The Institute On World Problems holds July Seminar at Raquette Lake,

New York, USA.

IOWP Participants discussed the need for a new global paradigm, one which is holistic. The Earth Constitution is seen as the basic foundation for this paradigm shift. IOWP participants, when asked what their first act would be when the Earth Federation is in power, voted unanimously to take nuclear weapons off hair trigger alert. Global action on climate change was also considered an emergency priority.

IOWP assists the emerging Earth Federation Movement analyze global problems and offers solutions. The need for a new financial and economic model was discussed with publicly owned and regulated banking seen as more beneficial to the public. A new world currency called "Earth Hours" has been accepted by the Provisional World Parliament.


Activists and friends of the Earth Federation Movement met in late July, 2011 at Lake Raquette, New York, USA for a 3 day Seminar sponsored by the Institute On World Problems. The agenda included reviewing the history of the World Constitution and Parliament Association which drafted the Earth Constitution -->
Participants came from as far away as Illinois, Georgia, Virginia and California. Topics included the underlying philosophy and principles of the EFM, projects underway, and plans for the future. The IOWP's Dr. Glen Martin explained the holistic paradigm seen as key to a new global system. "You can't solve one problem without solving them all. Global problems are interrelated." A holistic approach is what is required, says Martin, to prevent wars, eliminate weapons of mass destruction, end poverty, and deal successfully with climate change.

Dr. Eugenia Almand and Dr. Bob Blain discussed what some call the "New Economics." Blain has developed a new unit of world currency endorsed by the Provisional World Parliament. Instead of dollars, the Earth Federation's unit of currency would change to "Earth Hours." The Earth Federation, once in place, would return ownership and control of banking to the public sector, to "we, the people." Private banking interests would no longer be able to hold the world hostage to economic thievery or blackmail.

Dr. Almand described PWP world legislation which would make it illegal for corporations to manufacture weapons of war, and which would hold executives and others criminally accountable if they failed to cease and desist such activities. Participants were not in full agreement with this plan which would criminalize officials, CEO's, and even soldiers who are involved in war making.

Many individuals who are now in the military, either as soldiers or civilians in the military/industrial/research complex, see themselves as serving their country, not as being involved in criminal behavior.

Sabotage to stop the growing Earth Federation Movement was discussed, particularly the pattern of disruptions of international meetings of the Provisional World Parliament where governments, at the last moment, refuse visa's to delegates of the PWP. These incidents have been observed since 1985 when the World Constitution and Parliament Association met with the top leaders of India, a country which showed much support for establishment of a one world, democratic government.

Ideas to fund the EFM ranged from attracting new individuals via popularization of the Movement to establishing an Earth Federation Credit Union. Donations to the Institute On World Problems are tax deductible. IOWP educates the public and activists about the benefits of establishing a democratic world federation to solve world problems that the nations alone are unable to resolve.

Dr. Kotila explained the "Two Track Strategy" proposal toward successfully establishing a new world system capable of bringing about world peace, protecting individual human rights from tyranny, addressing climate change, and ending poverty.

Essentially, a Two Track Strategy means continuing to achieve UN Reform into a world federation, but if the UN is unable, or unwilling, to be fixed, then the Earth Federation is already emerging on the world stage ready to start functioning on behalf of the world public interest.

Track 1: Get people to join the Earth Federation Movement. Seek support from individuals, groups, organizations, and nations for ratifications of the Earth Constitution.

Track 2: Support UN Charter Review under Article 109. If the UN is unable or unwilling to become a true democratic world federation, then replace the UN with the emerging Earth Federation.

The Earth Federation would be a new democratic world body parallel to, and independent of, the United Nations. Individuals, groups, organizations, and nations would be able to participate to achieve Earth Federation goals as established in the Earth Constitution and as directed by a democratically elected World Parliament.