivity in Southern California?  Why is Jerry Brown, a self-proclaimed environmentalist, asleep at the wheel?

Wake up, Governor, these are not moonbeams. SCE San Onofre is emitting death rays.


Port of Avalon, Catalina, has a 0.12 microsieverts radiation level.

 Additional Notes: Trend Monitoring Needed

The readings conducted in the period March 18-22 were, of course, limited by volunteer time and personal expense. While much information can be gleaned from a quick field study, readings taken on a short visit cannot substitute for a trend analysis based on decades of monitoring.

One notable and fortunate difference from Fukushima is the low level of radiation on land just outside SCE San Onofre (0.08 to 0.10 microsieverts). This is probably due to the drier climate. Catalina had background radiation on land ranging from 0.04 in shoreline rocks, 0.12 in the serpentine gravel used on dirt tracks, and 0.12 at the ferry terminus, which is probably due to radiation picked up by these ships while crossing the channel. The threat is sufficient to warrant prompt action and more extensive research.

Advice to Surfers and Snorkelers

A surfer named Jason, who watched while I ran measurements on the deceased sea lion at SanO, asked me: “Is it safe to enter the water at San Onofre?”

The summary of my advice to him...

The difference between the sea lion and beachgoers is the ingestion of radioactive food. Radioactive isotopes are diluted in the seawater, and it takes many steps up the food chain, from algae to fish, to bio-accumulate (concentrate) radiation. So avoid eating fish species in affected waters, especially rockfish, ling, sand dabs that feed on kelp.

A dip in the water is far less dangerous than eating contaminated food. Radioactive salts on the skin are alkali, and therefore acidic soaps and shampoos containing citric acid are advisable. A drink of citrus juice in the late afternoon is also a good choice, since the acidity can help remove isotopes via urine. Sweating is beneficial because it transports isotopes out of the bloodstream. Citrus-laced laundry powder likewise decontaminates clothing, and a second wash in a borax-based detergent can provide a small degree of protection from neutrons.

As a Mexican boxer once advised: Don’t drink the water, stick with the beer. In this instance, it’s seawater. Never gulp when swimming. Replace the beer with red wine, which contains radiation-resisting resveratrol.

As long as radiation levels do not rise dramatically, staying cooped up in bad indoors air is less safe than being outdoors. Until a meltdown ends California dreaming, youth is still about having fun in the surf and the sun.

Yoichi Shimatsu, a science writer based in Hong Kong, conducts radiation-effects research and provides herbal therapy in Fukushima prefecture.


[The above news story, researched and written by Yoichi Shimatsu, can be found at  It was published on 4/23/13 at
Earth Federation News & Views considers it to be an important story for purposes of environmental research and education. It is believed to clearly fall within FAIR USE guidelines, and is accordingly being shared with our readers.  Mr. Shimatsu's findings hint at the potential dangers of nuclear power facilities, and shows how radioactive poisoning can become a global issue.]   

January 14, 2013 

Prominent International Lawyer to join the World Constitution & Parliament Association's Executive Council

[News from Malaysia in this press release sent by WCPA to Earth Federation News & Views.   WCPA is the organizing agent for the Provisional World Parliament under the Earth Constitution. The PWP meets again in December, 2013.]


The World Constitution and Parliament Association is very proud to announce Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi as an honored member of its Worldwide Executive Council and Vice-President for WCPA. Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi is a prominent international lawyer from Malaysia and Chair of the International Women Lawyers’ Committee against Human Trafficking.  She sponsored and attended the 11th session of the Provisional World Parliament in Nainital, India, and the 12th session of the Parliament in Kolkata, India, lending her considerable legal expertise to the discussion of proposed world legislative acts. We are delighted that Ms. Devi has also agreed to serve as a sponsor and promoter for the 13th session of the Parliament that will take place in Lucknow 19-21 December 2013.

January 12, 2013
Democratic World Federalists website attacked by unknown assailants

Democratic World Federalists, a leading all volunteer educational organization and think tank based in San Francisco, had their website shut down yesterday January 11, 2012 with a notice that the website "contains malware!"

Google Chrome posted a warning: "Even if you have visited this website safely in the past, visiting it now is very likely to infect your computer with malware.  Malware is malicious software that causes thinkgs like identity theft, financial loss, and permanent file deletion."

