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The EARTH FEDERATION movement consists of international peace, human rights, and environmental activists who support the Earth Constitution.

The Earth Constitution calls for the ultimate establishment of a democratically elected World Parliament.


The Provisional World Parliament consists of those individuals who attend a Session or more of the PWP.  To date, there have been twelve Sessions of the Parliament.   Participation in the PWP requires personal ratification of the Earth Constitution.  The Parliament's Secretary is Dr. Eugenia Almand

World Constitution and Parliament Association

The World Constitution and Parliament Association is the organizing agent for  Sessions of the Provisional World Parliament.   WCPA is responsible for drafting the Earth Constitution, a process consisting of over a thousand world citizens meeting in world constituent assemblies over a period of 30 years.  WCPA Secretary-General  is Dr. Eugenia Almand   WCPA President is Dr. Glen Martin  gmartin@RADFORD.EDU

 Institute On World Problems

IOWP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan world public interest educational organization and think tank.  The IOWP mission is to identify and educate about world problems and solutions.  IOWP studies center around the Earth Constitution and includes educating the public, and developing leadership skills for those working on behalf of the world public interest as part of the EARTH FEDERATION.  

Donations to IOWP are always welcome. Contact Phyllis Turk, MA, CNM:

                                                - Earthstar Radio -

Earthstar Radio sponsors this web site and provides news and commentary for the public regarding the EARTH FEDERATION movement.  Earthstar Radio staff take sole responsibility for content but attempt to reflect faithfully the intent and standards of the EARTH FEDERATION and Earth Constitution.

Earthstar Radio staff and friends also provide some related contemporary music and art in order to have an additional means of expressing the spirit and intent of the EARTH FEDERATION movement.  

We are proud to be the first web site to highlight for the public the important work of the EARTH FEDERATION.     

Earthstar Radio staff include Dr. Roger Kotila (News & Views), Shari Morgan (music), and David C. also known as reporter Crud Radon (political theatre).   Contact us at
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The United Nations has not been able to prevent wars, eliminate weapons of mass destruction,  save the environment, or adequately protect human rights.  In part because the UN was never designed to be a democratic world federation, it has been severely limited in what it could accomplish.  

Because of the defects in the UN Charter, nations in conflict have only war as the final arbiter.   Nonviolent resolution of disputes requires a democratically elected world parliament and a well-designed world court system with enforceable world laws.  These peaceful methods to resolve conflicts are not available in the present UN global system which some consider to be a war system.

The Earth Federation/Earth Constitution is designed to correct the fatal flaws built into the UN Charter, and thereby to provide nonviolent means to resolved differences.  IN FACT THE EARTH CONSTITUTION GOES FURTHER THAN A MEANS TO END WAR, IT PROVIDES A NEW GLOBAL  STRUCTURE TO DEAL WITH ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS AND HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES SUCH AS POVERTY.