December 22, 2012
Special Report on the proceedings of the Forum of the First Stage of the World Citizens Parliament with meetings held in Mexico City at the Legislative Palace of the Mexican Congress

•  DECREE FOR THE ABOLITION OF WAR. Internet petition on AVAAZ to create a global campaign in favor of the DECREE To vote go to:  http:// de la Guerra

•  Ratifies Constitution for the Federation of Earth, ratifies the Declaration of Buenos Aires for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly, ratifies the Millennium Project, and other related statements from France and Jap

The World Citizens Parliament met on October 11 and 12, 2012 with unanimous agreement on the core Principle of the sovereignty of the people of the world with a sovereign right to Decree the Abolition of War, and to initiate five Popular Initiatives.

The initiatives, titled "New World Legislation", present five World Laws outlining the following areas of concern:  (1) The eradication of poverty, (2) to insure full access to knowledge including free Internet for all, (3) to protect the rights of Mother Nature, (4) grant the right to a job and to freedom of movement, and 5) to fully realize human rights as found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Parliament's "Considerations"

The analysis of why war must be abolished went under the heading of "considerations," and looked as follows:

1. In consideration that war destroys human beings and the environment, divides and erodes the social tissue causing death and destruction of millions and millions of human beings and other living beings on the planet Earth,

2. In consideration that the war is beig business for the intersts of great powers, with the complicity of the World Bank and big transnational corporations of the so-called military industrial complex at the global scale,

...In consideration that science and technology has facilitated mutual understanding between countries,...that the Earth is our only home and (therefore) today there no longer exists any justification for the war amongst humans...In consideration that it is a myth of the need to spend trillions of dollars of material and financial resources...allocated to the industry of war...In consideration that we citizens of the world are aware of our need to live in peace...seeking the common good for a better world for future generations,

Reaffirm as citizens of the world that with this DECREE war has been prohibited...based upon the exercise of the sovereign right that emanates from the essential Principle of the sovereignty of the people of the world. 

In short, the Parliament provides a basic legal and moral rationale for the right to prohibit war.  The Parliament issued a Protocol which is open for the signature and ratification for all world citizens and for all social networks adhering to the DECREE.

"New World Legislation"
Another step taken by this Forum for the First Stage of the World Citizen's Parliament was to approve five world laws which are introduced as "New World Legislation" with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the overall guideline. 

World laws were outlined for the (1) worldwide eradication of poverty, (2) open access to knowledge and free basic education, (3) protection of the rights of Mother Nature, (4)  right to equal opportunities to access a dignified occupation with freedom of movement, and (5) possibility to fully realize human rights in compliance with Article 28 [Universal Declaration of Human Rights].  

How to participate as a delegate in the first stage of the Citizens World Parliament 

Getting involved in the Parliament requires getting 1000 votes to be a Delegate of the People.  For more information:  

The following organizations can be contacted to get involved:  Planetafilia,
PARMUN,   and  WATUN   Contact person:  Francisco Plancarte at   or call 333-157-1058

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