DWF, an international peace organization, has been increasingly visible on the Internet.  The organization explains how formation of a democratic federal world union is the preferred and only realistic path to end wars and eliminate weapons of mass destruction, and describes the various paths or strategies being attempted to establish a democratic world federation as an alternative to the inadequate United Nations system. 

DWF officials do not know if the attack on the website was a random hit by cyberspace crooks, or was specifically sabotaged by unknown parties who are opposed to transforming the present geopolitical war system into a global peace system.

January 8, 2013
Leading Earth Constitution advocate Dr. Glen Martin a featured speaker at the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World held in Lucknow, India

Professor Glen Martin spoke about the Earth Constituiton on two separate occasions at the meetings of the Chief Justices of the World, an international conference hosted by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi's City Montessori School in December, 2012 in Lucknow, India. 

Dr. Martin's message to the Chief Justices was that the rule of law "lies at the heart of human civilization" and is essential to peace and justice.  He proposed that the Constitution for the Federation of Earth was designed to allow for the universal rule of effective law which, he said, was at the heart of human civilization. 

Martin stated that the Earth Constitution should be studied in every educational institution worldwide, and that the adoption of the Constitution at the political level could provide the solution we seek to a world of disorder and chaos.

The present global geopolitical system said Martin, has produced "perpetual, unending, liquid war."  This chaos, he went on, has two main sources:  global multinational corporations and imperial war-making nation-states."  He pointed out that there are 63,000 multinational corporations, many of them operating beyond the scope of both national and international law.

In Martin's second speech he noted that "real law" needs to be binding over all individual persons.  You cannot write in exceptions, he went on, but that is exactly what the nations do today. 

His conclusion to the Chief Justices:  "...the plain truth of our situation that is hard to face up to:  You cannot solve global problems unless we have real, effective government for the Earth."

An emerging Earth Federation Movement is utilizing the Earth Constitution as its centering point for establishing a new geopolitical system which is truly democratic, and supports the common good rather than that of the ruling elites. It is designed to replace the current global war system with a global peace system, one which relies on the rule of law and nonviolent means to resolve conflicts  Such features are naturally attractive to jurists worldwide.

A number of the Chief Justices, both active and retired, have signed on as honorary sponsors to show their support for this bold approach to fixing the world's problems.  The Earth Constitution will likely be either the replacement for the ineffective and flawed United Nations Charter, or the model for a new democratic federal world charter. 

-- Editor,   Earth Federation News & Views 

December 22, 2012
Special Report on the proceedings of the Forum of the First Stage of the World Citizens Parliament with meetings held in Mexico City at the Legislative Palace of the Mexican Congress

•  DECREE FOR THE ABOLITION OF WAR. Internet petition on AVAAZ to create a global campaign in favor of the DECREE To vote go to:  http:// de la Guerra

•  Ratifies Constitution for the Federation of Earth, ratifies the Declaration of Buenos Aires for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, ratifies the Millennium Project, and other related statements from France and Jap

The World Citizens Parliament met on October 11 and 12, 2012 with unanimous agreement on the core Principle of the sovereignty of the people of the world with a sovereign right to Decree the Abolition of War, and to initiate five Popular Initiatives.

The initiatives, titled "New World Legislation", present five World Laws outlining the following areas of concern:  (1) The eradication of poverty, (2) to insure full access to knowledge including free Internet for all, (3) to protect the rights of Mother Nature, (4) grant the right to a job and to freedom of movement, and 5) to fully realize human rights as found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Parliament's "Considerations"

The analysis of why war must be abolished went under the heading of "considerations," and looked as follows:

1. In consideration that war destroys human beings and the environment, divides and erodes the social tissue causing death and destruction of millions and millions of human beings and other living beings on the planet Earth,

2. In consideration that the war is beig business for the intersts of great powers, with the complicity of the World Bank and big transnational corporations of the so-called military industrial complex at the global scale,

...In consideration that science and technology has facilitated mutual understanding between countries,...that the Earth is our only home and (therefore) today there no longer exists any justification for the war amongst humans...In consideration that it is a myth of the need to spend trillions of dollars of material and financial resources...allocated to the industry of war...In consideration that we citizens of the world are aware of our need to live in peace...seeking the common good for a better world for future generations,

Reaffirm as citizens of the world that with this DECREE war has been prohibited...based upon the exercise of the sovereign right that emanates from the essential Principle of the sovereignty of the people of the world. 

