January 14, 2013 

Prominent International Lawyer to join the World Constitution & Parliament Association's Executive Council

[News from Malaysia in this press release sent by WCPA to Earth Federation News & Views.   WCPA is the organizing agent for the Provisional World Parliament under the Earth Constitution. The PWP meets again in December, 2013.]


The World Constitution and Parliament Association is very proud to announce Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi as an honored member of its Worldwide Executive Council and Vice-President for WCPA. Puan Sri Datin Seri N. Saraswathy Devi is a prominent international lawyer from Malaysia and Chair of the International Women Lawyers’ Committee against Human Trafficking.  She sponsored and attended the 11th session of the Provisional World Parliament in Nainital, India, and the 12th session of the Parliament in Kolkata, India, lending her considerable legal expertise to the discussion of proposed world legislative acts. We are delighted that Ms. Devi has also agreed to serve as a sponsor and promoter for the 13th session of the Parliament that will take place in Lucknow 19-21 December 2013.

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