9/18/11  Emissaries for Earth Constitution to Asia and Central America

Earth Federation Movement in Central America
Promotion of the Earth Constitution in Central America is being expanded with key help from the Center for the Study of Nonviolence located in San Jose, Costa Rica.   The Center's Director, Celina Garcia, is a World Constitution and Parliament Associatio (WCPA) Vice President.

WCPA global leaders Glen Martin and Eugenia Almand presented seminars in Costa Rica in May, 2011.  Further meetings are being held  in September, 2011 in order to consolidate a working group at the Center to actively promote the Earth Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement (EFM).  

The Earth Constitution will be available in Spanish to be distributed to Latin American heads of state.  It has also been translated into Portuguese for leaders in Brazil.

South Asia welcomes WCPA's Secretary-General Glen Martin
WCPA Secretary-General Dr. Glen Martin was interviewed for Lucknow, India  television in June, 2011 with a discussion of the Earth Constitution and the Earth Federation Movement (EFM).  India has been a strong supporter of world union, and for the establishment of democratic world federation. 

Professor Martin's itinerary took him from Lucknow to Colombo, Sri Lanka where he lectured on "Global Climate Crisis".    

From Colombo Dr. Martin returned to India and met with Professor R. Ananthanaryanan in Chennai -- home of WCPA Headquarters for Asia.  A meeting was also arranged with the head of World Union in Pondicherry.   World Union is an arm of the Sri Aurobindo movement which works for world unity under a democratic Earth Constitution. 

Martin flew from Chennai to Dhaka, Bangladesh for meetings with WCPA leaders there, and to meet with a former Justice of the Bangladesh Supreme Court. 

Martin concluded his trip in Bangalore, India.  He presented an all day seminar to journalists, political scientists, and social activists organized b E.P. Menon, director of India Development Foundation and a strong supporter of the Earth Constitution. 

WCPA Strategy Meeting to be held in Lucknow in December, 2011 in conjunction with the International Conference of Chief Justices
Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, founder/manager of the famous City Montessori School of Lucknow, has invited WCPA to participate in the conference, and to hold a WCPA global strategy meeting on December 13th at the Convention Center.  The Earth Constitution will be distributed and discussed at the conference.