In short, the Parliament provides a basic legal and moral rationale for the right to prohibit war.  The Parliament issued a Protocol which is open for the signature and ratification for all world citizens and for all social networks adhering to the DECREE.

"New World Legislation"
Another step taken by this Forum for the First Stage of the World Citizen's Parliament was to approve five world laws which are introduced as "New World Legislation" with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the overall guideline. 

World laws were outlined for the (1) worldwide eradication of poverty, (2) open access to knowledge and free basic education, (3) protection of the rights of Mother Nature, (4)  right to equal opportunities to access a dignified occupation with freedom of movement, and (5) possibility to fully realize human rights in compliance with Article 28 [Universal Declaration of Human Rights].  

How to participate as a delegate in the first stage of the Citizens World Parliament 

Getting involved in the Parliament requires getting 1000 votes to be a Delegate of the People.  For more information:  

The following organizations can be contacted to get involved:  Planetafilia,
PARMUN,   and  WATUN   Contact person:  Francisco Plancarte at   or call 333-157-1058

December 10, 2012
Why Our World Is Stuck On Problems We Can't Fix
The list of global crises is long.  Many of these issues are severe, tragic, and appear intractable.  Wars, violent conflicts, threats of war, unemployment, violations of human rights, and ecological crises darken prospects for a peaceful and better world.  
What is frustrating to world federalists is the knowledge and belief that there is a practical solution to these woes which prevent "peace on earth."  The solution, largely unknown to the public, is to establish a democratic world federal union.
Path to "peace on earth" is known, but ignored
Democratic world federation would for the first time in history provide a governing structure wherein disputes and conflicts could be resolved without war.  What a Christmas gift, to give real meaning to the holiday cliche's of "peace on earth" and "goodwill toward all"!
But rather than world union we see fighting in the Middle East which grows ever more dangerous and with no hope in sight. The United States claims that Syria plans to use chemical weapons, and warns them against it. 
More wars, increased fighting?
There is talk of military strikes against Syria and a preemptive strike by either Israel or the U.S. against Iran.  Astute analysts worry that the U.S., as they did to invade Iraq, is once again lying to the citizenry both to meet goals of Empire and to aid Israel's own expansionistic goals. 
Israel stubbornly rejects the new statehood observer status recently granted the  Palestinians by the United Nations. Seeking to retaliate, Israel announces plans to expand settlements even more into Palestinian territory -- a move sure to antagonize further the desperate Palestinians.
The Israeli government uses terrorist tactics to intimidate Iran, threatening to attack Iran if it continues its nuclear program. Ironically, Israel has at least one hundred nuclear weapons while Iran has none. Israel arrogantly demands that Iran be inspected by the UN but refuses inspections for itself.
We see Egypt once again in turmoil as newly elected President Mohammed Morsi appears to have made a grab for dictatorial power by shutting down the judiciary and favoring fellow Muslims in the drafting of a new constitution for Egypt. If Morsi fails to back down, civil war could erupt.
Economic woes don't seem to hurt the rich
Meanwhile in Europe there are calls for extreme austerity measures particularly in Greece, Spain, England, and elsewhere.  Unemployment runs as high as 25% with no relief in sight.  There are complaints that the banks get bailed out while the ordinary citizen is left to suffer even more. 
While ordinary citizens grow poorer, the investment banks and multinational corporations appear to be having record profits.  Individual wealth has grown so large  and unequal that a small group of people, less than 1%, own almost 40% of the wealth of the world.  Reports of massive tax evasion are common by use of off shore tax havens.  
Will activists ever wake-up? 
Activists see a depressing but predictable pattern year after year.  Even when one crisis is resolved, another serious problem pops up somewhere else. This holds true with civil conflicts and war, in the world's economy, and with the environment.
Just as one example, wars and violent conflicts start and end with mind-numbing regularity.  Viet Nam, Yugoslavia, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, the Congo, Israel and the Palestinians, and perhaps soon, Iran. 
Yet progressives and conservatives alike continue to accept the present geopolitical governing system as if hopelessly stuck in the old ways of thinking --psychologically mired in irrational outlooks they themselves are helpless to understand, much less overcome. 
The gift of world peace is possible
Advanced progressives are world federalists because that is the solution never tried and which has the best chance of bringing peace on earth, and making the world better. 
Conservatives will like the idea of enforceable world law rather than global anarchy.  They will also like the prospects for a broader prosperity -- economic opportunities with less stress and tensions. 
These positive hopes for our world can be envisioned in the embrace of the Earth Constitution, or its use as the model governing structure for a new, radically transformed United Nations. 
-- R. Kotila, Ph.D., Editor
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November 5, 2012
Events move in the direction of a World Parliamentary Assembly as the demand for global democracy grows louder

