EARTH FEDERATION MOVEMENT

                                                           EMPIRE GIVES WAY TO DEMOCRATIC WORLD ORDER


Institute On World Problems

IOWP is both a think tank and educational organization which specializes in a study of the Earth Constitution.  IOWP is a nonpartisan, nonprofit institution designed to "build leadership skills" for the Earth Federation. 
World problems are examined in depth from a holistic point of view.  

This is the best site for extensive information on the actions taken by the Provisional World Parliament.   Model World Legislative Acts can be found on the IOWP web site.  Some examples:

World Bill #1 (1982) Outlawed Nuclear Weapons and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction.  (A democratic world government, thought Albert Einstein and others before him, will be the only practical means to insure full diasarmament.)

World Bill #8 (1985) recommended a World Commission on Terrorism. (Thus anticipating fifteen years ahead of time the need to intelligently deal with Terrorism.)

World Bill #9 (1987)was to Protect Life and Nature on Planet Earth, and to Create a Global Ministry of Environment.  (The Earth Constitution is the very first "green constitution" ever drafted.)

World Bill #47 (2009) Integration of United Nations Agencies into the Emerging Earth Federation.  (Outlines guidelines to integrate viable UN agencies into the Earth Federation.)  

World Constitution and Parliament Association

WCPA is the organizing agent for Sessions of the Provisional World Parliament.  WCPA drafted the Earth Constitution over a period of thirty years. 

Democratic World Federalists 

DWF is an international world federalist educational organization and think tank based in San Francisco, California, USA.   DWF is an excellent resource for analyzing different strategies to achieve democratic world government.  It also addresses various issues related to subjects such as "good government,"  types of representation, transformation of the United Nations, global anarchy, and other topics related to the establishment of a democratic world federation. 

DWF, like IOWP, is nonpartisan and nonprofit, and donations to DWF are tax deductible.

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