January 8, 2013
Leading Earth Constitution advocate Dr. Glen Martin a featured speaker at the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World held in Lucknow, India

Professor Glen Martin spoke about the Earth Constituiton on two separate occasions at the meetings of the Chief Justices of the World, an international conference hosted by Dr. Jagdish Gandhi's City Montessori School in December, 2012 in Lucknow, India. 

Dr. Martin's message to the Chief Justices was that the rule of law "lies at the heart of human civilization" and is essential to peace and justice.  He proposed that the Constitution for the Federation of Earth was designed to allow for the universal rule of effective law which, he said, was at the heart of human civilization. 

Martin stated that the Earth Constitution should be studied in every educational institution worldwide, and that the adoption of the Constitution at the political level could provide the solution we seek to a world of disorder and chaos.

The present global geopolitical system said Martin, has produced "perpetual, unending, liquid war."  This chaos, he went on, has two main sources:  global multinational corporations and imperial war-making nation-states."  He pointed out that there are 63,000 multinational corporations, many of them operating beyond the scope of both national and international law.

In Martin's second speech he noted that "real law" needs to be binding over all individual persons.  You cannot write in exceptions, he went on, but that is exactly what the nations do today. 

His conclusion to the Chief Justices:  "...the plain truth of our situation that is hard to face up to:  You cannot solve global problems unless we have real, effective government for the Earth."

An emerging Earth Federation Movement is utilizing the Earth Constitution as its centering point for establishing a new geopolitical system which is truly democratic, and supports the common good rather than that of the ruling elites. It is designed to replace the current global war system with a global peace system, one which relies on the rule of law and nonviolent means to resolve conflicts  Such features are naturally attractive to jurists worldwide.

A number of the Chief Justices, both active and retired, have signed on as honorary sponsors to show their support for this bold approach to fixing the world's problems.  The Earth Constitution will likely be either the replacement for the ineffective and flawed United Nations Charter, or the model for a new democratic federal world charter. 

-- Editor,   Earth Federation News & Views 

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