There are growing signs of restlessness and an awakening in the global community as demands for fundamental changes in the United Nations grow louder, and have now reached the UN itself. 

A "Manifesto for Global Democracy" has been issued by politicians and scholars launched in London in June and  moving onward to Rome in September.  Led by a former parliamentarian from South America, Fernado Iglesias, a mixture of politicians and scholars are endorsing the Manifesto which will continue to be circulated around the world. 

Democratic World Federalist Board member Francisco Plancarte successfully lobbied the Congress of the Mexican state of Jalisco to support an international appeal for the establishment of a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, a goal shared by  Manisfesto advocates.  The appeal calls for the UN to implement "democratic participation at the global level." Jalisco congressional representatives plan to seek endorsements from other states in Mexico and also from the Mexican Federal Congress.

In early November, 2012 it was announced through a statement from the UN General Assembly that a UN independent expert, Alfred de Zayas, will examine "proposals for a UN Parliamentary Assembly."  Mr. de Zayas has already presented a report in August, 2012 to the UN on the "problem of weighting" in voting at the UN -- small countries in the General Assembly get an equal vote to nations with much larger populations.

The significance of these developments is that the door is being opened to challenge the governing structure of the UN itself.  It is of course not just the UN General Assembly which is out of balance from the democratic perspective, it is also the decidedly undemocratic special powers granted the UN Security Council's veto nations, the five Permanent members of the Security Council -- the U.S., China, Russia, Great Britain and France, who have ultimate authority to overrule the will of the majority of nations.

UN Charter the fundamental obstacle to global democracy

The obviously undemocratic UN Charter is the fundamental problem, written to favor the victors of World War II.  Times have changed, but the UN Charter remains the same.  By calling for both global democracy and a UN Parliamentary Assembly, the UN Charter must inevitably be reviewed and changed. 

If the UN is to represent true global democracy, then the UN General Assembly and the proposed UN Parliamentary Assembly must be given decision-making authority rather than be limited to making mere resolutions and recommendations to the Security Council, a powerlessness which has plagued the UNGA since the UN's inception. 

Since the UN Charter itself is the fundamental problem, a natural outcome of the growing demands for global democracy will be a call for an Article 109 Charter Review.  World federalists have known for over sixty years that the main obstacle to real global democracy is the UN Charter itself.

Opening the door at the UN for the Earth Constitution

Charter Review will open the door for the UN and the nations to explore the Earth Constitution, and for the first time in history the world community will have the potential to establish a modern democratic, federal world union.

Global democracy is an appropriate goal, but there must also be world union if the world community is to have a realistic chance to solve critical global problems.  The Earth Constitution can serve as the rallying point both to unite the nations and the world's peoples, and to provide for true democracy in global affairs.

Will the UN seize the opportunity being presented by the Campaign for the UNPA and by global democracy advocates to say "no" to the ongoing domination by Empire which holds the ultimate power in the UN because of the undemocratic Charter?  



October 27, 2012
Presidential candidates Romney and Obama have no vision for a future bringing world peace.  What's wrong with this picture?

The U.S. presidential candidates never discuss future prospects for world peace.  Both Romney and Obama seem to be in an intellectual and moral daze, locked in to the old ways of thinking.

"National security" seems to hypnotize the mind, so that the only option for peace and security becomes the Pentagon, secret operations conducted by the CIA,  and Special Operations forces to insure client states do what they are told -- like privatizing the oil fields in Libya for more oil company profits.   

Indeed, if one listens to presidential stump speeches, or analyzes the Presidential debates, one discovers that Obama and Romney have no plans for world peace -- none whatsoever. Their plan is to dominate by means of the military, not to cooperate and to share with the rest of the world.

World peace is a foreign language, unthinkable to these intellectual and moral dinosaurs.  Any plans to get nuclear weapons out of the hands of Israel, Pakistan, Great Britain, France, the U.S., Russia, or China?  Nope.  None.  Our presidential candidates cannot imagine a world without a large military presence.  Why not?

Too harsh an assessment on the so-called "leaders" of the so-called "free" world?  No, probably not harsh enough.  The Pentagon mentality rules.  It is clear that both Romney and Obama plan to continue on the path of jingoism and Empire building.  Regime change in Libya, next in Syria, then watch for a "shock and awe" attack on Iran most likely started by Israel but with U.S. complicity.  

Any plans to actually use the United Nations for a peaceful resolution of global conflicts?  Not if the UN community of nations refuses to go along with American ambitions.  In such instances the U.S. simply bypasses the UN and instead uses NATO to do its bidding -- which usually has to do with regime change particularly against nations that prefer public ownership of their oil and other resources over privatization of those assets to benefit only the 1%.   

"Exceptionalism" is the term that the pundits use to describe a belief that the U.S. has the right to establish and to maintain Empire -- even when it is against the will of the world community. 

Exceptionalism means a feeling of superiority over everyone else -- despite the evidence to the contrary when one examines the costly U.S. health care system, its economy favoring the 1%, and its disregard for constitutional rights. 

The inevitable outcome of America's delusional grandiosity, coupled with a lust to be the world's  "leading" superpower, will never be world peace or safety and security for "we, the people." 

The insistence upon Empire by the presidential candidates means perpetual war, and makes the U.S. the moral and spiritual laughingstock of the world community.

Is there a different, better way than militarism to insure that Americans and the world community have a postive future? The  powerful Earth Constitution awaits discovery. 

The Earth Constitution can do what the United Nations Charter is powerless to do.  It can bring to the world the necessary democratic federal world union which is the only realistic solution for ending war, eliminating weapons of mass destruction, and for providing a peaceful and secure future for all. 

October 16, 2012
Nobel peace prize to European Union signals recognition of the significance of federating for preventing war (Click on NEWS)

When the Norwegian Nobel Committee recently awarded the 2012 Nobel peace prize to the European Union it was making a statement -- essentially a reminder to Europe that the (partial) federation of the 27 nation European Union has generally created peaceful coexistence despite the current economic upheavals.

European nations have a well known history of horrendous wars with each other over hundreds of years.  Only the 1990s Balkan wars has tarnished the peace in Europe over the last 40 years. The European Union's gradual use of the principle of federation has allowed for a partial union of these 27 nations. EU citizens travel more freely from country to country, use a common currency, and share security concerns rather than secretly plotting against each other for military domination. 

World federalists in Europe have chosen a gradualist path to full federation, and as a result each government has maintained a certain degree of sovereignty.  The European Union, therefore, is not a fully democratic federal union.  This fact has left the EU open to the danger of disintegration if nationalistic urges cause citizens to become reckless in their thinking and forget that wars between European nations could once again occur if the EU falls apart. 

The Nobel peace prize should serve as a loud reminder of one of the most important advantages of use of the principle of federating in governance -- preventing war. 

Federating also allows for different levels of government depending upon the problems to be faced.  Problems which cannot be solved by a nation by itself can be overcome at the higher EU level of governance.  Preventing wars, universal human rights in EU nations, and unified environmental policies are just some of the positive advantages of federating. 

The Nobel committee has been concerned about the rise of extremism and nationalism in Europe as the financial crisis there has worsened.  Although the EU has a common currency and a central bank, there is disagreement as to whether or not nations should maintain their own currency.  The federal principle is flexible regarding what is the best economic path.  The EU for example, may decide to maintain both the euro as a common currency, and support the use of local or national currencies -- particularly if the use of national currencies helps a nation avoid austerity.

Critics of the European Union have complained that the EU is not democratic enough.  This is a result of the EU using a strategy of gradual federation, hence developing so far what might best be described as a partial federal union.  In this type of partial federal governing system, some decisions are made outside the domain of the electorate, a fact which rightly creates resentment and distrust of the EU itself.  It is a problem which the EU needs to resolve so that citizens feel they have a voice in decision-making.  

October 7, 2012
International Peace Week in Costa Rica includes a lecture tour by Professor Glen Martin.  Will the influence of the Earth Constitution grow in Central America?

Dr. Glen Martin presented lectures on the importance of the Earth Constitution at universities in Costa Rica during International Peace Week.  His lecture tour was sponsored by the World Constitution and Parliament Association chapter in Costa Rica.  Attendance was excellent, with both students and faculty showing great interest in the Earth Federation Movement's democratic world federal constitution which one day may replace the United Nation's Charter. 

WCPA Vice President Celina Garcia and colleagues will be circulating the Earth Constitution, translated in Spanish, to leaders in all Latin American countries.  A candidate for the presidency of Costa Rica was one of the speakers along with Professor Martin at a university event in San Juan, the capital of Costa Rica.

For full report go to:

September 16, 2012
First Green Constitution Awaits Discovery as Melting Arctic Ice                  Worries Scientists

A recent article in the Los Angeles Times (9-14-12) reports that researchers had announced that Arctic sea ice is shrinking at a rate much faster than originally predicted, and indeed had "dwindled to the smallest size ever observed by man."  Global warming appears to be the cause.

The article goes on to note that while Arctic ice measured decades ago covered about 6 million square miles and would sink to about 3 million square miles in the summer, today the quickly melting away ice measures only about 1 million square miles.  Jennifer Francis, a climate scientist at Rutgers University, speculates that such a huge change could cause more extreme weather conditions such as heavier snow fall in some areas, prolonged cold spells in Europe, and perhaps heat waves in Russia.

Ice, it is explained, reflects heat and solar energy back into space.  But less ice cover means heat energy is instead absorbed by the ocean which in turn warms and melts even more ice.  Rising temperatures influence weather and climate changes.

What was missing in this news article is the fact that the sovereign nations have been unable to come to an agreement as to an effective strategy to reduce that part of global warming being caused by human behavior.  

Unlimited sovereignty granted nations is abused as seen by environmentalists who have been frustrated by the fact that the sovereign nations have been unable or unwilling to develop an effective plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Such a plan requires more than mere promises, it must include a means to insure that all nations and corporations actually live up to the requirements which could help reverse the global warming trends.

The United Nations Charter grants no authority for the UN to provide the needed strategies with enforceable world law to protect the earth's environment.  Hence, environmentalists cannot count on the UN for effective ecological programs to reduce the dangers.  The UN has no global legislative authority, and no means for enforcement.  Nations and corporations, therefore, feel free to ignore the world community.

Enter the Earth Constitution, the first ever "green constitution."  As a world constitution, it covers all nations as well as multinational corporations, and has embedded in it the necessary ecological principles to which all nations and corporations would be required to honor. The world has a basic right, for example, to have clean air and fresh, drinkable water.

An Earth Federation world parliament could pass the appropriate legislation needed to reduce pollution worldwide.  All nations and corporations would be covered.  The rules would apply to all eliminating the practice of corporations moving to countries with weak environmental rules.

So the key questions is:  When will the environmentalists discover the Earth Constitution?  Time appears to be running out.

August 27, 2012 
UN system can't stop Syria or Israel:  Terrorism shows need for a world federation
The current conflicts in the Middle East illustrate the fatal dangers of unlimited sovereignty granted each nation by the United Nations Charter, and the Charter's lack of enforceable world law. It is a formula which world federalists have repeatedly warned renders the UN helpless to prevent terrorism and war.  
Syria is now in civil war. Israel threatens to attack Iran.  The UN can do nothing as these conflicts grow and may spread to other nations in the Mideast.
Lacking a global democratic system of civilized law and order, nations such as Syria, Israel, and the United States have turned to violence, terrorism, and war to deal with threats, real and imagined.  
Use of military force
The recent democratic uprising in Syria, and earlier in Libya, resulted in the rulers using military force to quell peaceful protests. The dictator Assad in Syria, like Khadafy in Libya, chose to use physical violence against his own people. Syria now has an ongoing civil war which may spread to other countries.
Meanwhile Israel, like Syria, uses violence to dominate.  Israel violates numerous UN resolutions as it pursues its expansionistic ambitions using illegal settlements to force Palestinians out of their homes and land. Israel's attack on Gaza is an example of use of violent terrorism in order to subdue an occupied population.
The U.S., like Israel, has not hesitated to use terrorist strategies. The U.S. government first lied about Iraq as justification for its invasion. Its "shock and awe" attack included use of weapons of mass mutilation such as dirty bombs (depleted uranium munitions), cluster bombs, and white phosphorus as seen in Fallujah.  These actions are world crimes.
Again, the UN has been unable to prevent these crimes in the Middle East, either ordered by dictators or by leaders of superpower nations.
License to suppress, torture, conquer and to kill
Unlimited sovereignty and lack of enforceable world law in the UN global system  permits Bully nations to bypass the UN and to overthrow weaker governments by secret operations while arming non-state actors such as outside mercenaries and  internal militants.   
Overthrowing governments, assassinations, torture, and war go unpunished if a nation is powerful enough to ignore the will of the world community. The U.S., its allies, and Israel appear to have targeted Iraq, Libya, Syria, and now Iran for regime change. 

Israel to attack Iran?
Israel has used terrorist threats warning Iran that it cannot have a nuclear weapon. It has threatened to attack Iran. Ironically, Israel has 200 nuclear weapons while Iran has none, yet the UN is not demanding that Israel give up its nuclear weapons.
Meanwhile Russia supplies weapons to the Syrian regime, while China supports Iran.  The UN has not had cooperation from the superpowers for peaceful resolution of the growing conflicts, although Russia has made attempts to end the conflict in Syria through negotiation rather than civil war.  
Attempts to establish enforceable world law by using the International Criminal Court have also failed, as the ICC's authority is severely limited.
A new global political system is needed
Because unlimited sovereignty and lack of enforceable law endangers our nations and families, a new global political system is needed.  What happens in the Mideast, could occur anywhere.
The present global political system is clearly ineffective and unfair to weaker nations.  The UN's global political system is obsolete. It is time for world federation.
Activists with Democratic World Federalists based out of San Francisco have called for a UN Charter Review under Article 109.  A DWF activist from Mexico has developed a "Model UN Charter Review" conference for social change activists.
But if the UN is unable, or unwilling, to correct its fundamental defects, then nations and people may turn to the Earth Federation's Earth Constitution which contains the governing model needed to bring about democratic rule by the world community, provide enforceable world law, and put an end to terrorism and war.
July 24, 2012
Is the CIA Privatizing Death Squad Assassinations in Afghanistan?

When an innocent person is killed or "disappears" as a result of secret operations conducted either by mercenaries or by covert operation units, who is accountable? Is nation state terrorism a world crime?  What about those who carry out the orders to kill or kidnap?

(Editor's commentary:  There is much to think about in this two part news story.  But Part 2 is "on hold" waiting for permission to publish.   I ask if secret assassinations are a world crime?  Under international law genocide would be a world crime, but not individual murder.  Individual murder seems to be overlooked in international law, and left up to the nations to determine.  Such killings may also be rationalized under cover of  "war"  although almost any type of conflict these days is declared a "war" -- war against terror, war against drugs, war against Al Qaeda, etc.

In Part 1  United for Peace & Justice activist Mr. Eisenscher reports on the privatizing of secret assassinations -- what I call "death squads" in Afghanistan. 

An anonymous contributor in Part 2 shares his feelings about his role as a highly trained secret agent killer.  The Anonymous  excerpts (to be published soon in Part 2 of this news story)  reveal the feelings of a soldier who secretly killed for his government.  Emotional turmoil and ambivalence mark the aftermath of  being a secret assassin.  In the eyes of his superiors and military colleagues he's seen as a "hero", but in his own eyes there is a sense that, in truth, his actions make him a "villain." )

to ufpj-activist
'Private contractors are whacking people like crazy over in Afghanistan for the CIA.'
July 21, 2012 by legitgov

'Private contractors are whacking people like crazy over in Afghanistan for the CIA.' -- The Terrifying Background of the Man Who Ran a CIA Assassination Unit 18 Jul 2012 It was one of the biggest secrets of the post-9/11 era: soon after the attacks, President Bush gave the CIA permission to create a top secret assassination unit to find and kill Al Qaeda operatives. The program was kept from Congress for seven years. And when Leon Panetta told legislators about it in 2009, he revealed that the CIA had hired the private security firm Blackwater to help run it. "The move was historic," says Evan Wright, the two-time National Magazine Award-winning journalist who wrote Generation Kill. "It seems to have marked the first time the U.S. government outsourced a covert assassination service to private enterprise." ..."Running operations through Blackwater gave the CIA the power to have people abducted, or killed, with no one in the government being exactly responsible." ..."While Blackwater's covert unit began as a Bush administration story, President Obama now owns it."

Part 2 (Excerpts by Anonymous currently pending review.  To be published soon.)

July 11, 2012
Editor's note (R Kotila): Tributes to Philip Isely are being written by some of us who worked closely with him, particularly as part of the World Constitution & Parliament Association which, after drafting the Earth Constitution, has been the organizing agent for the Provisional World Parliament, the 13th Session to be held in India in December, 2013.
In my view, Mr. Isely was a true visionary who will have earned the honor of being  the future "father of modern democratic world government" particularly if the Earth Constitution becomes the basis for the actual establishment of a  future Earth Federation government -- which could become a reality if the Earth Federation Movement is successful in gaining ratification for this brilliant world constitution from the nations and the peoples of the world.

July 6, 2012
Philip Isely, the future "father of modern democratic world government" dies at age 96 in Colorado, USA
by R Kotila
Editor, Earth Federation News & Views
Philip Isely, over a period of more than thirty years, was the driving force for the successful drafting of a modern democratic federal world constitution. Titled the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, it is now referred to simply as the Earth Constitution

Mr. Isely was a visionary who co-founded the World Constitution & Parliament Association. World federal government is the only known governing structure which could end war and eliminate nuclear weapons. WCPA drafted the Constitution and put out a Call worldwide for its ratification.  A Provisional World Parliament proposes model world legislation.  

The emerging Earth Federation Movement is based upon the Earth Constitution. EFM has a growing presence on the Internet, taking advantage of the new technologies in cyberspace to inform people of the exciting potential for Earth Federation government, and seeking support worldwide for its implementation.

Thank you, Philip Isely, for your loving brilliance and determined dedication to save the world. You will be remembered. One day you will be recognized with the greats such as Madison, Washington, Jefferson, Green, Jesus, King,Jr., and Gandhi. 

-- Editor
July 7, 2012

Remembering Henry Philip Isely

by Eugenia Almand

     Secretary General

     World Constitution & Parliament Association

            Henry Philip Isely is generally acknowledged as having been the primary author, along with four international lawyers, of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth, or Earth Constitution.  It was Philip’s hope to disseminate the Earth Constitution widely, so that national governments and people around the world would be able to coordinate together and establish non-military world federation.


            With the Earth Constitution, Philip Isely envisioned world citizens creating what he called a maximalist world federation which would be able to adequately address all world problems. Local and national legislative, judicial and enforcement operations would be supplemented, not supplanted, by a strong world federation.


            Philip Isely, along with his first wife, Margaret Isely, stepped firmly into the Earth Federation movement in the late 1950’s, when they joined forces with Mary Georgia Lloyd and Thane Read to issue a Call to a new World Constitutional Convention. They began circulating this Call worldwide to prominent people, including to all heads of state. In 1958, they formed the World Committee for a World Constitutional Convention. This organization took root and grew around the world. Preparatory commissions met at various venues to plan the assemblies.


            Philip and Margaret Isely, together with others, built the logistics for the World Constituent Assemblies where the constitutional drafts were deliberated and voted upon: Interlaken, Switzerland and Wolfach, (West) Germany in 1968; Innsbruck, Austria in 1977; Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1978-1979 and Troia, Portugal in 1991. At each of these constituent sessions, ideas for the world constitution were deliberated and put upon paper.